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This is my Kame birthday present, answering to a request of “Nakame” in [ profile] capslock_turtle's Kame birthday project “Kame bandwagon” ^_^ So of course I hope it's appreciated by the person who asked for Nakame, plus I hope it can satisfy and give you all the Nakame love you can wish for the 28th birthday of our turtle ^^
And, of course... HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAME!

WARNING: most of the scans around were too much low quality or cutting some lines out >_< While I managed to find readable stuff for almost all pages, the first one (this) still has a couple of missing lines. If you have a full scan, or you can provide me the missing lines, I'll be happy to fix the trans ^^ Thanks to [ profile] chuckles0505 I managed to have a full scan and now the translation is complete :D thanks!

Myojo 2013.11
This world has a dream---

New drama protagonists' duo: a conversation about “many encounters, many feelings”

Kamenashi Kazuya x Nakamaru Yuichi (KAT-TUN)

Kamenashi stars in “Tokyo Bandwagon – Shitamachi daikazoku monogatari” and Nakamaru in “Henshin interviewer no yuutsu”, both dramas airing from October. Both of them are thrilled for the “encounter of their dreams”. Here a very excited talk!

69855251gw1eapi59qzcxj21kw2151kx(credits on pic)

Kamenashi and Nakamaru have been chosen as protagonists for the dramas starting in October. As fortuitous meeting, the director of the drama Nakamaru stars in, “Henshin interviewer no yuutsu” (from October 21st, Monday, 00:28, TV Asahi), is Miki director of “Ore Ore” movie which Kamenashi starred in. So they unexpectedly (?) excitedly talk about work.

Even in lack of sleep you can laugh! This is director Miki's charm

K: Oh, how long no see!
N: Oh. When two weeks ago you called me I couldn't answer... can it be that we don't hear from each other since then?
K: It was a business call, plus I managed to talk at the phone with Ueda, so I thought “then I'll tell Nakamaru next time we meet”, and it ended like that (laughs). So, how are you? Your drama filming schedule must be very harsh, right?
N: It really is!
K: When I was filming “Ore Ore” I could sleep only 2-3 hours per day.
N: For real....? It's not at that level yet, but right now I'm trying not to think about how it will be later. Though I already have no time for myself at all [working] every day from morning to midnight, and I'm about to break down.
K: But you haven't a filming that requires to sleep away, so it's nice.
N: No, I'll have it next. It seems it'll be hard.
K: Yeah, when you have a shooting overnight, it works like: film from 6 am until the next day's 4 am, go back to your room, take a shower, sleep around 2 hours and then start filming again from 7 am. I had two weeks like that.
N: That's not “sleep time”, it's a “nap”, isn't it?
K: Yes. But when you overcome the tiredness you can reach a nice high spirits status. To the point you think “were they actually in a certain meaning aiming to this [=the high spirits status] too?” You totally immerse in the filming, and the filming spot too turns into a bundle of nerves, in a good meaning.
N: I see.
K: Nice~ there are many people of staff and co-actors who worked in “Ore Ore” too. Props are very fun too, aren't they?
N: Yes, there are many funny things.
K: I laughed a lot everyday thanks to the props too.
N: On the restaurant's poster it is written “cold Chinese noodles, I'm thinking of not doing them anymore”, or on the soba menu “tanuki soba, kitsune soba, hakubishin soba” [T/N: tanuki (raccoon dog) and kitsune (fox) soba are real dish names, while hakubishin (masked palm civet) soba doesn't exist but evidently it's a word play with similar animal species by director Miki xD]
K: Amusing~ Director was really into writing the script because he was doing a drama with you.
N: Really? Thinking about it, in the drama there's a restaurant I often go to, but I don't know why that restaurant's name is “Moai”.
K: Hahahahahahahaha!! (roar of laughter)
N: It's absolutely weird, isn't it?! There are statues of moai here and there all around the restaurant!
K: Isn't it okay?
N: No, I tell you it's weird!
K: Won't you eventually turn into a moai too and line up with them?
N: No, I didn't make sure with the director but I did have the feeling that the set up was slightly picking up something about me little by little, and I began to wonder if by chance even the restaurant's moai setting...
K: Did you ask someone about it?
N: I tried to ask the staff “Why moai?”. When it was time to decide the restaurant's image, they asked the artist “which theme can you pull off at once?”, he replied “if it's moai, I have it”. So it seems they decided for the moai like this, but... doesn't it sound like a lie? Or better, this means there were only moai, right? Isn't it weird that “Moai” theme can be done at once?
K: Eh, it must be accidental (laughs)
N: I doubt (laughs). When it was decided I'd have appeared in this drama, Kame, at the beginning you taught me a lot about Miki-san's way of working and stuff, right? Back then I didn't understand well the meaning of what you were saying, but after the filming began, I started to get all of it.
K: He requires lines word for word, right?
N: Yes, word for word.
K: Were you scolded about the rhythm too?
N: Yes. Kame told me “you'll be said by him 'You shall not get even a single character of your lines wrong' and 'pay attention to the tempo'”, and indeed I was said that very often. I thought “ah, now I see”.
K: He told me about the timing between the lines a lot too. But I'm really envious. It seems it's a typical Miki drama and sounds fun.
N: Really? I see. Then... I'll give my best~!

I'm glad I'm an entertainer... what's the encounter they looked up to?

N: Then, what about you?
K: My father in “Tokyo Bandwagon – Shitamachi Daikazoku Monogatari” (October 12th, Saturday 9:00, NTV) is Tamaki Koji-san!
N: Isn't it great!
K: When I told him “Our Nakamaru likes Tamaki-san's songs and always listen to them” he was delighted.
N: Yes, I surely sing songs by Tamaki-san like “Wine red no kokoro” at karaoke. Because I like them to begin with.
K: But you know~ it's odd. When I was a kid I watched the drama called “Coach”, I bought Tamaki-san's “Den-en” CD with my savings and listened to it a lot. If I reflect upon this, I totally think that “entertainment world really has dreams”. I also bought Uchida Yuki-chan's CD and I acted with her in “Ore Ore”. And I ended up filming a kiss scene in a movie with a person I admired so much!
N: Yes, you'd want to say it to your younger self.
K: “Hey you, you'll kiss Uchida Yuki!” (laughs)
N: Ah, that's great. Me too, I often watched the J-League since when I was little. At that time I was cheering for Verdi team, and then I had Kitazawa Tsuyoshi-san sitting next to me during Shuuichi (Sunday, 7.30 am, NTV) and we comment on TV together. I thought it's really great.
K: On the contrary, recently the times I'm said by people younger than me “I watched “Gokusen”!” has increased. With “I liked it!”. And I think “Eh, past tense? Now you don't like it...”
N: I haven't been said something like this yet.
K: Then, who's the TV personality that you were moved most by meeting him until now?
N: Who would it be... Hirosue? [T/N: I think he means the actress Hirosue Ryoko, but I'm not sure]
K: Ooh.
N: I was really impressed. Well despite saying this, I just came across her by chance while walking in Ebisu.
K: This is unrelated to the entertainment world! (laughs)
N: I mean, Hirosue was very famous when I was in middle school!
K: Then, among Johnny's, who?
N: Eh?
K: For me, Tackey. At the audition, I was there till evening and Tackey came, and I remember I though “Wow! It's the real one!”. I was still a common person who had just passed the audition, anyone would get impressed by something like this, right? Then, not much after I started working, I was impressed by meeting SMAP-san, thinking “They're alive!”.
N: “They exist!”, sort of?
K: Yes, even when I went to eat out with Kimura-kun for the first time and he was sitting next to me I was staring at him thinking “H-He exists...”. We more or less had met all our senpai in situations like the countdown concert where we stand on the same stage, but only SMAP were the ones we'd never met and had always been famous entertainers on TV, so I was thinking “He exists~” “he's eating~”.
N: Getting moved by every little thing? Indeed, I was impressed by Tackey too.
K: For real, you think that “if you give your best every day for something...”, right!?
N: These are “Den-en” lyrics! [T/N: the song by Tamaki they talked about before]
K: Well, when I listen to Tamaki-san's songs, my “Tokyo Bandwagon” switch turns on. As expected, Tamaki-san is incredible. Before the filming started he called us at his house, and the instant he saw me he kept hugging me saying “my son~!” (laughs). He let us listen to many songs and sang for us on that occasion, so we basically didn't sit down.
N: Eh? He doesn't have chairs at home?
K: No, he does have chairs (laughs). When we were eating we sat down, as expected, but....
N: Except of that moment, you were always standing up?
K: Yes.
N: Why? Is that a kind of rule?
K: (while doing the gesture of repeatedly holding hands with Nakamaru and hugging him) It was like this all the time.
N: You don't stay still!
K: Yeah, and I'm that son.
N: He's really an artist~ I... as expected, want to sit down (laughs)
K: Yes, a genius. And pure. It looks like they'll be 3 exciting months, so we should looking forward to it.
N: It really does look like that, for both of us.


Happy Kameday everyone~ ^^

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thank you!!

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thank u for this~
happy birthday kame, and hope for more nakame moments this year too ^^

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aww! so cute and funny! XDD
Isi, thank so much! <333

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Thank you for this Isi ♥

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Thank you for the translation.

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thanks very much!!!

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Thank you!
Maru's moai face.♥
lol, Everyone is in on the joke.
Happy Kame Birthday...Gokusen feels like yesterday.

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Thank you very much!!

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From: [personal profile] ladyc2
Thank you

Thank you!

Date: 2014-02-24 09:17 am (UTC)
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Thanks for translating always!
Really appreciate it!

Kame really works soooooo hard. Poor him! He's a workaholic.

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Thank you for the translation<3

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yay thank you!
I really enjoyed reading this one- it's now one of my favourites ^_^ xxx

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/dies at Nakamaru and the Moai restaurant and his paranoia and Kame finding the whole situation hilarious

And ugh, I knew the Ore Ore filming schedule was like a trial by fire but the way Kame handled it is the essence of what I love most about him. He always makes the best of any situation and somehow manages to find strength in hardships instead of being crushed by them. He is great-o. ♥♥♥

Their fanboy talk <33333333 I love the image of chibi!Kame staring and going *A* as Kimura eats and burps and breathes. XDD

K: (while doing the gesture of repeatedly holding hands with Nakamaru and hugging him)
cries. why was this not caught on film T__T ♥

This was so cute and funny, Isi, thank you for picking the perfect piece to translate ♥!

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As I finally got a full scan, Kame's say "K: When I was filming “Ore Ore” I could sleep only 2-3 hours per day.". How could he survive, I don't know. @_@

He always makes the best of any situation and somehow manages to find strength in hardships instead of being crushed by them. He is great-o. ♥
Absolutely. He's always a model about how self-destruct yourself in 10 moves face difficulties and make the best out of them. I wish I were like him in this ♥

LOL their fanboying. Let's talk about Kame going all hopelessly perv proud of being able to kiss his childhood idol? XD he's so lucky even in this, this boy's luck is amazing xD

You're welcome ^_^

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Thank you!
Ahhh Tamaki and Kame, real life father and son hihi
Wonder if kame still meet KimuTaku, hope they still keep in touch
I love all the positiveness that come out of Kame, even with grueling schedules he manages to make the best of it

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Nice interview! Thanks for translating and sharing!

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If you still need a full scan, you can use this ( It's my personal scan.

Thanks for the translation!

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Ooooh really really thank you! ♥ I'm going to edit the translation filling the two missing lines ^_^ You saved me! :D

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thank you

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thank you for the translation @):-

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Thank you so much for this. You always do such a great job:D

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thank you so much!

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@w@ I'm sorry for the lack of comment! ;A;

Thank you for your sweetness~! ^o^///

(while doing the gesture of repeatedly holding hands with Nakamaru and hugging him) ;^; why are there no pictures of this?!?!?!?!?


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