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This was unexpectedly LONG XD Especially because I wanted to translate the BBQ part (KAT-TUN family was too sweet, Kame devoting himself to cooking, Ueda staring at food and Nakamaru-Junno fighting to bring home food for their wives answering to the questions ♥) and this resulted in having lines almost everywhere all around the magazine page in random order @_@ I tried to put them in the right order xD;;
This is the group part (BBQ part + crosstalk). I don't have the pages for the individual member parts.

Please enjoy this article full of member love ♥ Personal highlights:
-KAT-TUN Family having barbeque... and consequent mess xD
-LOTS of Junno love, from everyone. ♥
-Them talking about how women are scary and how you must treat them well because you don't know how they'll react (A MUST READ XD)
-Kame mama sharing the lobster with the kids the game losers
-What's the offensive fan name Junno came up with..? XD
-There are also a couple of journalist's comments about TameTabi and KAT-TUN being too much reckless in their “Boke” moments to the point of forgetting they're being interviewed xDDD

T/N: I kept “boke” and “tsukkomi”. Boke is the funny and silly comment, while tsukkomi is the smart retort to that silly comment.



Their single after almost one year “In Fact” will be on sale!
To them four, who are deepening the group bond even more and are working together as MC for “The Shonen Club Premium”, we gave as present a Premium Barbeque! Please look throughout such meal that run wild... (laughs).
We also asked them to answer to some questions we prepared looking at the new song's lyrics.

A battle with premium ingredients at stake!

As soon as he arrived at the filming place saying “I heard that for today there's a barbeque so I skipped breakfast!”, Kamenashi totally got absorbed by the barbeque; the oldest duo, Ueda & Nakamaru, took the seats far from the grills and only talked saying “we're in charge of eating~”; Taguchi turned out being in charge of answering the requests of the two oldest ones and devoted himself solely to cook the ingredients... After they took their seats, the Premium BBQ started! While Kamenashi was carefully grilling the meat, the other three enjoyed with marshmallows, corn and Vienna sausages. At that moment, seafood just bought at Tsukiji fish market appeared! When they heard that they could eat them if then answer correctly to the quiz, very hyper KAT-TUN started to answer “the 4th!” “I'll answer!” even before having the question (laughs).

Despite being a janken with only rock and paper allowed, Kamenashi used scissor. At the end the teams are Kamenashi & Nakamaru, Ueda & Taguchi. They announced that Nakamaru aims to the turban shell and Ueda scallop shell!

Chef Kamenashi's meat lessons

As soon as he spotted the block of pork loin, Kamenashi immediately started to grill it. When Taguchi told him “That's surely impossible, let's cook it after cutting it!”, he coldly replied “It's delicious if you grill it as a block! That's where skill is shown!”. He took his time and grilled it beautifully light brown, and at the end [the comment was] “it's so goo~d!!”. By the way, it seems he cooks roast-beef at home by himself. This must be the reason he's so skilled at it!

Q1: Including the new single, what's the first single when ordered them in the “a-i-u-e-o” order?

The prize for Q1 is the clam shell which Kamenashi said “it's my favorite among all of these!”. Kamenashi turned into his serious mode saying “this is a battle I can't lose at all!”, but then he was totally absorbed by the BBQ that he didn't move an inch here. Who rushed to the button in his behalf was...?

Nakamaru and Taguchi ran to the button at the same time. During the short 10 seconds separating them from the button, they started a small competition “I'm first~” “no no it's me~”. But they couldn't find the answer easily so they hesitated in front of the button.

Who pushed the button first was Nakamaru. Despite being all noisy just seconds before, he answered seriously “Ultimate wheels!” and got the right answer at first try! Taguchi booed him “why didn't you went for a boke answer?!”

Chef Kamenashi praised Nakamaru who excellently obtained the clam shell with “nice!” and started cooking it at once. As a result, he totally ignored the 2nd and 3rd questions entrusting the quiz to Nakamaru... (laughs) You're focusing too much on the clam shell!

Q2: While KAT-TUN were having their Countdown Concert in Osaka, what did NEWS's Tegoshi Yuya do while singing “Real Face” at Tokyo Dome instead of the tongue click?

For Q2 there was a big shrimp. Taguchi wanted to win this round so he properly answered correctly with “flying kiss”, without giving a boke answer. When Kamenashi asked him “did you know it?” Taguchi said “I thought he'd do something like that”. Was it just an intuition!? (laughs)

Ueda was very happy “As expected from Taguchi! I wanted to eat shrimp~”. When he pestered “grill it, grill it~”, Nakamaru scolded him “You too, either do the quiz or grill the stuff!”. While justifying “But I don't know the answers~”, he commited crime of conscience hurrying up Taguchi “is the sausage ready? And the corn?” (laughs)

Q3: Who's the strongest at thumb wrestling among KAT-TUN?

“Eeeh, do we have do to it now?” “I want to focus on the BBQ” “Anyone is okay for the first place”, they let their true thoughts overflow (laughs) but when they heard that the prize was scallop and turban shell, all of a sudden they had will to do. In order to choose the representative, Kamenashi & Nakamaru discussed about who's the strongest while Ueda & Taguchi did a battle. Even in this we can see their personalities, can't we?

During the finals against Nakamaru, Taguchi won in one instant! ….but Kamenashi protested “He used a rope move! Foul!” so they challenged again. The fight between the two members with long fingers took more than 1 minute, and Ueda who was still eating continued complaining “don't fight behind my back!”, and as result Nakamaru won. Taguchi was extremely regretful.

Q4: Recently how is part of KAT-TUN fans calling themselves instead of “Hyphen”?

The last is the great fight putting at stake a spiny lobster. The one in highest spirits was Taguchi but he went for the boke answer “●●●♥”, and the members burst into laughter while still booing him saying “that's too offensive!”. Then Nakamaru and the others tried again to find another boke answer but ended up with a “I can't think of anything better than ●●●!”, they looked frustrated (laughs).

The answer comes from something that Nakamaru said in “LIVE MONSTER” and Nakamaru understood the answer saying “This is my lucky question!”. But he couldn't win the pressure coming from Ueda “say a boke answer!”, so the right to answer passed to Kamenashi. Without any boke answer he replied “potato” and gave the right answer!

Kamenashi placed the lobster still alive on the grill, and Nakamaru and Ueda pulled back with a “wah...” (laughs). Kamenashi, while still puzzled about “how do I eat this?!” heroically chomped it. He shared it with Ueda and Taguchi too ♪

Ueda looked quite satisfied “It was the best BBQ of the last years~”. But he also said a comment that made the staff cry “In synthesis, grilled onigiri are the best!” (bitter laugh). Taguchi demanded for a second round “is there nothing left?”
Although he fought to open the turban shell clam, Nakamaru ate his fill and thanked the whole Earth “I'm thankful to you!”. Kamenashi who ate a lot while grilling said very satisfied “I'm full”, and they completely ate all the huge amount of food!

[Guys you were lucky that it was Kame winning the lobster so he shared a piece with you, I *seriously* doubt Ueda would have shared~ xD And lol poor staff, they prepared so many delicious meat and fishes and Ueda comments about lack of onigiri!! xD]



If you leave up to Ueda, the BBQ turns into Ueda-style

---------Your single after almost 1 year has been decided! We've heard you had a barbeque during the special footage too...

K: The special footage “dressing room corner” reaches with this release the 10th edition. As special version, we went outside.
N: But it didn't go as smoothly as today~
T: The wind was really something~ (laughs)

--------By the way, how was your role division that time?
U: Eh? We don't have precise settled roles! Even if you press me.... Can't I be the one in charge of eating!?
T: Are you angry?
U: I'm not angry (smiles)
K: No, on the contrary it's better if Ueda doesn't do anything.
U: Yes, I can read the atmosphere too.
K: Because the barbeque turns into Ueda-style. He keeps eating fast while grilling selfishly and when he is full he's just “okay, end~”.
N: Ah~ (he agrees).
K: In these 10 years I've understood that everything goes smoothly if I take charge of it.
U: Taguchi does quite a lot too.
T: I think only about myself.
U: That's not true~ Didn't you grill for me today?
N: This is our group's power!!

----------(laughs) I'd also ask about the song, how has it turned out being?
K: Okay, someone sing it for them.
N: Tirii ririiri ririri rii♪
T: (raises hand) Me! It's the chorus!
N: Right!
U: Wrong! Isn't it tiriririrri ririirirri♪ ?
T: It's not easy to get such a difference (laughs)
K: Even if my voice~ dries and dies~ I'll keep calling~ for you~ (singing it as a kindergarten rhyme)
N: The musical interval is slightly different.
T: Exactly like a labyrinth without Taguchi~ [T/N: right line “exactly like a labyrinth without exit (deguchi)]
U: Yes yes, you can also change the lyrics!

-------Erm, the “boke party” is amusing too, but please, be serious on this (laughs).
T: (laughs) Yes~ I think it's overall easy to sing. Even at karaoke.
N: The part I like most is the intro. I think it expresses the sordid side of women.
U: Because it's “First Class”'s main song. It fits the drama.

---------The drama portrays the sordid human relationship between women, but is there a moment where you think “women are scary~”?
T: I'm scared of when women go to the toilet together!
N: Why?
T: I wonder what they're talking about, don't you?
U: Are you afraid of it? “Are they talking about me?” (laughs)
T: I wonder if they're saying to each other “He's so not funny at all~”....
N: It can't be helped.
U: But they say it even without going to the toilet! (laughs)
T: What~!! (cries)
U: In my case~ I feel they are clearly double-faced, more than men. Men tell lies easy to understand so we are exposed immediately. I think women are way more skillful in telling lies.
N: The drama exaggerates some parts, but you start thinking that there might be women like this for real. Isn't it scary, doing this “mounting”, or thinking a completely different thing from what they say.
K: Also, don't women easily become emotional?
U: Yes yes!
N: I get it~
K: They easily touch or hit you.
U: But they say that a man shouldn't touch. Of course it's a given, but it's a bit unfair.
K: More than scary, I think “they really feel a lot of emotions~”.
N: They're sensitive.
K: They're sensitive and delicate so I think I must properly be gentle with them. Because, see, in the case of a man, even if you have a fight no one will ever go “don't touch me!”. But women do it, right?
T: I wonder why.
K: When they break up with someone they are “OK it's ended~”. But for a man, even if we break up with someone, it still remains inside some drawer [inside us], doesn't it?
U: It must be instinct. As expected, I don't understand women...

----------Starting from April you are the new MC for “The Shonen Club Premium”, how is the response?
T: We can exchange opinions with the staff, we have the feeling we're creating this together, I'm happy for this.
K: We look forward to how it develops every time depending on the guest, so I want us to continue without being trapped into one format.
T: Senpai come as guests too, and I'd like us to be hospitable so that our guests can enjoy their time even more.
N: You had a location too!
U: That too, we said “It might be fun to go out as two people too” and they promptly used this. We feel it has meaning proposing ideas too.
T: We want to give more ideas and show new sides of us from now on too.

-----Talking about a new side of you, during “KAT-TUN no sekai ichi tame ni naru tabi!”, the image of Kamenashi-kun eating a still living octopus at Okinawa seaside was an astounding scene (laughs).
K: When in the past I went to Okinawa for a trip by myself, I met a tako-jii like that.
N: Who is a tako-jii?
K: An old man who fishes octopus [T/N: Tako=octopus, jii=ojii-san, old man]. I met him as soon as he came out from the sea and he let me eat the octopus as it was, like that. It was so good!
U: Kame found it and without a moment's hesitation ate it! (laughs)
N: It was a striking scene~ (laughs)

Recently I came to understand Taguchi, finally (laughs)

---------There was also a fight with the venomous snake.... Will KAT-TUN physically challenge something again in the future?

N: It's not that we did that because we like it! We didn't say “we want to do it”!!
U: But Taguchi fell into a place where there was a high chance there were snakes, didn't he? I laughed to death!!
N: It was so fun~ The way he was scared was real.
T: Because they were snakes!! (cries)
N: There is the possibility to die due to them, yes.
T: Yes! I was seriously terrified!!

--------Ueda-kun looked fine.
U: I'm not fine, it was the first time!
T: It would have been bad if you had been bitten (laughs)
K: If he was bitten it can't be broadcasted!! (laughs)
U: We've done a lot of things up until now, but I think we can do this kind of stuff because it's that program.

--------With filming a variety show all 4 together after a long time, did you practically feel the importance of the group, or could you see your next target or assignment?
T: Even when we are working as individuals we do it while carrying the group on our shoulders, so I feel “we are one in body and mind~”.
N: I've never thought that deeply, but recently I came to understand Taguchi.
U: Which means?
N: I came to understand the timing where he's “I'm going to say something weird!”. Just, even if I'm warned I can't deal with it skillfully (laughs).
K: When he's deciding “I'm going to say this!”, right. And then, after he said it, he becomes “for today I'm already satisfied”.
T: Because it's one point done.
N: But it's an action without considering the consequences~
T: Boke is adventure! [T/N: it's a pun between boke=funny pun, and bouken=adventure]
N: …......
T: I'm sorry.
U: Here it comes! The “I'm sorry” pattern!!
T: Have you grown tired of this pattern too?
K: We haven't (laughs). But Taguchi's way of saying it is wrong too.
U: There's no gape between the pun and the “I'm sorry”. You say puns because you want to say “I'm sorry”, don't you?
K: Yes yes. We are seeing it.
U: It's his bad habit.
T: How to say, I'm sorry.
K: It's because Taguchi-kun is our youngest child. Not regarding the age, but his inside, or better the environment he grew up in.
T: “Celery”, right? ♪ [T/N: “serori” (celery) is a song by SMAP which starts with a line similar to what Kame said, “the environment you grew up in”]
U: As I said, it's this side of you!
N: He has such a strong heart~
K: Because he's the youngest child (laughs). Well, but I want Taguchi to always stay like this!


Please leave me 5 minutes to flail over this SUPER CUTE crosstalk ♥ And I can totally feel the looooooove xD I would quote so many moments ♥ It was particularly cute when Ueda-Kame-Nakamaru went all "Taguchi, we're seeing through your secret" xD
And of course, I chose those 4 pics from the whole photoshoot with great paint skillz because Kamemama feeding all the babies one after one is the cutest thing ever! XD (and pay attention, except these pics, most of all the other group pics Kame is completely and totally focusing on the grill XDDDDDD)

Remember to leave a comment too, comments are love ♥

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