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I did this translation when it was released, caught by their answers to the question "your ideal girl's room" guys, you must be such a pain to date orz
But then I had problems finding all pages in decent quality to be read (orz x2)
I finally found everything but didn't have much time to check the English again so I'm sorry if there are some choppy lines and typos ^^'

The issue is divided in 1 page per member + crosstalk. They talk about the other members' secret face, some comments about In Fact single, and... what kind of event they'd love to hold with the fans (hint: it involves swimsuits). Enjoy!

MONTHLY TV GUIDE 2014.07 (released 2014.05.27)
If the four members of KAT-TUN came to your house...

Monthly TV Guide 201407 04

The movie he acts in, “Vancouver no Asahi”, will open in December.
The room of my ideal girl is a house rich of containers and seasonings. I'm the type that folds toilet paper into a triangle-shape and cleans the bathtub as soon as finishes using it so that's probably why I notice such points too.

The part to listen carefully is Nakamaru-kun's solo part, as expected!

The new song “In Fact” is a song made for Nakamaru-kun's drama. It's a drama that depicts the worst part of women, and I feel that such topic can be found in the lyrics too. It's played at the beginning of the episode, so I think it's a piece with a strong impact that can be used as story's entrance gate. The part to listen carefully is, as expected, Nakamaru-kun's solo part! Around the end of the main chorus there's Nakamaru-kun's solo. As expected, this time it's the main song of a drama Nakamaru-kun acts in and it's because of this that KAT-TUN could have a new song, so isn't that part the most important point?

Actually I'm OOO – KAT-TUN's In Fact

Actually I'm... a perv (laughs) Eh? It has been exposed already? In that case, it simply leaked. Taguchi is really a 'my pace' person. Like, “He's living as Taguchi, doesn't he~”. Nakamaru is actually a perv too. He has this “good old times' boy” feeling, but he joins my dirty jokes in the dressing room (laughs). Ueda is the most self-centered. Leaving apart the fact whether he persists in his opinion or not, he's the one that brings the “I think this!” opinion most.


He acts in “First Class” (Fuji TV) being broadcasted right now.
The room of my ideal girl is, as expected, a room with a sense of cleanliness. Especially I'd like her to keep washbasins clean. I don't like when stuff to wash piles up. Then, if you dry towels inside the house they become stiff, so please use the clothes dryer (laughs)

It's a song with a cool intro, you get caught at once!

When I first watched the episode including “In Fact” during the event for the first episode completion preview, I thought it's a very cool song. Also the first time I heard the song I thought that lyrics, melody and story were incredibly matching [the drama] and that “this piece is so good!”. The intro is very cool too and you get caught at once. In the MV we dance quite a lot and the costumes have floral prints. The drama setting is a fashion magazine, so [the MV] is taking into consideration the last vanguard trends. I think the KAT-TUN-ness is coming out well. Normally I wouldn't wear floral prints either, but I almost thought I want to try and wear them (laughs)

Actually I'm OOO – KAT-TUN's In Fact

Actually when I talk at the phone my voice is low. When I was living with my family there was a rule of not talking at the phone in your room, so I took the habit of talking without being noticed. About Kame, when he sees his old hairstyle now, he actually comments that he had it for overlong. About Taguchi, he has a close-cropped style on sides and back so it seems that black hair are visible very soon. Ueda is bothered by the fact that the hair color overlaps with Taguchi's. But he also says “It's me who dyed them first!!” (laughs)


He's the lead actor in the stage play “Forrest Gump” (May 30th~).
The room of my ideal girl is a room without characters' gadgets. Because in case of objects with eyes, I feel like I'm being observed and can't relax. About the color, something like beige. If there's stuff here and there, I guess I wouldn't mind. I'll act as if I hadn't seen it (laughs).

I'd like this song to become your encouragement when you can't release your true self.

This time's song is the type of tune I simply like. When I listened to it for the first time I thought it's a song that has an energy that can let the present KAT-TUN out, and skillfully grasp it. My favourite phrases in the lyrics are “don't escape into despair” and “live through the instant”. The title, “In fact”, has the meaning of “Truth is...”. As expected, during our life there are occasions where we have to suppress our true self, right? In that meaning, I'd hope this song could become a small encouragement to those people who can't release their true self. It's a song I'd like people who are giving their all to listen to.

Actually I'm OOO – KAT-TUN's In Fact

You know, I'm actually silent. When I'm at home I listen to music alone, or I silently cook stir-fried vegetables or vegetables with Japanese dressing (laughs). About Kame, short hair really suit him. With Uepi, we are on the same wavelength. Recently I've noticed how I'm really at ease when we go out and drink together and are the two of us alone. Nakamaru-kun is actually quick-witted. Yesterday too, he remembered I like technological stuff and saying “I got this for Taguchi” he gave me a computer.


He starred between 2014/01-02 in Ninagawa Yukio's stage play “Toumin suru kuma ni soine shite goran”. Presently he takes part to “Honou no taiikukai TV” (TBS).
The room of my ideal girl is a “simple” room. If it's a room clean and comfortable, any room is OK!

Affection grew with the process of taking part to it and becoming our song.

This is valid for all songs, but I don't have a particular first impression regarding new songs~. I mean, when we listen to it for the first time it's someone else's voice and a quality good enough only to understand more or less the tune. Starting from there we record it, have it arranged, dance to the MV... It's through this process that I can think “it's finally our song”. The completed “In Fact” is KAT-TUN-like, cool, and stylish. And it's a new challenge. The costumes for the MV are floral prints, see. May it be the current trend, but KAT-TUN wearing floral prints is unexpected and odd, isn't it? I also want you to look forward to the dance.

Actually I'm OOO – KAT-TUN's In Fact

I'm not the type who says “Actually my real self is this, understand it”, and I think that the impression changes depending on the person. For this reason I don't really get it. I'm often said “cool” and “shy in front of strangers”, but... Simply, what I show during my acting is something that there's inside of me, so probably I also have the “insane” part I showed during my previous stage play. Kamenashi is a person who wants to talk a lot, and Taguchi may look like that but he also gets depressed from time to time. And Nakamaru, he wants to cover the “stupid” role!

[T/N: always in the comic meaning of “boke” → the one who says the stupid comment (what Kame and Ueda were doing in the countdown MCs), opposed to “tsukkomi” → the one that says the smart retorts (Nakamaru's role in the MC)]

Having summer events in swimsuit?! The summer plan meeting starts

N: The talk theme is summer's challenges. Taguchi's challenge is the theatrical play, right? How are rehearsals going?
T: Yes, I'm rehearsing at full force. But despite being this close to the opening, I still don't get it.
K: Eh? You don't have practical sensation of it? (laughs)
T: I do have a different perception, comparing to the jobs I have done until now. Oh well, I'll give my best without getting afraid.
U: (looking at the papers) What, you are challenging the harmonica during the act?
T: Yes. I've taken lessons for 2 months, but it's difficult. This time the music is played completely by the actors. Ah, all of you, come!
N: (ignores him) And Kame?
K: I want to try to suspend business. Don't work at all (laughs) What do you think?
U: What are you planning to do while on vacation? (laughs)
K: I don't know. What I want to do on that moment, I guess? I have nothing in particular that I want to do just now so it's reverse thinking. Relaxing for around 2 months. It's something I totally can't do, don't I?
T: But wouldn't you begin to say that you want to work after around 3 days?
K: Absolutely not (laughs) I'm not that kind of greedy person. Realistically, I guess it's a “I live every day following my sensations”.
U: I want to go overseas with friends. Like Hawaii! During the day swimming in the sea, during evening drinking alcoholic drinks at the beach.
T: Finally a summer-ish topic.
N: There will be the Soccer World Cup soon, so I want to do something related to soccer.
U: That hasn't any connection with the season, doesn't it?
N: I want a reason to reflect and talk about soccer! (laughs)
K: What, do you like soccer?
N: I do!!!
N: Then, when talking about summer, it's the tour. As expected, it feels good.
T: The end of last year it was only Osaka, so this time we thought that, as first thing, we wanted to get in touch with people from the whole country.
N: We have talked about wanting to choose venues of different sizes.
K: Yes, we said we wanted venues where we could get even closer to the audience.
U: Haven't we proposed this since a long time ago?
K: I don't know why everyone says that this is unexpected from us. We have always actively wanted to have events and interaction moments with our fans, since the past.
N: It's just that the timing it could become reality was this year.
T: Hey, what do you think about a “swimsuit party”?
K: ….....Next time we do something, shall we try to join Taguchi's plan for once? Maybe we unexpectedly can do something good.
N: We want to do something new. Even if swimsuits are impossible, something at a pool, for example.
T: What about reserving a place next to the sea?
U: I want to hold a live or event with the sea as back scenery, one day.
N: Ah, Thailand's Pattaya sunset beach, right? So nostalgic. If we do it in Tokyo... Odaiba?
U: If you say Odaiba will be “Meridian”, right? (The place they held an event in 2003)
T: But first, it's Kokusai Forum. I want everyone to have expectations for it.
K: For starters! Because KAT-TUN's theme for this year is “let's go at full blast”. While keeping in mind the 10th anniversary 2 years from now, we want to start and set up a lot of stuff from now. We also have two Super Sayans (the blond members).
U: Eh? It's only me, right?
T: What, me too!!


I can see perv Kame going all *sparkly eyes* at Junno's idea of having swimsuit events thus supporting his idea *facepalm * Now I totally see why they get along well, they share the same priorities xD And Nakamaru is always so mean ignoring Junno inviting the members ^^"""
Junno getting at once that Kame would get bored after 3 days of holiday made me crack up xD your members know you well, Kame~ xD

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