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Their recent crosstalks are so lovely and full of info about single, songs and album ♥

So, here...
-Hints to the tour pamphlet (and Kame wanting to bring home the huge props because are cute lol)
-Disquisitions about Kame and Junno hairstyles (of course, again)
-Nakamaru's English pronounciation
-Short comments about the other songs in the single.
-Ueda actually doesn't like running!

TV GUIDE 2014.06.04

KAT-TUN hold hands and reveal shocking truth regarding the members!!

Immagine (credits vivienchenvc on weibo)

KAT-TUN's new single, “IN FACT”, first single after almost 1 year, has been released, thus we'll have a FACT CHECK about them!! We had them revealing each other's shocking truth. Moreover, picking up “IN FACT” lyrics “clenched hand”, we'll show you a lot of KAT-TUN holding hands!

It's full of songs typical of us!

About “In Fact”... we dance (laughs). It's the theme song for the drama “First Class”, but I'm jelly of Nakamaru being surrounded by beautiful women (laughs). We chose the coupling songs for the single while creating the album, so maybe it's a song choice which takes into consideration the live and the fact that the concerts are close. It's a luxurious single, I think we plenty included our performance power.

The new song is a song we could challenge something new too

In “In fact”, the KAT-TUN-ness is born by the fact it's us singing it, more than the image I got from listening to it the first time. It also fits Nakamaru's drama. With the PV we thought we wanted to take the colors of the song and challenged a new image with wearing costumes with floral pattern. “Birds” is a song we have never sang before. I think it's refreshing and has impact.

I want to perform it during a live soon

We dance quite a lot in “In Fact” PV, lives have been decided too, so I want to show you the live performance soon. This time, there are many songs which keep into consideration “man and woman” in general, and “MY SECRET” is one of those too, so the “attack” impression typical of KAT-TUN is strong, but among the songs there is “Birds” which is a song which tends to Kinki Kids's. But we're the generation that grew up listening to Kinki too, so we added it without resistance.

Enjoy it together with the drama

About “In Fact”, we have created both the PV and the lyrics using the image of the drama, so I'd be happy if you could enjoy it together with the drama. When I showed Sawajiri (Erika)-san the video of the dance rehearsal, she commented “ah, you also dance” (laughs) Also, “MY SECRET” has an old-style guitar sound, it's nice. I think that “BLACK” has a western feeling and has a very catchy rhythm.

He's stimulated every day by Taguchi's aura!?

-----Then, picking up the single title, please tell us the “shocking truth about the members”.

K: I was surprised when I noticed that I had watched DVDs for 10 hours without realizing.
T: But it happens. Thinking about it, Kame was about to bring home the almost 2-meter-long steel gate we used for the photoshoot for the concert pamphlet.
K: I can't create it by myself, and I thought that a gate with “KAT-TUN” on it would be cute. I was thinking of placing it in my house entrance, but I couldn't obtain it.
T: What a pity. Indeed, I still have “CHAIN” displayed at home.
N: I have it too. But it doesn't mean that everything we receive is good. For the fanmeeting at the beginning of the year, we had the stamp of our hands and foot taken and then exposed there, right? We also got those, but... I really had a hard time.
T: I sent them to my parents' house.
Three of them: hahahaha!! (roar of laughter)
T: That time I was asked “what are you going to do with it?”, and at the end it was decided they would have taken it. As a result, I sent it to my parents' house.
N: I brought it to my parents' house by hand. My parents were happy of it so it's fine, but it was difficult.
U: Indeed it's difficult to say “throw it away”, but when I was asked “what do we do with this?” I answered “I'm fine” (laughs)
T: That's not wrong!
N: Then, recently, Kame's comment about his hairstyle change was shocking.
K: It's around 6 months since I cut my hair, isn't it? When they show and broadcast footage from the period I had long hair, even if I do say so myself I think “so flashy”.
U: It reeeally suits you though.
K: Thank you. Then next is the shocking revelation about Taguchi. I'm stimulated every day by the aura Taguchi emits. I don't have any practical example though.
Three of them: You don't meet each other everyday though?
K: Don't retort all together at the same time like that!
T: I guess that since my antenna is working frenetically it ends up being transmitted.
K: Recently we are having the meetings for the tour, but Taguchi keeps updating what he has heard or talked about, so every day there's something new (laughs)
U: His hair color overlapped with mine.
T: Yeah, I was surprised.
U: You know, can I say my shocking information? Yesterday I received a huge octopus from a friend. [T/N: he uses an odd word/mispelled it]
N: Eh? A squid?
U: An octopus! Just with only one tentacle but it's extremely huge. It was delicious.
K: Ah~ I have left the scallops thaw out. I must eat them when I go back home.
N: Ueda's costume on the new song's cover looks like a scary fishy guy one, doesn't it?
U: What, that's not!
T: When we ate steak together, Uepi also ate my leftovers, so at the end he ate more than 500g. His appetite is like he's in an oasis, it was incredible.
K: Ueda's shocking facts, huh? He runs a lot. How many km do you run?
U: But I'm sorry. Actually I... really hate running.
N: Seriously!? This is too much of a shock!
T: Then why do you run?
U: Is there someone who likes running?
K: You run a lot during lives too, we thought you liked running.
N: Then, I'll give my shocking information by myself too. This morning I cleaned a sea bream. I have started cooking more by myself, and now I often cook miso soup too.
K: You also often go to the hairdresser, right?
N: Yes, once every 2 weeks.
U: There was a song where Nakamaru's English pronounciation was excessively good.
N: Oh, thank you. OK! [T/N: he said it in English] About English, I'm putting efforts so that our foreigner fans won't listen and think “What is this guy saying!?”.
K: There are times when the words we sing and the normal pronounce differs, it's complicate.
T: I normally get anxious with long sentences.
K: Well, Taguchi being anxious isn't such a shock though (laughs)


This issue has also an arm wrestling tournament, but instead of a translation I'll sum up xD
Starts with Ueda vs. Nakamaru. First Ueda gives Nakamaru only 1 finger, at that sight Nakamaru goes “ehy!”, thus Ueda goes back to normal posture but he's already grinning even before starting and... Nakamaru wins xD
Then Kame vs. Taguchi. The match was played seriously with Kame's victory.
Finals, Nakamaru vs. Kame. Kame takes position with a serious face, but as soon as they start the match Kame bends on the side and Nakamaru wins, commenting "This totally looks fishy...” XD
Match for the 3rd place is Ueda vs. Taguchi, which Kame comments being a match between the “two blond brothers”. As soon as they start, Junno wins without efforts and he goes “eh, impossible” XD
Thus the result has 1st Nakamaru, 2nd Kame, 3rd Taguchi, 4th Ueda. Kame and Ueda putting up a whole act and letting Junno and Nakamaru win must have been so fun to see xD


Taking bets about how huge Kame's entrance is to place a 2m long steel “KAT-TUN” gate... xD and about which song with "perfect Nakamaru pronounce" Ueda is referring to! (I vote for Dangerous) Maru, thank you~ \;A;/
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