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The pic(s) Kame took are inside the cut :)

Instead of highlights, this time I give you a personal suggestion: try re-reading the titles every photographer gave to their own photoshoot again after reading the respective crosstalk ♥

Always thanks to [ profile] scorch66 for the English beta^^

Serial “Kame Camera” SPECIAL

A new “encounter” through the newfinder.


Matsuda Miyuki, Shimomura Kazuyoshi, Kawashima Kotori

“Please express who you think Kamenashi Kazuya is.”
This project started from making this request to these famous photographers. In front of the camera he challenged a passionate stare, he became a white canvas, he showed his true expression in his personal private clothes...
These are the threee photostories that he, easily changing, gave birth to with the artists.

「Look for me」 by Matsuda Miyuki
Kamenashi-kun's sensitivity is strongly active and is sincerely looking for “himself”.
Life is a journey, so no matter how old we get, we meet new sceneries, new ourselves.
I think that not only falling in love, but also the process of facing death from now on is an incentive.

「Wild & Gentle」 by Shimomura Kazuyoshi
The absolute territory of KAT-TUN’s Kamenashi Kazuya, the scent of being a young naughty delinquent hasn't changed since debut.
Like a young man living in the misfortune portrayed in an old English movie, eroticism and a sweetness that's almost painful live together inside of him.

「Good morning」 by Kawashima Kotori
Despite the fact that until yesterday it has rained, this morning is sunny without a single cloud! The green of the morning dew feels good and breaths naturally become deeper-------. He's cool, but did I manage to take a picture of the “normal Kamenashi-kun”!?

After the photo session together with the three photographers...
After the passionate session with the three photographers, they frankly talk with each other about what they felt and what they think about.


Matsuda Miyuki

I always look for accidental moments because I want to take pictures of the beauty of living bodies

Kamenshi: I was nervous during today's photoshoot (laughs). Because I felt it was special: Matsuda-san is a “person who's living properly”, so I wanted to completely expose myself too.
Matsuda: I try not to have preconceptions about the subject of my photography. Me too, I thought that Kamenashi-kun had an erotic aura, but he was unexpectedly flat! And refreshing (laughs)
K: Normally, I'm a life-sized person (laughs).
M: Johnny's are professionals of expressions. Even if it means suppressing dissatisfaction or wishes, you devote yourselves to the service. It's superb, but I wish you freed your original self more from time to time. I want to take a picture of that expression.
K: Indeed, we acquire the habit of “fitting into” many different working places. But together with getting old, I guess my way of life comes out naturally, and I want to express it. The photoshoot with you, Matsuda-san, was strange. I had the feeling I was having a photo session during a live.
M: I guess it's because my root is the acting job. Even the moment I first thought I wanted to take pictures was in the middle of acting. I objectively felt “what a beautiful person” about the actor who was my partner. But, when I saw the broadcasted scene, the camera work and editing didn't quite make the grade (laughs). I thought I wanted to capture his beauty that I could grasp with my own eyes. So when I take pictures, I inspect the subject carefully. Because I want to capture that person's living body beauty.
K: Always looking for a new incident without using the experience gained is interesting, but it is difficult, isn't it? Recently, I think about myself “who am I?” My life as an entertainer has become the longest part of my life... There is the me who likes the home cooking my mother cooks, but I also think that a luxurious meal is delicious. The more I acquire experience, the more I don't understand my real self anymore. I wonder, if I ever stopped being an entertainer, would I be able to go back to a normal perception?
M: It's fine. You know, I think that life is a journey. While I was walking I tried to become an entertainer, I met my lover by chance, there were hills as much as valleys. The landscape I see and the people who are running around me change, but I always go back to myself. Since I turned 20, I gave birth to three children, I raised them, I became a widow, I'm not only an actress but I also take photographs (laughs) But if you consider this as all part of a journey you travel alone, everything is fun, and you become grateful for having people next to you.
K: What a cool mother.
M: I'm not! When, from time to time bad things happen, I go to my son's house, cry and bawl over his knees, and make him worry (laughs)

“I was allowed to spend a heartrending time in Matsuda-san's world and it felt like going out for a touring together. It had a sense of speed higher than I thought and was thrilling but fun. It was cool.”

Shimomura Kazuyoshi

What I want to give importance to during a photoshoot is the feeling of distance as, “between humans.”

Shimomura: Today I wanted to give expression to both faces of Kamenashi-san, his wildness and it's perfect opposite, his gentleness. For the latter, the motive is the vision of the world such as the BL (Boys' Love) we find in the English movie “Another Country” or Hagio Moto's mangas [*].
Kamenashi: It was extremely fresh and interesting.
S: I'm glad! Before proposing it I was nervous, I thought you would have been unwilling to do it (laughs)
K: I suppose that relationships like rivalry or friendship between men are topics which girls fall for. I think that the KAT-TUN of debut had these relationships too, and probably now there isn't enough of them. I'll keep it in mind from now on (laughs).
S: I'll have expectations for it. As you are a flexible person with a deep sensitivity, your expression changes every instant. I think you are a person who can expresses himself by nature.
K: A friend of mine is a great fan of your pictures. While looking at pictures of many artists, he started to pursue Shimoko-san's productions.
S: “Shimoko” is a nickname that Hamasaki Ayumi-san gave me (laughs)
K: I felt I understood the reason you are trusted by many actors and artists. Despite having a resolute vision of the world and a powerful personality, you don't have any single prickle of ill-nature.
S: I also became softer with growing old (laughs) But I do think that I want to be equal with anyone. Without limiting to artists, in the working place, there are many people with different positions and situations and I don't look up or down at anyone. It is easy to act big or be deferential to strangers. But if so, the working place doesn't proceed, so I do my work staying at the same level with anyone. Kamenashi-san, you indeed can do that naturally; while being in this world since when you were 13 years old, you can relate with anyone at the same level.
K: I think I like to create communication. I don't want to be photographed as if I was an object. I want to be photographed with the heart. But I don't have many friends among my work colleagues (laughs)
S: Like you, I also don't have many friends (laughs) In private, I don't get in touch with the artists I trust. Because I think there must be a distance between me and the party that I am dealing with, in all earnesty, as a photography subject.
K: I understand that! I feel that there's no need to go out to drink especially with people whom I work with in great depth. It's often said “let's talk in all sincerity”, but I'm already being sincere at the working place.
S: Yes! I think that especially because we're normally lonely, at the working spot we can chat with sensitivity.
K: I absorb more than a normal person from the everyday meetings. So year after year I came to think that people I share my time with are important. The fact that today I met Shimomura-san is important too. You have lived in Paris, right? Please one day be my guide there.

“While facing Shimomura-san as in a 1 vs. 1, I felt once again the fun of creating the world of one picture. The sense of accomplishment when the picture was taken was good too! I think it surely will influence my life from tomorrow.”

Kawashima Kotori

Just one camera: because if the load is heavy, you miss the instant.

Kamenashi: Today flew away so fast. I felt “eh? Is it already over?” (laughs) That's how the sense of distance between us allowed me to feel at ease. It felt like, inside the 360°-wide world around me, I was being photographed from the most comfortable angle.
Kawashima: (in a small voice) I'm happy... Kamenashi-kun is the type of person that when he's being photographed looks directly ahead, so I was slightly embarrassed (laughs)
Kame: I also understand that there are many pictures of travels in your art. It feels like I'd be fine with going on a trip and being photographed 24 hours straight if it was Kawashima-san.
Kawa: Recently I went to Taiwan. I recruited normal people living there through a friend's Facebook and had them be my photography subjects. I took pictures of childrens and families.
Kame: You take pictures of many people.
Kawa: There are many girls. What kind of pictures do you like, Kamenashi-kun?
Kame: There are many types, but I like pictures that are somewhat colorful. Kawashima-san's pictures are like that too. They're about everyday life, but I can feel the colors. There's warmth, it makes you think that that person must be kind. The photobook in which you took pictures of Tsumabuki-kun was somewhat sweet too.
Kawa: Talking about it, you two get along well, right?
Kame: Yes. After filming the movie together.
Kawa: Tsumabuki-kun said he didn't like taking pictures in a studio, building everything up and being cool...
Kame: For me both are OK. Both the posed look a la KAT-TUN’s Kamenashi, and like today with private clothes and almost no make-up. Previously I wasn't really excited at having my bare face taken, but now I became able to think that “it's okay even if my uncool side is visible.”
Kawa: Isn't it because you acted in movies? There are many people like that among actors.
Kame: Maybe it's true. But what's amusing is that, it's the actors who emit an aura of simplicity in the movies who are gorgeous and artist-like, or wear fashionable clothes in their private life. Maybe it's because I'm asked to be “THE Kamenashi” for work that I want to be plain during normal time.
Kawa: Are you making a balance?
Kame: Maybe, yes. I've always done this job so my experiences as a common person are quite few. Right now, going to shop in a mall is extremely fun. I think there are many things in society that are fun. Kawashima-san, how do you switch between on and off?
Kawa: I guess... I'm trying not to do it. More than limiting it as work, it seems that pictures taken as an extension of daily life become, as a result, a piece of art. I bring with me only one camera and a small bag every day. Maybe editors get uneasy thinking, “can he really take pictures like this?” (laughs) but if I have a lot of load my enthusiasm decreases and I miss the moment I want to catch.
Kame: I want to take pictures like Kawashima-san. One picture per day, like a diary. Taking a picture of what touches my heart, and when I have collected 365 days, that becomes a precious record itself.

“He's a splendid person you can't meet so easily. I'm happy I could meet him in a simple way, and having him taking pictures of me in a natural atmosphere, I'm happy I could become an inhabitant of Kotori-san's world!”

[*] Another Country is a 1984 British romantic historical drama starring Rupert Everett and Colin Firth and settled in 1930. Hagio Moto is considered the “founding mother” of the modern shojo manga, especially about shonen-ai area, and one of the most beloved shojo manga artists ever.

Long but interesting issue. I really liked what Matsuda told him ^^ And looking forward to that 365 photobook, Kame!!
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