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-Difference between "sexy" and "charming" as per Kamenashi
-Kame in his WEEEEEH WOMEEEN \:D/ mode xD
-If he had to choose between Fujiko and Maetel...
-Fanboying Talking about Johnny Depp again XD
-"Always being alluring isn't different from being expressionless". Nice definition, Kame!

Thanks as always to [ profile] scorch66 ^_^

NOTE BEFORE READING: the word given as the theme and the words appearing in the text have the “love, romantic” meaning but also “alluring, coquettish, erotic, sexy” etc. It's slightly different from the most commonly used “ero”; in my opinion, they have a more sophisticated nuance. Instead of "sexy", that I used only when it appears as English word, I chose the word “charm” for them because it spans from the 'fascinating' to the 'sex/alluring' innuendo, but keep in mind both these two nuances while reading. (As Kame explains at the beginning)


What's the scenery of the bottom of the heart that Kamenashi Kazuya's lens reflects?

Vol. 41 – 艶 Charm

「Maybe, the charm that can move people's heart is born from the freshness of enjoying that place and living in the instant」


Maybe I feel femininity in the night views. How to say, I fall at first sight at this look which is different from noon's. Even when I'm tired after working, seeing it I get excited. I quite like gazing at the lightup skyline.

Though I'm a 28-year-old man, I'm often described as “beautiful” more than “cool”. Occasionally, I've also been called “charming”. I wonder what “charm” is. It is close to erotic or sexy, but they aren't synonyms either. As a personal perception, I've always thought it was something feminine, so it was odd [being said so], but I'm happy. The one who I feel is manly sexy, is Johnny Depp. He's an adult man who possesses both the wild feeling, which a mustache is suitable to, and the innocence. If Japanese, I'd say Sato Koichi-san, who I sometimes drink with, and as a senpai who I'm close to, I'd say Matchy-san. Both of them possess a complex adult maturity and sex appeal that can't be described with just one word. I want to become an adult man who goes well with the sun, but who can also merge into the darkness even more seamlessly.

If I were asked to choose between the total-expose Fujiko-chan and beauty-hiding Maetel...

Women who are charming, unrelated to their age, are fascinating, aren't they? Skin, hair, nails, the charm dwelling in the details are proof of their sense of cleanliness. Of course, the heart's charm is important too. But from a male point of view, what makes us feel the woman's allure is the body line and bearing. At the beginning of the year, walking the streets during my filming abroad, the women I came across were sexy. Each and every movement was graceful and beautiful. More than exposing, clothes that show the body line are refined and stir up imagination. By the way, even if I do feel the eroticism thanks to the exposure, my heart likely doesn't flutter. In my case, I'm the type that likes “Lupin III”'s Fujiko-chan but I'm more charmed by “Galaxy Express 999”'s Maetel (laughs). I can feel the charm more in people who almost hide theirs.

By no means do I want the woman I like to always be enchanting. The more the distance shrinks and I get to know the inside, the more there are times I can feel the alluring charm being a minus. One reason is that, I guess due to the fact I was raised up among male brothers, I feel alluring women as somewhat unreal. It's okay to gaze at them from far away, but if they are next to me, I can't calm down. In the first place, I think there is a time-place-occasion for alluring charm too. For example, at a party gathering, my heart is stolen by exceptionally enchanting women, but if they wear perfect make up during an outdoor date playing in the mud, before thinking that she's beautiful, I first doubt “why?”. Always being alluring isn't different from being expressionless. On the contrary, my heart flutters when she is completely caught by work and her hair and nails are a mess (laughs) A phantasmagoric woman, emitting a light suitable to that place, is good.

Me too, I don't want to be “anywhere I am, I'm KAT-TUN's Kamenashi Kazuya!” either. When I'm playing together with players for baseball interviews, doing it with unstyled hair feels better. I think freshness is important in order to be caught by each and every place and shine. Of course, there’s the sensitivity of feeling the situation, but also dealing with everything as a “single-bout match” without too many preparations. Miki Satoshi-san, the director of “Ore Ore”, is a person who considers freshness important too, and that's the ideal also for me. For example, I'm the type who wants to wear the concert costumes for the first time during the performance. I also understand the opinion saying it's more dependable to wear the costumes and check the conditions during rehearsals. But I end up thinking that I don't want to sweat inside the clothes made for the performance (laughs) Because for me, a stage is out of ordinary life, and what raises my spirits for it are the costumes. I want to keep dear the feeling of elevation I feel the instant I wear them. Of course I do the appropriate checks for the performance. But I think there are expressions which appear exactly because it's something fleeting. All single-bout matches involve risks, but if you succeed, the emotion is also that much stronger. I wonder if it's the habit of challenging the instant that allows me to be called “charming”.

Charming women are splendid, but always shining uniformly is the same as being “expressionless”. Both hair and nails, it's okay being a mess from time to time.

Kame’s fixed point of observation
“May I stop by for a moment?” Kamenashi-kun invited everyone to an interior shop after the photoshoot . Actually it seems he's a regular; the shop assistant politely corresponds with him, “thank you as always”, and he strolls around the shop. While saying “A glass broke [at home]!”, in the corner with bath goods, curtains and beds, he says “I wish I had such a bedroom~ I want to add some green in my house.” Then turning to the kitchen tools without deciding much, “I want to change something in my house with the summer.” In the end, he bought the product he was aiming for (laughs)
By Maquia


I really liked this one :D I totally understand the love for night sceneries ♥ and I really really like the sentences "...who goes well with the sun, but who can also merge into the darkness even more seamlessly" and "Always being alluring isn't different from being expressionless". He does says some smart words :)
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