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I was asked to describe how the concert was, after I did a small report for Junno's solo, so I decided to write it completely and post it on LJ without splitting it in a million tweets. It's ages I don't write a report (I have never finished writing the Katsumode's either which is still half-done somewhere in my laptop, orz), I'm too busy or lazy T_T Anyway, here I am! ^^

---DISCLAIMER: I write this for a) personal record, b) for whoever can't attend concerts (ex: living overseas etc). Although, when a DVD will be released, I warmly suggest you to buy it for many reasons. First, “support the artist”. Especially as foreigner fans, this is the only thing we can actually do if we aren't living in Japan. Second, I don't know if and where this tour will be recorded, but if it will, as I'll write many times in this report, the visual effects and VTRs used here SO DESERVE to be seen at high quality that only a DVD (BD?) can give you.

---DISCLAIMER 2: being detailed, SUPER HUGE SPOILERS AHEAD. If you plan to attend the concerts, DON'T READ. I'm serious, it'll ruin you the fun, it's way better to go and not knowing anything (I avoided spoilers too and it TOTALLY deserved it).
If you want to keep surprise for the DVD, DON'T READ either. I don't want people saying "if you are so detailed you will ruin the fun to others" or "you spoiled the fun". I WARNED YOU. I can't take resposibilities for unresponsible curious people who ignore a huge ass red warning and willingfully click on a hidden spoiler LJ cut.
Repos of the Mcs (so, no spoilers on direction/effects/performances) I attended will be posted on a second entry due to character limits so wait for those if you want KT cuteness but don't want spoilers about the concert itself.

---DISCLAIMER 3: having a setlist some kind fan wrote down helped me recalling many things and being as detailed as possible, but I'm still using only my memory, some notes I wrote down after coming back home, plus some tweets I saved from other fans, so some songs are lacking descriptions, and what I report isn't a literal translation of what was said, and descriptions of choreo and stage might have some differences depending on my memories and venues, etc etc.

KAT-TUN come Here Live tour 2014 ~ in Yokohama (2014.07.26/27)

Before the concert itself, everything that comes before!!
1) THE LINE FOR GOODS was terrible. On July 26th was particularly hot and humid, I even got sunburned while waiting in line – I've never got sunburned while lining up O_o Japanese sun is scary. Anyway, the line was extremely long, was about 2 times Yokohama Arena's perimeter. And Yokohama Arena was the biggest venue of this tour >< The line lasted 3 hours; venue limited bracelet was orange ^^
2) The concert thing with all the sponsors' nameS: the hand moves~ it's so cute xD And the background colors change.
3) The concert trucks, bringing all the props, costumes etc used in the concert from one venue to the other, are parked next to the venue all days. Actually for Yokohama, I think they even changed the position in a way you could photograph both sides in the 2 days XD

The concert
(I'm using the setlist written here because my memory isn't that good to the point to remember the songs' order xD;; )

STAGE (Yokohama version; there might be small changes depending on venue)
Basically only the main stage, no middle and back stages, no moving stage. Only the four small trucks moving around the arena during certain songs. In Yokohama, 2 trucks also passed among the seats on second floor!! I think it's the first time ever!!
Then the stage itself is divided into 2 levels. We can say that the whole stage background is basically a huge screen where background VTRs are projected during every song. Also, the lower half is basically made of 4 huge monitors-cubes that move, turn etc following the song's direction. So these screens were showing either the members dancing, or some futuristical VTRs, etc. (for another impression about VTRs, by [ profile] plumerika here ) Including some pictures from Shonen Club Premium special so to give some visual explanation ^^


The video is projected on the white curtain covering the main stage too. The VTR setting is a city, where KAT-TUN members appear one after the other from various places (a newspaper picture moving, a billboard moving, etc); they are moving-jumping-dancing, then looking at the camera, doing the hand gesture of coming here, and then saying “come here” to the audience. The order is Nakamaru-Ueda-Junno-Kame. Then for the last shot, they are all together and posing looking at the camera.
The logo “come here” appears on screen and the hand is moving doing the “come here” gesture, and a drum is giving the rhythm; the audience starts calling for them, *clap clap* “KAT-TUN!” *clap clap* KAT-TUN!” following the drum and hand on screen rhythm ^^ (which btw it seems it was Kame's idea: during the VTR it's KT calling the fans to “come here”, then it's us calling KAT-TUN to “come here” on stage for us)
The drum/hand rhythm escalates and becomes faster, at a certain point we can see the 4 silhouettes behind the curtain till the curtain falls, they're behind and at one member's call (Yokohama was Kame's “are you ready?!”), the concert starts!

It starts with Kame calling our attention, in Yokohama was “are you ready~?” (in English, yes xD) They dance the same choreo they danced in Shonen Club Premium! It's so catchy and they are so into it that you feel like you want to dance with them ^o^

Same RF as always, so Kame's tongue thing etc xD The flow CH->RF is really smooth, like one is the natural consequence of the previous song :D Fans and sometimes members dance to the usual “girigiri~” arm choreo!

What I really liked about the direction/lights here is the contrast with the previous 2 songs. As the song itself sings “light and shadow~” at the beginning, CH & RF had quite very colorful lights and lasers, but Birth is mostly only dark stage with white lights on the members. Really fitting the song!
Kame's solo part turned into “taoretemo tachiagatte.... hey Yokohama!!!!” :D And I suppose he does it every venue using the venue's name :D

The summer song *-* Here hyphens are required to participate too during the “hey~!” parts (they basically turned them into in our part xD the “let's get it started!” → “hey~!”. It's also written on the screens too between []. During Countdown it wasn't written, if I remember correctly)

Of course to notice here:
-hip swings like countdown concert choreo!
-the members' directions where during the bridge they ask hyphens to do the “oi~oi~”
-Junno's sexy moves during Nakamaru's “kiss kiss kiss”!
-”Fantastic planet~” during the chorus is Hyphens' part too! ^^



This song is SERIOUSLY DANGEROUS. All the hip swings~~ To the point I don't really remember the choreo itself nor the stage or VTRs behind because I was all @___@ at the hips during “kikasete dangerous~” (and yes, they do synchro during that ero choreo. They know how to do their job lol~)
I also remember they choreo they do during that Junno's line “we'll understand each other more if we're naked~” was quite dangerous too *_*
During the instrumental part, there's a dance break divided into NaKame and UeTaguchi where they dance in couple. Uetaguchi's was basically shadow boxing Junno and then Junno asking for forgiveness? XD

This is absolutely the peak of the concert together with Triangle. It's AMAZING, breathtaking.
They are dressed in black; they move to the 2nd level stage, so one of them is on one of those cubes-screens. The stage is completely in the darkness. The video projected as background are the lyrics itself, appearing with various effects (twisted, trembling, in circle, upside down etc).
The stage-cubes move forward while they are singing so split from unique stage to 4 cubes.
When chorus starts singing “So hide and Seek~” fire sprouts from the stage and the lights start flashing following the song rhythm, and they vanish again once the chorus ends.

After the bridge and the “ready or not, here I come”, there is an instrumental part halfway, not in the original CD song. Here the direction is AMAZING because the stage-monitor VTR totally reminds of a hide and seek game: the stage is in the darkness and there is one light wandering around the screens, as if they are looking for someone; sometimes one cube's screen illuminates of white light and you can see a member's dark silhouette.
During the instrumental part there is a small dance interlude, the order is iirc Junno-Nakamaru-Ueda-Kame, only the screen behind the members illuminates so basically as a result what you see is only the member dancing as dark silhouette, it's so intense! *-*
(in this part, some of the members open their shirts~ at Yokohama it was Junno and Nakamaru. Free chest&abs watching XD)
There are some seconds you can't spot the members anymore on stage and when the lights go up again for the last chorus you see they are at the right and left extremes of the stage, almost only 1-2 m from the audience.

They sing in their positions after H&S, so at the extremes of the stage. The VTR projected on the stage monitors shows rain. Very romantic and fitting.
At the end only Kame is left on stage, he goes up the stairs to the second level, and he sings his solo line plus the last line alone “yasashii kono ame, kikinagara~”
He then keeps an intense expression, then does a small smirk and turn his back, disappearing.

ART OF LIFE (Ueda solo)
(I still haven't grasped the deep meaning of this solo and what he wanted to represent, but it's an impressive one. It totally is “Ueda's world” here, totally separated from the rest of the concert. As side note, I admit that I was quite surprised by the violence in this performance)

On stage there's another stage/table with a statue on it and chairs around. Dancers are sit/standing around it. When Ueda enters, he passes the dancers one by one. The first one is smoking a cigar, he picks it, smokes, blows the smoke and then extinguishes the cigar on the dancer's hand with a creepy laugh. He menaces another dancers, hits another one with a chair, then the last one he pushes him on the table and with a bottle he mimics of hitting him with it. After that, following the rhythm given by the bottle, dancers and Ueda start clapping and ask audience to do the same, and after that the song starts.
The performance itself is dance-heavy, Ueda strips on the go xD here too, pay attention to the hips~ during “A.O,A.O.,A.O.L” the dance reproduces the letters with the hands. I also remember it's slightly different from the CD version, maybe there's a stanza less or a longer instrumental part?
Anyway it's a very captivating song and performance, I reeeally liked it!

CRESCENT (Nakamaru's solo)
It starts with a VTR where there's Nakamaru listening to music, and you hear it's his old solos. At all songs he comments “nice song! Whose song is it? Ah it's mine!!” XD
The last one is Crescent and from there the solo starts.
As you can imagine, this song is dance heavy too. I don't have many memories of the performance itself but more about the VTRs XD; but I liked it.
After the song there's also “KAT-TUN net”, which is basically a small scene where Nakamaru impersonates a TV seller selling the mousepad XD he describes in a funny way its good points and says that the material used to make the mousepad is “his deep feelings” XD;;

They appear on the trucks and go around the arena! For Yokohama Arena, 2 trucks are on the 2nd stand too! Who went around the arena here were Ueda&Nakamaru iirc, and 2nd stand were Kame&Junno.
During “Fake”, they ask us to sing with them the “Oh oh oh oh~” part at the beginning.
During “Expose”, like Countdown, the “right now~” at the beginning during Kame's part and the chorus “Wake up feeling~” and “woh-oh-oh~” are hyphens' part again ^^

(For obvious reasons [I was too focused on the members going around waving at the audience lol] I don't remember anything more about the projected VTRs or other particular things xD)

They're all back to the stage for this and dance Kusabi's choreo. The background VTR is kind of abstract (I remember a ball of red thunders/fire)

They change costumes during the MC in couples, so the MC is basically divided “MC in 4-Nakame MC-UeTaguchi MC-MC in 4”.
~details about the MCs I've seen in the next entry.

These 2 songs are from the same composer and I totally can see it was done on purpose :)
They introduce STAR saying that recently they are doing “adult-like” songs, and this one/these are one of those.

The costumes are shiny gold pants+white jacket. During STARS, the whole venue becomes a starry sky: the VTR on screens is a starry sky with shooting stars crossing it from time to time. On the stage sides there are some black curtains with small light bulbs that now light up increasing the feeling of starry sky, and also the roof have white lights projected ♥
For BIRDS, they use a red foulard while dancing (I saw from some JP tweets that there's a ring at the extreme side of the foulard that they wear so to keep it still on their fingers, I didn't notice it).
While they stay still during STARS, they have a small dance choreo for BIRDS.
Kame's solo part, depending on his mood that day (XD), he sometimes sings the final “aishite”, or just murmur/whispers/sing it away from the mic ♥
I think it's during Birds, but there's an extremely classy and pretty choreography. When each one of them has the solo line, the stage is lightned up by 2 lights, one red and one white. The singing member is under the white light, the dancing member is under the red light, and a third member passes across the red light. Then the following singer is the one who was previously under the red light, and the member that passed across is now dancing under the red light, and the 4th member that before didn't move passes across the light, etc.
This chain-like choreo is REALLY great. *_*

The members go change costumes while Nakamaru stays on stage and does some beatbox. Here he uses this machine where he can record a series of sounds – basically different sounds out of his beatbox repertory. The second part of the beatbox, he does a simple rhythm we follow clapping our hands, he concludes with Harukana Yakusoku and asks “now you wanted to sing to it, didn't you?” XD (←I don't know if he always does this, but he did it in all Yokohama shows I've seen)
He also looks for a fan in the audience, talks a bit with her and then asks for a message saying the other members are listening from backstage; he will then record the message with the machine and then include it in his beatbox performance ^^

The intro of this song merges with the beatbox. Nakamaru does a small beatbox, Junno is the first one appearing on stage and he dances to Nakamaru's beatbox ♥ then Nakamaru goes changing clothes, but the beatbox rhythm keeps going on. Junno mimics to enter into a bar because it's raining, and in that bar there's Ueda as bartender. He asks for a drink, Ueda prepares it but then throw it to the other side of the room where Kame appears grasping it and then drinks it. Kame plays darts (he hits the bull and scores xD), then the three of them go along the beatbox rhythm each one adding a sound (Ueda with the cocktail shaker, Kame with the wooden instrument he sits on). Nakamaru reappears, starts a “Harukana Yakusoku” beatbox, lyrics appear on the screen so all audience can sing “mawaru mamonai yakusoku~” line ^^
Then the members do a small accent dance to Nakamaru's beatbox (which is supposed to be always the same, but on 26th Nakamaru changed it a bit and Ueda&Kame went “what are you doing?!” XD)

The costumes are quite casual (jeans&leather jacket), Kame has a bandana too.
Then entering the performance, the beginning where they sing one line each, they are holding hands and change position at each line, with the one who sings in the middle. BLACK choreo is funny and upbeat, want to dance too *_* The monitors on the second level of stage reproduce a bar too and the word “BLACK” is written in big neon.

Someone throws at them a hat, they grasp it and start dancing. The dance also includes a stick! Halfway the song the split in 2 couples, 2 of them go on the upper level (Kame & maybe Ueda?) and 2 stay downstairs.
During the “code 3-2-2” lyrics, Kame does the number sequence with the hand XD (which btw if you have noticed, it's 3/22, their debut day. I don't know if it's wanted or casual, but it's cute anyway ^^)

Still using the stick they have since BuC, they start the song with the “chikichiki-ha~” doing an air guitar with the stick xD

I don't have particular memories to this so I think they simply sang and danced to it?

I really like this!! the direction totally calls the “double” theme again of the movie and PV.
They start singing on the 2nd level, and then the level/stage/cubes split, so there's one member for each cube. The cubes' monitors which are under them, from the chorus start reproducing a VTR which has the respective member dancing the song with the same costumes but upside-down, as if it's reflecting the member on top of it. (adding a picture from a TV news as visual support, the balloon is a bit of a bother though)

After the bridge they move down the main stage and there's only Kame, Ueda and Nakamaru left. Now the cubes turned on their axes and there isn't a monitor anymore but mirrors. They then start dancing and singing turning their back to the audience and facing the mirrors, so that we have 3 members + their reflection on the mirror dancing to FtF choreo.

WHENEVER I KISS YOU (Taguchi solo)
A long drape reproducing a movie film appears at the end of FtF on stage and covers the cubes. When it disappear, we see that behind Junno there is the “Taguchi band” XD each one of the cubes has one Junno projected on it playing a different instrument (guitar, bass, keyboard, drums) and real Junno in the middle as vocal.
After the first chorus the drape appear again, covers the cubes/monitors and when it disappears the Junnos are substituted by backdancers.
During the instrumental break of course he dances with them ^^
This is a solo I reaaaally liked because it's totally Junno-like: it's fresh and cheerful, we see him dancing but it's different from Finale. His costume is very simple (jeans and t-shirt and hat), and he's actually singing live (veeeeery nicely and with such a clear voice!!). I see the flow from Face to Face with the members multiplying on screen and then Junno multiplying on screens too, and then 4 real backdancers which is the same number of backdancers Kame uses later for his solo.
So the result is very well balanced and... congrats, Junno *-*
(another impression: here)

EMERALD (Kame solo)
The solo starts with only a long piano instrumental intro. Kame appears walking slowly to the middle of the stage, surrounded by some fog on stage. Behind him appear 4 backdancers, each one of them representing a season. Kame approaches each one of them when he sings about that season (so for summer he goes close to the “summer” backdancer etc). Also the costume and foulard the backdancer wears and the background VTR remind that season's colors.
During the instrumental part in the middle of the song there's a small dance break that includes Kame too, but for the rest of the song he isn't dancing but only singing (and by the way, he's singing live from beginning to the end).
The ending instrumental is a bit longer than the CD version too. Kame tries to go close to each one of the seasons but then he stops, goes back on his steps, and the season goes away; he approaches another season, he stops, goes back, season goes away etc. until there's only Kame left on stage, he goes to the crack in the middle of the back of the stage, and he shows to the audience he has in his hand an emerald stone emitting green light, before disappearing.
I really really liked this performance because it's so classy and delicate. It's totally “Kame's world”, and it's totally a solo you would expect from him, but it's very refined and enchanting. Also, like Junno's, I think it's perfectly merged with the previous and following song (Triangle performance starts with lasers, as Emerald ends with the green laser). So congrats to Kame too!
(another impression about this solo: here )

AMAZING SONG, together with Hide & Seek, it's the peak of the concert.
It starts with Junno, Ueda and Nakamaru dancing. They are wearing the costume made of neon lights on it. Then they wear the cap too. The choreo plays with the VTRs: they are first on the upper level, then disappear, then they are downstairs, then they are reproduced only on the screens /VTRs), etc. Very artistic!
Then the three of them disappear again; they are reproduced on the cube screens, which move and change positions to reveal the 4th cube so they become from 3 to 4 members. Screens switch off and they appear jumping from the floor (like how they do with “Going!”) wearing that heavy neon light costume (no wonder Kame fell the first day ><). Anyway they dance and the neons change colors, they sometimes have their member color, sometimes the same color, the colors and the light up/light off follows the song choreo.

During the instrumental they dance and they play with VTRs and backdancers wearing the neon costumes again. Halfway the dance they also change costumes (you see them wearing the neon costume “entering” the cube, and coming out of it with a different costume).
After the bridge, lights switch off, they disappear and then when lights are up again they reappear flying inside some triangle-shaped flying metal boxes which while they sing the last chorus reach the floor so they can jump off.

It's so difficult to describe it and I think I didn't even transmit it properly, just get that KAT-TUN can play with lights and monitors veeery nicely *__* the result is great.

They dance to it with the same choreo used in the PV.

Here they jump on the trucks again and spray fans with the water guns! They switch the previous positions, so in case of Yokohama, there were Kame&Ueda downstairs and Nakamaru&Junno on 2nd stand.
About KAT-TUN with waterguns, of course what happens is different from day to day, but overall in Yokohama:
-Ueda started often with a “IT'S SUMMEEEERRR!” at the beginning of Summer emotion and then aimed to people. Especially his fans, even more if she is wearing white clothes he really sprays her till she's totally wet xD
-Nakamaru & Junno are more “spray randomly in the air so you can hit many fans”, waving while spraying, etc
-Kame is... hyper and under no control xD he jumps and twists and he looks on drugs lol xD he sprayed randomly in the air, he sprayed himself from above (sort of sexy shower, with a very sex face), he even placed the watergun on his crotch laughing (and once shouting “GET WEEEEEET”) so well... imagine what he meant? XD

In Believe in Myself, Kame solo line comes with Kame's usual “SAY!” so that's Hyphens' part too (he didn't say it on 26th 1st show and 27th 2nd show, but he did it on 27th 1st show and in other venues. He's moody like that ^^”)

It's the final ballad, so they are back to their spots on the main stage and it's the sweet ballad you all know T_T
The VTR in their background is very sweet too and it has the lyrics appearing.



(I think there are VTRs as background during encore too, but I was focusing too much on the boys so I can't describe them ^^''')

They appear with the Come Here t-shirt and wearing at their wrists the tape bracelets of their member color that will later fall over the fans' heads (which are a new thing from Yokohama – Kokusai Forum and Osaka had the usual stripes coming down from above).
When the bracelets then fall from above, Kame was the one saying “look above!!!!! This is our present for you!” ♥
During these 2 songs (I think it's more during Peaceful?) they go around the arena (only downstairs, not 2nd stand) and throw the signed balls to the fans, sometimes also the towels (depending on mood? XD)

During Peaceful Days they shout us “SIIIIING!! JUUUMP!!!” so remember to take part to the song and spell their name~! (if you shout the KAT-TUN spell good enough, you can get a “well done!” by Kame as we did :D) Junno is a cutiepie doing the K-A-T-T-U-N letters' shape with his whole body! ♥ And at the end he does a circle shape over his head (meaning you did well :DDD) ♥

There's the backdancers introduction, and the various thanks (thank you dancers! thank you staff who created the show together with us!...)
But especially, following the Countdown flow, they thank the floor, the fire, the lights, the speakers etc xD
Then thanks to the fans who came here (♥), and at the end there's the usual “hold hands with the person next to you! Are you ready? WE ARE~” and together “KAT-TUN” v^^v

The ending VTR is very cute. It's similar in composition as Countdown's – behind the credits, there is footage of the backstage flowing, of the meetings and dance rehearsals etc. BGM is the instrumental version of My Every Time.
At the end, the title “come Here” appears, and the big H illuminates and transforms into the hyphen and two Ts, and KAT-TUN name appears ♥ (here they come again trying to make us cry with the final VTR~)

At the end, pay attention to the come Here tour logo, it's different from the one you saw at the beginning! XD
(...the hand is saying bye bye ♥♥♥♥ I found it EXTREMELY sweet. Our boys are tsundere, no one ever hinted at it!!!)

Double encore isn't a given. It's basically another song they perform if they have time enough, if the "encore! encore!" call  from the fans after the ending VTR is strong enough, and if the feel like they want to answer to that encore request xD; It's a surprise special bonus. And seems that for this tour it's prepared only for the biggest venues. Anyway, we don't know when they decide to do it, we can just give our best in calling for the encore xD; Up until now (only 2 venues left before the end of tour) it was performed only once, last show in Yokohama arena, and it was... 4U. Yes, the song for the fans included in Kusabi and that they sang every time at Katsumode. This song choice as double encore is so KAT-TUN-like ♥ Here get ready because Kame will SURELY ask the audience to sing his solo part! ♥♥


Overall comment: do I need to say it? I *loved* this concert. I love the songs and the choreographies; the direction is amazing, and the VTRs changing every song projected on the background monitors create half of the atmosphere.

Solo songs are the mirror of their singer: they are both in their comfort zone yet challenging it. It was interesting to watch and there was no solo that sounded "Off", even when they were creating that member's personal world, it was always inside the concert's idea (about this, as I said before I was so impressed about how Junno's solo merged so skillfully, I think "Whenever I kiss you" was the solo best merged with the previous and following song, followed in the ranking by "Emerald").
My favourite performances are, as you could guess, Hide & Seek and Triangle. Especially the first one, I had the same reaction I had to Phoenix: totally breathless, even forgetting I have a penlight in my hand to shake, I was just staring at the show completely amazed at how they are powerful on stage and how they can catalyze the audience attention on them. It's amazing how they can create such a strong performance with basically... no light, because half of the performance they are in the dark with only a ray of light on the singer and then the video behind them is only the lyrics being projected, and even the dancing part, it's a black silhouette on white background... it's really artistic, and not all performers can pull off such a magnetic aura.
Actually if you think about it, not having hanamichi or middle- or back-stages but only a main stage, for Johnny's group might be quite limitating. Yet, you totally don't feel the lack of them here. This is also because IMO the stage and the direction implemented here, heavily using the VTR system, can't be reproduced on big scale venues but gives its best on smaller scale venues (I'm wondering what Osaka Dome will be like then).
Even if you are on the last row of the second floor, you absolutely can enjoy the concert, because you actually don't feel the need of using binoculars that much, because you on the contrary feel the need to see the whole stage: them four, the whole choreography, the scenario portrayed behind them... everything, and you have such a spectacular vision from above.
Especially, during ballads, if you from time to time gaze at the audience, the scenerey is breathtaking, all the penlights moving at the same rhythm at the sound of their voices. I try to imagine how they feel seeing that from the stage and it must feel great. (they also hinted about it on one MC once ♥)
Also, the feeling that KAT-TUN members want to enter in contact with fans is so strong... I mean, they're playing with water guns with us!! They even thought of turning the colored stripes into bracelets because they know fans keep it as memories! And even making the small trucks running not only among arena seats but even among the second stand (thing I really think no one ever did before?)! Their love is so evident it's heartwarming.

So... absolutely a must see. New KAT-TUN, challenging something they aren't used to - small scale venues - but totally rocking it. The result is really great. It's a stage full of energy... actually, it has an adult taste, also thanks to the songs which feel more "mature" in their sound and lyrics. Also the choreographies, if someone can say it's the "ero KAT-TUN" we were used to see in the past, with hipswings and sexy moves... it's actually a bit different. It's the mature sexyness we've already foreseen in Countdown concert, but here they made a step further, as you can already taste in In Fact PV choreography. Once you see, you'll totally agree :) Adult KAT-TUN are the best KAT-TUN ever. Of Course :)

This is the best I could produce (and it took me a whole day!). I hope it helped you giving you some more vivid visuals and connecting what we've seen on tv to the proper moments, and calmed your hunger before DVD release.
Feel free to share the link to this report but don't claim as yours! Leave a comment if you have appreciated ^^
I'll friend-lock or delete it anytime I receive some official complain or stuff like that, or I see this post reposted somewhere else etc.
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