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Here the volume 42 of Kame Camera! We're close to the 4° anniversary (december). The special is on its way too, but in the meanwhile enjoy this very emotional issue too! ^_^

-There is a huge premise in how Kame spends money. Try to guess what.
-What he does when that premises isn't there anymore.
-What he answered when he was asked "what would you choose, love or work?" xD
-Talking about his childhood again and how his parents raised them.
-Talking a bit about Come Here tour too!

Thanks to [ profile] scorch66 as always!


What's the scenery of the bottom of the heart that Kamenashi Kazuya's lens reflects?

Vol.42 ミニマム Minimum

「I like the condition of not possessing anything. Because when you're at the minimum, you can be hungry.」


This is the boat we got on for “KAT-TUN no sekai ichi tame ni naru tabi!” Aomori episode. In this program we can't use money and the instructions are hard... It's always problematic. Every time we come in contact with the warmth of the people who are kind to us, we practically feel how much we are blessed every day.

The precious place where twelve years ago we held our first independent live – this tour, which comes after two years, started from Tokyo International Forum. It has just started but I think that it's a live where the KAT-TUN-ness is prominent. We can produce a stage that can't be obtained in venues for many thousands of people, and each member is expressing himself more and more freely. Exactly because in that venue we are at the minimum condition of 'four people' [T/N: = without special effects], we challenged at our present maximum, and for this reason we have the sensation that we found a new variety of hidden skills.
I like to be at the minimum condition as Kamenashi Kazuya, the individual, too. I don't hate being limited either. For example, even if I were ordered to live in a 6-mat 1 room flat [T/N: a bit less than 10 m2] with 100,000 yen per month, I think I could enjoy that too. For the clothes, I'd carefully choose at least 3 items for both top and bottom from my favorites and I'd enjoy how to rotate and wear them. Even if the room is small, I want to place a bed! That's a sacred ground, so during the day I'd never let anyone sit on it. I'd probably create a small dining room next to the kitchen. It's already fun just to imagine it! (laughs)

I think the reason I can truly enjoy living at its minimum is because when I was a kid, we weren't that wealthy. I've lived in a small house with a big family, and we weren't in the condition of obtaining what we wanted at any time. But you know, back then, the awareness that we were poor was quite thin. We ate only special discount cheap meat, but my mother's cooking was delicious. During family trips we couldn't stop at hotels so we camped out, but it was extremely fun. Building the tent, cooking food, playing in the river, everything was an adventure. Even now, if I could choose at my own free will, I'm probably more for camping than hotels (laughs) My father naturally taught me the skill of enjoying a minimum environment. Since he's a person who in any circumstance uses money for others instead of himself, we brothers never perceived a state of hunger either. Even while holding a big house as an aspiration, I've always felt happiness for the present.

Without work, I couldn't be “Kamenashi Kazuya”

This is why I think I'm not stingy. I don't have attachment to money. Actually, I don't even know how much I possess in total (laughs). Rather, I'm the type that doesn't want to place so much money in the bank account I use most often. Because I can do my best even more if it's always hollow. I'm sure that you can become hungry with the fact of being at the minimum. Of course, I'm happy that I’m able to stop at a beautiful hotel when I travel or to live in a big house. But you know, regarding being able to enjoy using money, the great premise is that I tenaciously make efforts to correspond to that. During the periods I become slack, I can't enter the mood of living in a good house or stopping at a good hotel. In those moments, I look at myself in the mirror and I talk to myself. “What are you doing?! If you don't get a grip on yourself, you don't have any right to stop in such a place!”, I scold my reflection in the mirror like this (laughs) I suppose that, in some way, I'm treating myself like a stranger. I think I'm “Kamenashi Kazuya” only after I give my best at work. For this reason, probably the minimum necessary thing that I need in order to be myself, more than money or romantic love, more than my beloved family, it's “work”. This is different from that idea saying “work is more important than anything”. Speaking of this, in the past, I was asked by an important person of my agency as a hypothetical chat, “which would you choose, work or love?”, my immediate reply was “both” and he got angry at me (laughs) Not limiting to love, I can't compare precious human relationships and work. Everything is connected and supports me. Because in all of this, work is a sort of main pillar keeping the balance. Exactly because there are people important to me, even if it wasn't this kind of job, I want to be myself who always works with all his might.

If I taste “the joy of using money”, the great premise is being someone who gives his best. With just wasting money I don't feel satisfied.

Kame’s fixed point of observation
All Maquia staff attended the tour first day. During the MC Kamenashi-kun said, “The fact that KAT-TUN fans are all very beautiful is my pride”. When we touched that topic, he answered “It's my real thought. Holding a live after such a long time, the first thing I thought was “there are so many girls!”, I was moved by it (laughs) I was also happy that there are many girls dressing up smartly and with nice make-up. I feel like they are looking at us as men more than idols. I wonder if this is also the KAT-TUN-ness!?”
By Maquia


Kame scolding himself in the mirror is something between the "...he's crazy" and the "...I want to cuddle him" XD But I see his big premise and totally agree with him. Just that I'm not as rich as him so well....
And LOL. Kame's comment about fan seeing them as men instead of idols thus trying to look pretty for them at concerts. I guess he's kinda right. I feel like we have been somewhat exposed XD;
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