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Flash translation! XD [ profile] scorch66 was also incredibly fast in correcting my English (thank you ♥) so I post it at once and here a belated Christmas present! Merry Christmas everyone and... Merry Christmas Kame ^_^ ♥

-Everything can be sum up with "inspirational Kamenashi" all for you!
-Reflecting about how his career as Johnny's was thanks to senpai and how he wants to be from now.


What's the scenery of the bottom of the heart that Kamenashi Kazuya's lens reflects?

Vol.43 色 Color

「In order to learn and master your personal color, even if it means worrying and failing, you have to find the answeron your own」


Be it clothes or accessories or small things... I always have the color red around me unconsciously. I got this at the shop where we had the photoshoot. As expected, I unconsciously asked for something red! The flower shop is a personal power spot of mine.

The colors I like are always unchanged: black, white, dark blue, red. Then, I also like the colors of trees, woody brown and green. But in my case, the colors I demand for when I'm outside and inside my home are totally different. When I go out, I often wear black clothes but I don't wear that color at home at all. I instinctively want to wear dark blue or white. I'm also more attracted by girls who suit dark blue more than pink. Maybe for me black is the official fighting color while blue is my instinct color.

If I'm asked “what is your color?” with the implication of “personality”, I don't know. I've never been conscious of expressing my personal color, but the feelings of “don't want to overlap with someone else” have always been strong. I'm probably influenced by having grown up with three brothers and being surrounded by boys of my same generation inside Johnny's agency. It's also different from a simple rivalry. Just, the feeling of not wanting to overlap with someone else was stronger than the feeling of relief of being in common with someone. This is particularly true with people I'm really close to. Year after year, I think that I can't completely express myself with just one color. For example, KAT-TUN back at debut time had the image of black. Clothes, attitude and atmosphere were delinquent-like, rock and erotic (laughs). This is still our main royal color, but it's not only that color anymore. This is valid for me as an individual too. The “royal road” Kamenashi-kun who acts cool still exists. I also feel that people who have been my fans since long ago probably demand for that royal road too. My feelings regarding this are always half-half between wanting to answer to that desire and wanting to betray it. For this reason, I want to destroy my traditional color by acting in movies like “Ore Ore” (laughs). I'm not denying the royal road. For example, I don't think even for one second that I am Johnny's-like, but I am said I am by my surroundings. I guess that as much as I naturally acquired the “Shitamachi [=Tokyo's suburbs] mind” while being raised in the Edogawa ward, the special way of thinking and arts of Johnny's agency are [naturally] sinking into me too. There are many great senpai in my agency so there is already a road that has been cleared up for me. Winning the same prizes as my senpai, standing on the same stage, both are a great honor and a part of my foundation was created from all of this. But I don't want to depend on this. For my own sake, for my kohai's sake, I want to explore and present a new genre called “Kamenashi”.

Being honest with yourself. It connects to confidence.

Actually, on the contrary, until now I was avoiding to go watch performances of both other artists and senpais. Being influenced by a coincidential encounter is a splendid thing, but I was not good at going to watch something with the sole intent of studying it. I want to normally enjoy it. I'm not the type who wants to acquire anything that is a major hit or is in fashion, but there are times that I just unconsciously go with the flow (laughs). But recently I have changed that attitude too. There are many times that, if I'm invited by someone of my agency, “why don't you come to our concert?” I can think “if it's now [, it's ok]”. In truth, there is a part of me that is completely hit at heart and gets touched by extremely sincere and straight lyrics of love songs and flashy performances while watching the concerts. I think, “this is a completely different color from KAT-TUN's”. If the group is different, even wearing white clothes and singing the same song, it won't be the same color. And so is the opposite. The fact that I can think so positively is probably the proof that I became able to have confidence in our unique experience and personality.

I think that looking for your personal color is like looking for a love partner. As a result of living while keeping coincidences dear and sharpening your sensitivity, if it is a lover whom you spontaneously reciprocally attract – if it is a color that was born spontaneously, it will never overlap with anyone else's. You can believe it's something that is only yours. If you want to give birth to and grow a color that only you possess, even if this means getting lost and being tormented, it is okay being influenced by someone's presence and being saved by him, but you don't have to look for the answer from someone; it's okay to fail but you must look for your own answer. Doing it like this, one day, I want to become a person whose color has never been seen before.

Kame’s fixed point of observation
Kamenashi-kun went to Arashi's Hawaii concert for 4 days and 2 nights. When we asked about his impressions of the concert, he fondly says, “'One Love' has direct and nice lyrics”. By the way, it seems he was always in Arashi's dressing room before the concert. “Being able to stay in the dressing room of my senpai before a concert was a very important experience. I was silently observing in a corner, in a way not to be an hindrance to anyone (laughs) It was a relaxed dressing room”. After that he took part in Vancouver’s movie festival; he has spent days overseas one after the other.
By Maquia

***BONUS: tweets from Maquia staff***
He started asking for "please make me a flower composition!" just after arriving at the shop. He was impressed by the red okra and unusual flowers and chose from them. He talked about how it's a power spot of his and ends up staying there for a long time; he also enjoyed when he went to the flower shop in Paris.
Food prepared on set was maki-zushi with yakiniku inside. he took it in his hand and stared at it for a long time, then "...ok! Today I enjoyed with both eyes and nose!" and was okay with it. It was before the concert so he was in the last part of building up his body. Staff was impressed by his strength of spirits. (1, 2)
[so I guess he didn't eat at the end...? @_@]
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