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I made you wait!! But well real life drains me more than I thought ._. Anyway, the "countdown to Kame's 29th birthday" (!!) has started, so let's have some celebration!

Only one highlight for them all: Kame talking about... WOMEN XD and actually complimenting quite a lot.

A big thanks to [ profile] scorch66 for the English betaread, and [ profile] plumerika and Fin, a sweet Japanese fan, who brainstormed with me and helped in giving meaning to a specific part of this interview (which was quite tricky).
You gotta love Kame fans helping each other <3


What's the scenery of the bottom of the heart that Kamenashi Kazuya's lens reflects?

Vol.44 女心 Woman's heart

「I'll never understand a women's heart, but I want to costantly feel the female presence and live while being supported by it.」


The heart of a woman and the sky of autumn... This is a picture I took some days ago when I went to the sea after a long time. In the morning it was sunny but in a blink of the eye this cloud appeared. Yet it didn't rain. I want to become like the Earth, able to accept and catch any change of the Sky.

I use ladies' perfume, I like cooking... I think I also have such feminine sensitivity, but this doesn't mean that I understand women's heart. For example, after I performed in lives where I appeared on stage with sunglasses and then took them off, I was said “You calculated it!”, but I wasn't trying to tease. At first it was also to hide some embarassment so I wore sunglasses and appeared on stage like that, but I was extremely surprised by the girls' enthusiasm the moment I took them off too. My performances aren't calculations, but are instictive things brought to light by the communication with the audience. This is why if [a performance] fits I instantly explode, but I don't always completely perform it. Although as an idol I'm not sure if this is good (laughs)

Even during everyday life, I often think that a woman’s heart is complicated. For example, girls often ask for, “I want you to just listen to what I say”. When I'm asked for advice by female friends I tend to give real advice such as “no, that's different!”, but it seems they actually don't need an answer from me. I'm a meddlesome person so I guess I'm not popular (laughs). I also don't understand the woman's desire of, “I want my boyfriend to write me every evening”. When men are spending time with other men, they just want to enjoy that time at its fullest. I tell you, men totally forget “I have to contact my girlfriend.” (laughs) Also, aren't women the ones who bring up old stuff during fights more often? “That time you said this!”, they remember even details. They have a surprising amount of memory, and they feel a lot of feelings. Once the relationship gets deeper, women suddenly become emotional, don't they? The lid shutting their feelings that was perfectly sealed till that moment suddenly opens completely and everything overflows. Being so extremely emotional is something men don't experience. But I absolutely have no intention to blame such a woman's heart. If my girlfriend's negative feelings explode, it's not her fault, but I think it's something that my immaturity drew out from her. Men's heart, or better my heart is quite simple, and there is also a part of me that is egoistically living as “Kamenashi Kazuya”. This isn't limited only to girls: I'm hurting or abusing feelings of all people close to me. As a basis, I always think that it's my fault. The fact of wishing “understand me!” is also just born from a certain amount of ego. Moreover, I think that romantic love is being reciprocally attracted by that person's unique ego.

Women look like they are having fun even when single, while men...

The only one thing I can say with firm confidence is that women are absolutely way stronger than men. They can do many things at the same time, their change in feelings is fast, they don't drag their past love forever. They are indomitable, aren't they. I wonder if this is because not only their heart but also their body composition is complicated. I think that women are for sure the evolution of men. In order to men to keep on living, an evoluted form called 'woman' was created and granted them---- I feel it's like that. Men can't keep living without women. Now single men and single women are increasing but women, even if they grow older, they have pets or travel with friends, even alone they enjoy their life and pick their balance. While for men, when they're alone, pride, ego and solitude increase and can't keep their balance anymore; I feel that there are many men like this. Men aren't satisfied with only keeping a dog (laughs) Being influenced by women, loving them and being loved, giving their best for women is what gives men energy to live. I'm like that more than average. If the world became populated by only men, I think I couldn't find any meaning or value in continuing to live (laughs)
Since the “masculine density” in me is high, I want to continuously feel the female presence, and maybe that's why I use ladies perfume. I will probably never understand a woman's heart, but I'll probably continue to live keeping the women's presence dear from now on too.

I think that the meaning and value for a man to live is to be influenced, to love and be loved by women who are an absolutely strong existence.

Kame’s fixed point of observation
Kamenashi-kun went to Vancouver international Film Festival some days ago. “4 days 2 nights. It was very fast, and I had no time to go out in private, but being able to feel the the air of that place and the film festival's enthusiasm was fun!” By the way, he won the audience prize! “After the showing the encouraging voices were great, I was happy. Last year “Ore Ore” received the audience prize at Italy's Udine Far East Film festival too. A movie is a director's product, but I'm honestly happy to receive it 2 years in a row.”
By Maquia


Feel free to drown in Kamefeels xD I personally loved the metaphor with Earth and Sky that I used as cut ♥ And I find very mature of him thinking that making upset a partner is never only his/her fault, but also your immaturity. Great thought of you!
And last but not least... Him being confused by friends asking for advice but not really wanting advice because women already feel better with just talking XD I bet so many boys are confused by this attitude LOL xD; *pats them*

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