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♥♥Happy 29th Birthday Kame~♥♥

As every year, a translation to celebrate Kame growing into a finer man :) This time is quite short (I couldn't find time to complete the longer article I had chosen, QLAP ._.) because actually AnAn is more about pictures than interview, but it's All Kame's Sex Appeal issue and... a couple of controversial lines I needed to share xD

AnAn 2015.01.28

The more you look, the more the door of your sensuality opens...
A night at the hotel with Kamenashi Kazuya


Kamenashi Kazuya can enslave tens of thousand of people with just one wink. If you're an adult woman who has learnt the real sex appeal, this expression of his can be your exclusive possession for one night, maybe.

Once you are resoluted, a great charm appears.

The way Kamenashi Kazuya's switch turns on is almost an emotion. His child eyes, which looked at the night scenery outside the suite room of a hotel in Tokyo while saying “wah!! I want to stop here!”, undergo a total metamorphosis into a bewitching stare, like he is a total different person, as soon as the camera shutter resounds.

“I think the atmosphere of when you are making advances to someone is the sexiest atmosphere. When I am at a hotel with my partner, I probably really do the same expression as now. So today I'm natural, in a certain meaning (laughs)”

This “sex appeal” is really dangerous. But Kamenashi-san himself says “I've never thought I'm sexy.” Despite calling himself an 'acting cool man,' he doesn't have consciousness of sexiness; we aren't convinced by this.

“I am an 'acting cool man', but if we look at the other side of the coin, it only means that I'm trying to be a version of me who matches the person I'm facing. Thus, I'm not conveying myself. I need a partner who pulls that element out of me [=draws the real me out of myself]. At the end, I live while having many selves drew out of me. This is why I like reading the other person's aura. That person may be the fans, friends, women or family. Even at work, I feel what people want from me and I can't help but answer to those desires (laughs) And talking about this, I think that human beings express an incredible charm once they have resolution. This isn't a charm connected to 'sexy', but a charm as person.”

I feel like I start to see the reason behind Kamenashi-san's charm. But that voice and way of speaking are unquestionably charming, it isn't related to the aura of the person he is talking to.

“Exactly today also director Irie (Yuya) said that my voice is sexy. It's not that I'm conscious and build up the way I talk, so I don't really understand.... When I was around 20 years old I met Ijuin Shizuka-san and I felt a great charm in him. Of course a charm as person, but he was the first person I felt charm in the way of talking. I'm not imitating him, it only means that once I did pay attention to the way of talking.”
Is the voice and way of talking of women important too?

“Yes, incredibly important. But who I feel charming is someone who has a world that I don't know. This is not something difficult. For example I don't know the life of an office lady, so I feel 'tell me, what is that world like?' Also the fact that I like approaching women is because I think there aren't women who possess my same background and live with my same sensitivity. What everyone praises as my 'sexiness', inside of me it's simply due to my 'provocation' toward women. I want to be recognized by them and want them to like me. If now I can be called 'sexy', it is because 60% of that sexiness was definitely cultivated by the women I've met until now. “The women I've met until now” doesn't mean “the people I've dated”. It means all the people that became photographic object of my eyes, including concert venues. I can act cool because there is someone in front of me.”

“Next time I want to spend time with you when it's still daytime”
“I live while having many selves pulled out of me”
“Once we start, it's my role and duty to satisfy her”


What better than Kame and his love for women to celebrate his birthday~~ xD
We're looking forward for the new, even sexier 29-year-old Kazuya!
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