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I know I skipped the special. I'm halfway it, once translated it's more than double of a normal Maquia so it takes some time... I will post it next.

Highlights of this:
-He's actually a person sensitive to cold! :D
-Best image of the month: Kame drinking hot sake under a blanket ♥
-Awkward Kame in receiving presents (he's one of us too!)
-Grumpy Kame toward his mother cleaning his room XD

Thanks to [ profile] scorch66 for the English betaread!


What's the scenery of the bottom of the heart that Kamenashi Kazuya's lens reflects?

Vol.46 – ぬくもり Warmth

「More than when I have something done for me, I feel warmth when we can face each other with our hearts.」


The drama I'm filming now has a lot of external locations despite being filmed in winter (laughs) It's cold enough for water to turn into ice early in the morning, so between filming I keep warm and stand-by. The costumes are often a sweatshirt and a scarf but I wear more than those... because if my body gets stiff from the cold I can't dance properly!

Despite being a person sensitive to cold, I prefer winter over summer. Hotness has the pleasant feeling of becoming loose, but it also feels good to have the cold pull both heart and body together. People too, they open up their heart in summer but they close their heart up in winter. Maybe I'm thinking I want to try to step into that small crevice (laughs) Feeling even happier with warm things on a freezing night is also a great thing. If I have my favorite blanket, I can sleep soundly. I also love soups and hot sake. I also feel happiness in using, during days or nights, the new steamer I just got recently. Of course the greatest happiness is the warmth I receive from people.

Right now I'm in the middle of filming the drama. I did hear that it would have an amount of kisses and bed scenes uncomparable to any other story till now, so I was imagining something wild, but they are filming them so beautifully. I feel the warmth which has the name of“Staff's love”. [It is valid] Also for my partner actress, Fukada Kyoko-san. We already filmed a movie together so we have a human trust relationship. This is warm and makes working together easy.

In my case, it seems that I feel people's gentleness and warmth with their small actions and disposition, more than words or actions that are easy to understand. I don't think that I want people to do something for me. More than receiving presents, I prefer giving them. I can't give a proper reaction when I receive a beautiful present (laughs) More than that, I want them to face me with their heart. If they feel my heart till its finest detail, I'll be very happy. I want to feel their feelings too and exchange our hearts.

With my lover I want both the “harmonizing mentally and physically” [*] and the delicate palpitation

In order to create a warm place, I think it's important to be open towards the world outside. During filming too, thinking “I want to be filmed like this” is a “closed” action of shutting yourself inside of you. Opening your heart and sensations, catching each other's feelings and enthusiasm, and answering to them, will allow a new heat to be born right there. Changing the wording, probably my love and gentleness change depending on the other party (laughs) It is the same for magazine photoshoots and interviews. In these months, I was interviewed by more than 100 magazines for both movie and drama, but I felt once again that the words coming from me change depending on the other's passion. For “Joker Game”, I wonder if it's because many people liked that movie, but I could feel the passion and support from people interviewing me and I was really happy. Especially local media, there were many people I met for the first time, but they were so extremely passionate in researching about my past activities that I was touched by it. It became a new encouragement to produce an even better work.

Given my job, it isn't rare that I receive special treatment at the fiming place. I'm baffled when I'm the only one being cared for that much, but as expected, I do think I want to be considered special too. It is a contradiction: “I want you to care about me, but I don't want you to care about me” (laughs) Aren't a lot of people in the entertainment world like that? In my case, I'm like that with people close to me too. When my mother cleans up my house, there are times I'm happy and grateful for that, and others when I get grumpy, “where are my slippers?!”. As for my lover, while yearning for a “mental and physical harmony” which lasts years, I also end up desiring the delicate palpitation of when you just start dating. I say it myself, I'm selfish (laughs)

But you know, after all, I think you just have to make yourself into a special person, even without receiving special treatment. Everything is upon us. For example, KAT-TUN concerts. I'm the type who flames up with the more excited voices received; but even if they were few, if I have pride in my activity, I can face everything in a positive way as “okay, I'll get more encouraging voices then!” First, in order to be able to think I'm special, I want to do a good job. And thanks to doing that, I think I want to be naturally kind with people.

I don't want to receive special treatment but I want to be that person's special someone. In the end, I think everything is all upon us.

Kame’s fixed point of observation
After a long time, Kamenashi-kun is filming a drama again, and says “The drama's script isn't only one and it requires a lot of strenght; I'm feeling it practically”. It seems this time he's listening to the director and the women staff's suggestions in creating all aspects of his character. “I feel I'm being requested something which is the perfect opposite of “KAT-TUN's Kamenashi”. Hair is straight, my brows are almost at their natural form. Even during the dance scenes, I'm asked “Don't pose too much!” (laughs) The thrill of a drama is knowing the viewers' reactions in real time. I'm looking forward to how they'll deal with this drama (laughs)”
By Maquia

[*] Literally: “the harmonizing, mentally and physically, of two parties engaged in an activity; singing from the same hymn-sheet; dancing to the same beat”

Drinking under a blanket. He is my man, seriously ♥ xD And I love his strong thought he repeats so often, "everying is upon us", we have our life in our hands. Always inspirational.
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