Mar. 1st, 2015

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Yesterday (2/28) I had a chance to go to a Joker Game screening with a talk show by Director Irie and Fujimura producer after it, in Kyoto :) They answered the questions from the audience. Writing down a report both for my own memory and for anyone who wants to know some backstage events and hints about a possible sequel :) Beware, some SPOILERS ahed!

2/28 Talk Show Report

The stage greeting was after the screening so they could answer to all the questions without being afraid of spoilering. Irie director is filming in Kyoto rignt now so his attire was very casual. Looking at the suit of the producer he said "I'm sorry for my rough attire...".
He added that he did all the promo with Kame so now being at a stage greeting without Kame he feels uneasy. The producer said "so I'm not enough..." and director rushed to deny it xD

More under the cut! )It was a very enjoyable talk show :) Kame wasn't there but the relationship between the director and the producer is really relaxed and fun. They joked a lot, and they really look like they love their job, which is totally the best :) Also, their real will of bringing to screen the other novels, even already thinking about which scenes in which way, was almost touching. I really hope this movie reaches the amount of audience needed to film a sequel :)

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