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Here Maquia again! ^_^ An issue where we get to know something about Kame's castle house :D

-Talking about his family's house and fights for spaces during his childhood
-His rent Why he desired a house with such a large living room
-His favourite spaces (←"spaces", not rooms :D) in his house
-His future dream house :D

Thanks to [ profile] scorch66 as always! ♥

[T/N] The title includes the nuance of “conducting a life inside a house”, the atmosphere that house has etc; although, in certain contexts (like toward the end of this interview) it's also similar to “lifestyle”.


What's the scenery of the bottom of the heart that Kamenashi Kazuya's lens reflects?

Vol.37 暮らし Living

「More than a well-ordered fashionable space, I want to live in a house that has the feeling of life, with the scent of the people and things I love in the air.」


The house I'm living alone in right now has that spacious living room that was my dream, and I'm happy that the whole family can gather there. Including friends and kohai, I costantly have someone at home. )
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Here we are back to the missing volumes :D So please mind that this is Maquia 2014.03 released on January (thus movie references are to Joker Game, not Vancouver no Asahi). The (in)famous Kame Camera with the skinny-skinny naked selfie ^^"

-Talking about how many kg he's lost for Joker Game's character and how he trained
-How discipline his body is actually something he looks forward to
-Talking about how "many experiences disciplined my soul".
-And what he still can't accept about his life.

Thanks [ profile] scorch66


What's the scenery of the bottom of the heart that Kamenashi Kazuya's lens reflects?

Vol.36 - 鍛える To discipline

「It's because I have been disciplined and forged by many experiences that I can now accept anything.」


I feel neither jealousy nor rival spirit towards any of my same generation colleagues. I had already recognized before debuting that both inside juniors and inside KAT-TUN, “I'm inferior in both looks and talent, aren’t I?” )
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I attempted to write down IN FACT lyrics (kanji/romaji) and translate them! This song pictures such a vivid scenery, like a fantasy world, I love it ♥
It's still a try and I'm not sure of some parts, so there still might be differences, once an official transcription appears I'll correct them! So maybe please avoid copying & pasting it around the web before some official lyrics pop up and I can correct it ^^''

ETA 22/05: I used the lyrics from Shonen Club Premium performance on 21/05 and corrected them.
Translating lyrics isn't my talent at all, so if you have any suggestions, you're welcome :)



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Sorry, I took the liberty to translate this volume first because it's the best “happy birthday KAT-TUN” message that Kame could give ♥ An absolute MUST READ for all KAT-TUN fans out there.
The missing volumes will follow!

-Well... LOTS of feelings for KAT-TUN. LOTS. Especially toward present KAT-TUN and their future.
-...and how his PRIDE toward KAT-TUN never changed since years ago, despite everything.

Just read it :) Thanks to [ profile] scorch66 for her fast EN beta ♥


What's the scenery of the bottom of the heart that Kamenashi Kazuya's lens reflects?

Vol.38 – 8年 8 years

「They were 8 dense years but KAT-TUN is a group that, rather than accumulating, did a reset every time.」


The feelings from that time are unchanging. This is totally different from my individual stubborness or pride. As an individual I think that live houses are totally fun too, but if it's KAT-TUN, I want us to be like this; it's my love and pride towards the group. )
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This is my Kame birthday present, answering to a request of “Nakame” in [ profile] capslock_turtle's Kame birthday project “Kame bandwagon” ^_^ So of course I hope it's appreciated by the person who asked for Nakame, plus I hope it can satisfy and give you all the Nakame love you can wish for the 28th birthday of our turtle ^^
And, of course... HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAME!

WARNING: most of the scans around were too much low quality or cutting some lines out >_< While I managed to find readable stuff for almost all pages, the first one (this) still has a couple of missing lines. If you have a full scan, or you can provide me the missing lines, I'll be happy to fix the trans ^^ Thanks to [ profile] chuckles0505 I managed to have a full scan and now the translation is complete :D thanks!

Myojo 2013.11
This world has a dream---

New drama protagonists' duo: a conversation about “many encounters, many feelings”

Kamenashi Kazuya x Nakamaru Yuichi (KAT-TUN)

Kamenashi stars in “Tokyo Bandwagon – Shitamachi daikazoku monogatari” and Nakamaru in “Henshin interviewer no yuutsu”, both dramas airing from October. Both of them are thrilled for the “encounter of their dreams”. Here a very excited talk!

69855251gw1eapi59qzcxj21kw2151kx(credits on pic)

Yeah, when you have a shooting overnight, it works like: film from 6 am until the next day's 4 am, go back to your room, take a shower, sleep around 2 hours and then start filming again from 7 am. I had two weeks like that. )
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Busy with Christmas, concerts, fanmeetings and TV programs with KAT-TUN, I totally forgot to read this issue until yesterday! Sorry, Kame! xD
It's a lovely, lovely entry. I really liked it (I know I say it almost every time, but this is really full of fuzzy warm feelings!)

-Effect of women on him! XD
-Kame fanboying Meg Ryan watching movies xD
-His "special woman" ♥
-The reason and incentive that brings him to do more and more at work.

Thanks [ profile] scorch66 who helped me suggesting the proper English words more than usual :D


What's the scenery of the bottom of the heart that Kamenashi Kazuya's lens reflects?

Vol. 35 – 癒し Soothing

「Self-care is important too. But the soothing I receive from the opposite sex is way more effective (laughs)」

I honestly want a girl at home! (laughs) A gentle and cute “special woman” allows my mind’s switch to turn off. )
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Merry Christmas to everyone! ^__^ Here your end of the year gift from me~ (and Kame, okay~ XD)
What he says here is slightly melancholic but really deep. Your food for thought for the last days of the year :)

-"Right now I'm extremely lonely (laughs)" (cit.)
-Talking about how he is taking both praises and failures in his work right now.
-And yes, talking about becoming four.

Thanks to [ profile] scorch66 for the English betaread :)


What's the scenery of the bottom of the heart that Kamenashi Kazuya's lens reflects?

Vol. 34 今 Now

「The hardships of the present are for the sake of the time that will come several years from now. I think the future will change depending on me」

Right now I'm extremely lonely, but I'm personally choosing to be “alone”. Because I want to keep hold of the depth of my own heart. )
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It's a short crosstalk, small mention of Ore Ore in Italy and Ueda's Taiikukai but it was cute for the lovely "Junno love" Kameno interaction and the episodes other Johnny's told about KAT-TUN :)

2013.12.16 The Television

If we take our personal experiences as pieces of a puzzle... )
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Did the previous crosstalk pump up your expectations for the new album? No? Then, here another crosstalk full of heartwarming words... maybe this time it will persuade you to buy Kusabi? xD
As highlights, this time I'll use the lines the magazine itself highlighted:
N: This album is the best up until now.
U: It's an album that can perfectly show the present KAT-TUN
K: As expected, my base is KAT-TUN
T: I look forward to our first individual countdown live.


TV PIA 2013.11.20

(credit on pic)

KAT-TUN will release their new “KUSABI” on 27/11, after 1 year and 9 months. This album, which makes you feel the bond of the new KAT-TUN, will probably become what will bound the relation with the fans stronger than before.

For me it's something I've done only with the members. This is why I think it's a place I must keep dear, and I can't even think of not having it anymore right now. I'm thinking once again that, as expected, my base is here. )
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Because everyone needs KameDa sitting on TaguMaru's backs in their life!! :D ♥ LOL it was released today, I'm fast xD
Jokes aside, the photoshoot is very cute, but they talk about the PV and album backstage so it should be interesting for everyone! Highlights:
-Title of the tour (which seems is officially “KAT-TUN”, not “Countdown 2013”) and Junno's role in creating the live structure :D
-Kusabi PV took more than one day!
-What's KAT-TUN's linchpin (kusabi)!

The magazine has also an interview to Kame that I haven't translated (thus the (KAT-TUN part) I added in the title).

NOTE BEFORE READING: “Kusabi” literally means “wedge/linchpin”, but it's also used to indicate a strong bond or tie between people, not so differently from “kizuna”, thus the whole wordplay in the crosstalk.

TV LIFE 2013.11.20 (KAT-TUN part)

(credits on pic)

KAT-TUN will release their first album after becoming four members, “Kusabi”. During the talk and the greatly coordinated posing for the camera, the “kizuna=kusabi” [bond=linchpin] born from being together for so many years is clearly strong. We have expectations from this new KAT-TUN!

It's after a long time, and it's the first time for us to both hold a concert as four members and have an independent countdown concert. It'll be a special live, in many meanings. )
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This interview was unexpectedly cute! Basically, the setting is "what if you lived with the three members?", so the boys are asked what would be the life with the other two members, plus a girl (the reader).
Kame doesn't want to live with Junno and Nakamaru but would like to be spoiled by the girl who lives with them, Junno and Maru agree that among them it'd be Kame who cooks, Junno talking about Kame like he's his younger brother (seeing through his words~), Maru thinking they three could never live with a girl flatmate because... XD

A thank you to moon_catcher so I could finally read and translate it! :D

* Parenthesis () in italic are the staff comments to the pictures.

AnAn 2013.10.29 no. 1879
If you lived with these three, your heart would skip beats the whole weekend ♥

This is “HOUSE KTN”, the share house of your dreams. What if you started living all of a sudden together with these three amazing inhabitants...?
We made this dream come true on the magazine.

(pic from tumblr)

Kamenashi-san easily cooks a soup. Nakamaru-san finds something to do and works. Taguchi-san places himself next to them and cheers. Such a happy kitchen time. )
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With this, we're again in line with Maquia's releases! *applauses* Theme was given in English, as written in the title, "Love". I personally really like how the theme was developed because probably it isn't what you're expecting ^^
And by the way, I see Ao's luggage in front of the door in Kame's picture ^^

-Talking a lot about Tamaki Koji and TBW :D
-Love as power to deal with work and people :D
-How he related with work when he debuted and what changed now.
-Small revelations about Shuji & Akira and Yokai Ningen Bem offers.
-...and quite a lot of other stuff!

Thanks [ profile] scorch66 for the English check ♥


What's the scenery of the bottom of the heart that Kamenashi Kazuya's lens reflects?

Vol.33 Love

「“To love” means to understand. Maybe it means preparing yourself for the worst for your partner's sake.」

The love from staff and family around me, but I'm also grateful for the fans' love. Of course during lives, but drama and CD numbers are the same. It’s exactly because I always feel the presence of people who love me that I can continue to move every day. )
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Here another volume of Kame Camera, on the OreOre DVD and Sayonara Arigatou release day!! :D Have you already bought your copies? :D (By the way, I updated the lyrics here!)

-Talking about his complexes.
-Difference between free time and work time reflects on his face...?
-...and what he wants to do with his lover's face xD

Thanks [ profile] scorch66 for the English betaread!


What's the scenery of the bottom of the heart that Kamenashi Kazuya's lens reflects?

Vol. 32 顔 Face

「I think one's face is created by the power of expressions more than features. For this reason especially, I want to convey my sincere love with my expressions more than words.」

in my private time I want to be as sloppy as possible while I relax. That change of switch is fun. That is, the face I have during filming and the face I have when I'm on holiday is totally different. )
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I really like the lyrics! Also, Kame hinted this song is important in the drama around ep.4-5, ep.4 is tomorrow, so here a translation! :D

I tried to patch the radio preview and the drama opening together; considering how radio preview and PV short version are cut, I think the drama opening is the 2nd stanza so I placed it there (highlighted in blue), but of course I'm not sure.
I copied down the lyrics myself so there still might be differences in choice of kanji/text, I'm going to edit it when I have the official booklet in some days
ETA 05/11: corrected! :)

If you keep in mind it is a song sung by father and son in the drama, you understand how this song seems written by the dad for his children: he uses their names, especially many variations of Ao's, who is singing with :) (see notes)

サヨナラ☆ありがとう by 堀田家BAND (玉置浩二・亀梨和也)

Kanji + Romaji )
TRANSLATION (Goodbye ☆ Thank you) by Hottake BAND (Tamaki Koji - Kamenashi Kazuya)

Translation + note )
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After a long hiatus, Kame Camera is back :D I found some time to translate and here it is.


-Kame comments about his leaving school.
-How he feels he has learned after that.
-Of course, our usual comment about love XD

Thanks to [ profile] scorch66 for the English betaread as always!


What's the scenery of the bottom of the heart that Kamenashi Kazuya's lens reflects?

Vol.31 学ぶ To learn

「To study not by being forced by someone but as my heart leads me, is fun.」

For this reason even now from time to time, when the topic “school life” comes up, I feel just a tad lonesome. )
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With this entry I stop translating manuals :) It has been two years (since June 2011 :O I'm quite a faithful translator~ they should have hired me lol)  and it was fun :) Since August 2013 a new J-Web service has started and there are official English translations for the boys' entries (read here). Translations on Jweb are up pretty fast so there shouldn't be problems. :)
You find all the jweb entries I have translated (round 56~round 78) here. Enjoy :)

Ex-manual 78
Kazuya Kamenashi

Read more... )

Ex-manual 78
Junnosuke Taguchi

Read more... )
Ex-manual 78
Koki Tanaka

Read more... )

Ex-manual 78
Tatsuya Ueda

Read more... )


Ex-manual 78
Yuichi Nakamaru

Read more... )
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First posted at [ profile] kt_newsinfo

Ex-Manual 77
Kazuya Kamenashi

Read more... )

Ex-manual 77
Junnosuke Taguchi

Read more... )
Ex-Manual 77
Koki Tanaka

Read more... )
Have I ever said that I love Ueda's random entries? XDD

Ex-Manual 77
Tatsuya Ueda

Read more... )


Ex-manual 77
Yuichi Nakamaru

Read more... )
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As first thing, I've always forgotten to write it in the entries but more than 1 month ago I adjusted FtF lyrics xD You find them here if you still need them xD
RL is really exhausting recently, so this explains my present hiatus.

-His ways to relieve stress and enjoy even hard schedules.
-Talks about limits of being an idol.
-Kame wants to make... plants happy? XDD
-A talk about falling in love, relationships and hardships with a nice "rhythm" metaphor :)

Always thanks to [ profile] scorch66 for the English check ♥


What's the scenery of the bottom of the heart that Kamenashi Kazuya's lens reflects?

Vol.30 居心地 Feeling comfortable

「In work, in love, in human relations: I adapt myself to the other’s rhythm so I can feel comfortable anywhere I am.」

I often say that wavelength is important in love too, but in short, that is the sense of rhythm. Even if it’s a rhythm I don’t know, the fact that I think “I want to try to adjust myself to this girl’s sound” is probably already love. )
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If you speak enough Japanese to read Japanese Hyphens’ tweets, you’ve surely seen that in the last months they are being quite active: writing to TV stations to let KAT-TUN have a program, or write to radio or FC for the tour and similar.

One of their biggest projects so far is trying to have a DVD/Bluray of DREAM BOYS; they are basically spamming the fanclub with postcards requests.
It seems (from what I read from their tweets, so I don’t know the details) that SHOCK, Koichi’s butai, has a DVD release this year after 4 years because FC received lots of requests from fans, so KAT-TUN fans are trying to do the same with DREAM BOYS (because dream boys has no DVD since 2007). I remember you that DBS 2011 had not only Kame but also Koki and Nakamaru, therefore you might want to join this project too, even if not Kame fan.

Chatting with some of the Japanese fans, we came to conclusion that, despite most of us foreigner hyphens speak English and not Japanese, sending requests even in English wouldn’t be such bad, on the contrary it might be a good appeal since we could emphasize the fact we have just DVD to see the stage plays and well, more postcards, more possibility of success ^__^
I also saw that someone was translating how to do it into English for international fandom on Twitter (Muffy, here: ), and I also saw that there may be someone who wants to help and try this out, so here I basically translated what Jp fans are doing and wrote a small tutorial if you want to do it too. :D

I guess you can do it all together during fan gathering and stuff :D

1) Write to Family Club using postcards
Read more... )

2) Request to Toho.
Read more... )
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(c) on pic

"Until now there have been really a lot of happenings, we've made you feel uneasy and worried a lot. There's been a period we've felt uneasy a lot too. But who saved us that time are you, who face us with a smile despite waiting for years, who support us being our center.
Thank to you all, this place called KAT-TUN that in the past I hated so much has become such a precious and irreplaceable place. Until we've properly paid you back for everything, I want us to be the KAT-TUN that can make you say 'I'm glad of being a Hyphen' even 10 years from now. Please follow us forever."
Tanaka Koki -  KAT-TUN CHAIN Live Tour 2012

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