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This is my Kame birthday present, answering to a request of “Nakame” in [ profile] capslock_turtle's Kame birthday project “Kame bandwagon” ^_^ So of course I hope it's appreciated by the person who asked for Nakame, plus I hope it can satisfy and give you all the Nakame love you can wish for the 28th birthday of our turtle ^^
And, of course... HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAME!

WARNING: most of the scans around were too much low quality or cutting some lines out >_< While I managed to find readable stuff for almost all pages, the first one (this) still has a couple of missing lines. If you have a full scan, or you can provide me the missing lines, I'll be happy to fix the trans ^^ Thanks to [ profile] chuckles0505 I managed to have a full scan and now the translation is complete :D thanks!

Myojo 2013.11
This world has a dream---

New drama protagonists' duo: a conversation about “many encounters, many feelings”

Kamenashi Kazuya x Nakamaru Yuichi (KAT-TUN)

Kamenashi stars in “Tokyo Bandwagon – Shitamachi daikazoku monogatari” and Nakamaru in “Henshin interviewer no yuutsu”, both dramas airing from October. Both of them are thrilled for the “encounter of their dreams”. Here a very excited talk!

69855251gw1eapi59qzcxj21kw2151kx(credits on pic)

Yeah, when you have a shooting overnight, it works like: film from 6 am until the next day's 4 am, go back to your room, take a shower, sleep around 2 hours and then start filming again from 7 am. I had two weeks like that. )
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This month, Kame's interview concludes the series of 10,000 character interviews to KAT-TUN members. As the previous ones by the other members, it's a very emotional interview. He talks about his childhood, about baseball and his family, when he started being a Junior, and all the hardships and mortifying events he had to fight against from when he joined Johnny's until today. He comments about why he decided to accept Bem's role and when he met Johnny Depp. Plus, he judstifies his own lifestyle choice.

We see snippets of a Kamenashi we rarely see. Both Kame fans and non-Kame fans... Please enjoy it! (and if you're a fan of his, grab some tissues)

A huge thanks to[ profile] plumerika for helping with some sentences and [ profile] scorch66 for the English betaread ♥

10,000 characters long interview – 19th round – Kamenashi Kazuya (KAT-TUN)
Naked era ~when I was a Jr.~

I have kept running forward while looking just in front of me and I realized it: “I’m not alone.”

He lost his way. He said “it’s not time to look back to the past yet, is it?”. He arrived up to this point carrying many loads on his back so time is probably necessary to adjust everything. At the end he said “I’m glad I talked about this”: he has started running looking just in front of him once again.

The period I starred in “DREAM BOY” as Takizawa-kun’s substitute in April 2004. Only, while it might have been the turning point, it was probably also the period I felt solitude the most. )

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