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♥♥Happy 29th Birthday Kame~♥♥

As every year, a translation to celebrate Kame growing into a finer man :) This time is quite short (I couldn't find time to complete the longer article I had chosen, QLAP ._.) because actually AnAn is more about pictures than interview, but it's All Kame's Sex Appeal issue and... a couple of controversial lines I needed to share xD

AnAn 2015.01.28

The more you look, the more the door of your sensuality opens...
A night at the hotel with Kamenashi Kazuya

Once we start, it's my role and duty to satisfy her. )
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Their recent crosstalks are so lovely and full of info about single, songs and album ♥

So, here...
-Hints to the tour pamphlet (and Kame wanting to bring home the huge props because are cute lol)
-Disquisitions about Kame and Junno hairstyles (of course, again)
-Nakamaru's English pronounciation
-Short comments about the other songs in the single.
-Ueda actually doesn't like running!

TV GUIDE 2014.06.04

KAT-TUN hold hands and reveal shocking truth regarding the members!!

Immagine (credits vivienchenvc on weibo)

About English, I'm putting efforts so that our foreigner fans will listen and won't think “What is this guy saying!?”. )
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I did this translation when it was released, caught by their answers to the question "your ideal girl's room" guys, you must be such a pain to date orz
But then I had problems finding all pages in decent quality to be read (orz x2)
I finally found everything but didn't have much time to check the English again so I'm sorry if there are some choppy lines and typos ^^'

The issue is divided in 1 page per member + crosstalk. They talk about the other members' secret face, some comments about In Fact single, and... what kind of event they'd love to hold with the fans (hint: it involves swimsuits). Enjoy!

MONTHLY TV GUIDE 2014.07 (released 2014.05.27)
If the four members of KAT-TUN came to your house...

Monthly TV Guide 201407 04
I don't know why everyone says that this is unexpected from us. We have always actively wanted to have events and interaction moments with our fans, since the past. )
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This was unexpectedly LONG XD Especially because I wanted to translate the BBQ part (KAT-TUN family was too sweet, Kame devoting himself to cooking, Ueda staring at food and Nakamaru-Junno fighting to bring home food for their wives answering to the questions ♥) and this resulted in having lines almost everywhere all around the magazine page in random order @_@ I tried to put them in the right order xD;;
This is the group part (BBQ part + crosstalk). I don't have the pages for the individual member parts.

Please enjoy this article full of member love ♥ Personal highlights:
-KAT-TUN Family having barbeque... and consequent mess xD
-LOTS of Junno love, from everyone. ♥
-Them talking about how women are scary and how you must treat them well because you don't know how they'll react (A MUST READ XD)
-Kame mama sharing the lobster with the kids the game losers
-What's the offensive fan name Junno came up with..? XD
-There are also a couple of journalist's comments about TameTabi and KAT-TUN being too much reckless in their “Boke” moments to the point of forgetting they're being interviewed xDDD

T/N: I kept “boke” and “tsukkomi”. Boke is the funny and silly comment, while tsukkomi is the smart retort to that silly comment.



Kamenashi totally got absorbed by the barbeque; the oldest duo, Ueda & Nakamaru, took the seats far from the grills and only talked saying “we're in charge of eating~”; Taguchi turned out being in charge of answering to the requests of the two older ones. )
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It's a short crosstalk, small mention of Ore Ore in Italy and Ueda's Taiikukai but it was cute for the lovely "Junno love" Kameno interaction and the episodes other Johnny's told about KAT-TUN :)

2013.12.16 The Television

If we take our personal experiences as pieces of a puzzle... )
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Because everyone needs KameDa sitting on TaguMaru's backs in their life!! :D ♥ LOL it was released today, I'm fast xD
Jokes aside, the photoshoot is very cute, but they talk about the PV and album backstage so it should be interesting for everyone! Highlights:
-Title of the tour (which seems is officially “KAT-TUN”, not “Countdown 2013”) and Junno's role in creating the live structure :D
-Kusabi PV took more than one day!
-What's KAT-TUN's linchpin (kusabi)!

The magazine has also an interview to Kame that I haven't translated (thus the (KAT-TUN part) I added in the title).

NOTE BEFORE READING: “Kusabi” literally means “wedge/linchpin”, but it's also used to indicate a strong bond or tie between people, not so differently from “kizuna”, thus the whole wordplay in the crosstalk.

TV LIFE 2013.11.20 (KAT-TUN part)

(credits on pic)

KAT-TUN will release their first album after becoming four members, “Kusabi”. During the talk and the greatly coordinated posing for the camera, the “kizuna=kusabi” [bond=linchpin] born from being together for so many years is clearly strong. We have expectations from this new KAT-TUN!

It's after a long time, and it's the first time for us to both hold a concert as four members and have an independent countdown concert. It'll be a special live, in many meanings. )
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This interview was unexpectedly cute! Basically, the setting is "what if you lived with the three members?", so the boys are asked what would be the life with the other two members, plus a girl (the reader).
Kame doesn't want to live with Junno and Nakamaru but would like to be spoiled by the girl who lives with them, Junno and Maru agree that among them it'd be Kame who cooks, Junno talking about Kame like he's his younger brother (seeing through his words~), Maru thinking they three could never live with a girl flatmate because... XD

A thank you to moon_catcher so I could finally read and translate it! :D

* Parenthesis () in italic are the staff comments to the pictures.

AnAn 2013.10.29 no. 1879
If you lived with these three, your heart would skip beats the whole weekend ♥

This is “HOUSE KTN”, the share house of your dreams. What if you started living all of a sudden together with these three amazing inhabitants...?
We made this dream come true on the magazine.

(pic from tumblr)

Kamenashi-san easily cooks a soup. Nakamaru-san finds something to do and works. Taguchi-san places himself next to them and cheers. Such a happy kitchen time. )
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It took me an year (literally) to find enough time to complete this translation I started last summer, but I managed :D Even if quite old, it's really interesting (a must read for Kame fans for sure).
-A comment about what it means being 22 years old.
-His love for stars, London and books.
-Many compliments about Kame by the journalist xD
-What he does when he looks back to his past...
-A cute and a heartbreaking behind-the-scenes of the photoshoot.
-...actually there are too many highlights in this interview. Basically: if you like Maquia issues, you'll like this one too. It gave me the same vibes.

Thank you [ profile] redina for requesting this translation! It was one of the longest interviews I've translated till now, but it's surely one of my favourites. It's slightly bitter but really honest, I totally enjoyed reading and translating it. I love it. Thanks ♥

MISS 2009.02

Failing at work, suffering for love, worrying for the future… he’s the same as us.
KAMENASHI KAZUYA’S way of proceeding
“I must go forward”

In good and bad, the 22-year-old Kamenashi Kazuya-kun is always in the center of public attention. He has the image of being always cool and never baring his feelings…
Actually he told us he gets angry, he feels lonely, and he suffers. Yet he can’t stand to constantly look back nor he can stand to stay still and stop, therefore “I must go forward” ––– This is the Kamenashi-style way of proceeding in his life.

It is also a fact that because I am so “go through” I sacrifice a lot. But there are also times in which you must change the form of “liking”. That is extremely painful.  )
Sharing rule: DON'T REPOST. DON'T COPY/PASTE THE FULL ARTICLE. If you want to retranslate, credit for the original JP->EN translation and link back here. (more info here)
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Because I basically felt bad not doing a translation for the anniversary, and I was already planning to translate this, so I ended up doing it at last. I just feel that my english here is particularly crappy though.
So... Happy 6th anniversary, KAT-TUN! ♥♥
10 mini cross-talks divided into couples, plus a final group crosstalk! It feels perfect as anniversary celebration, right?! :D

() are in the original text. Mind that [*] are at the end of each short talk, not the end of the entry.


Weekly the Television 2012.02.25

'1 on 1' 10 pairs round-robin!
10 CHAIN Talks in rapid succession!!

We bring you talks where we understand the bond among members, very rich talks about each pair’s close friendship, points to pay attentions to in the new album and the lives, and we’ll show you the customary (?) birthday party on magazine!

In order to create this time’s live the meetings were kind of difficult! Just for the goods there were 4 or 5 meetings. )
KAT-TUN, I'm looking forward to spend another year with you ♥ Thank you for these 6 years and give your best this 6th year too! Happy "debut birthday" ^_^

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This year I can't create a great and long project like I did last year, but I wanted to do a Kame-centric translation for this special day ^_^ So I chose Kame's Freecell interview about Bem. 


Read more... )

Kamenashi Kazuya Interview
“Wasn’t in the ending song of 'Manga Nihon Mukashi banashi' the line 'It’s good being human'? 'Youkai Ningen Bem' follows the warm feeling of that song. At first sight, it’s difficult to understand because it’s scary, but this is what I want to convey”.

If “Nobuta wo produce” is the masterpiece of Kamenashi Kazuya’s teen years, then the masterpiece of his twenties is this!
Before starting shooting the drama “Youkai ningen Bem” that Kawano Producer is producing with the eagerness to challenge the limits of TV dramas, Kamenashi Kazuya talked about “a load filled with love”.

I think this is a human drama that as a matter of fact neatly portraits also the dirty side of human beings, yet can say that likes human beings. It’s not simply scary or interesting. )

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