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It's a long time I don't post something... I'll just let you know that I didn't disappear. Next 8 volumes will be posted first at kamesanctuary as a project for Kame's 30th birthday. So please wait a bit more and stay tuned! :)
In the meanwhile...
Kame camera will be 5 years this December. Would you say it?! :D so I thought everyone would appreciate to bathe in memories, and I created a summary of Maquia articles until now. Good for old fans and new fans who weren't here yet.
After all these years some pics were missing. I fixed all of them now... thanks to [ profile] moveslikekame for providing the ones I lost!

KAME CAMERA ~ what, when, why

Maquia is a monthly magazine about beauty care and cosmetics released on 23rd of every month.
亀カメラ Kame Camera is a regular serial column on Maquia. Complete title is "KAME CAMERA - What's the scenery of the bottom of the heart that Kamenashi Kazuya's lens reflects?"
The issue is composed of 2 pages - one is a picture of Kame himself taken by a magazine photographer, and the other page includes of course the interview and Kame's own taken picture.
Every month, Kame is given a theme: he talks about that theme, what he thinks and feels about it, and as the title hints, he also includes a picture he took regarding that theme, commenting why he chose that scenery or photo. As he repeated more than once, on this serial goes deep on the topic given, exposing facts and sides of him still unknown or being more honest and revealing more details than any other magazine or interview. He has touched many topics till now, like his past, his family, the group, work, his ideal girl, friendship, what's being a man or woman for him, etc.

Maquia's Kame camera started on December 2010 with vol.1, released on the issue dated 2011/2; from time to time Maquia features an expanded special where topic and pages are wider than the regular volume.

Vol.1 - 未来 FUTURE

Vol.2 - 美しさ BEAUTYkamecamera2

Vol.3 - 生まれた場所 WHERE I WAS BORN

Vol.4 - チームTEAM

Vol.5 - 秘密 SECRET

Vol.6 - つくるTO CREATE

Vol.7 - 大人 ADULT

Vol.8 - 五感 FIVE SENSES

Vol.9 - カラダ BODYmaquia201110p094001

Vol.10 - コミュニケーション COMMUNICATION maquia10 COMMUNICATION

Vol.11 - ファッション FASHIONmaquiaVOL11

Vol.12 - ドラマチック DRAMATIC maquia12

Vol.13 - 友だち FRIENDS

Vol.14 - 男らしさ MANHOOD

Vol.15 - 年齢 AGE

Vol.16 - アイドル IDOL

Vol.17 - 勝負 MATCH

Vol.18 - 小悪魔 LITTLE DEVIL

Vol.19 - 匂い SCENT


Vol.21 - せつなさ MELANCHOLY

Vol.22 - 伝統 TRADITION

Vol.23 - 宝物 TREASURE

SPECIAL INTERVIEW - 24 hours with Kamenashi Kazuya

Vol.24 - 男子イズム BOYISM

Vol.25 - ADDICT

Vol.26 - ひとり ALONE

Vol.27 - ルール RULES

Vol.31 - 学ぶ TO LEARN

Vol.32 - 顔 FACE
Vol.33 - Love
V o l.34 - 今 NOW

Vol.35 - 癒し SOOTHING

Vol.36 - 鍛える TO DISCIPLINE
Vol.37 - 暮らし LIVING

Vol.38 - 8年 8 YEARS

Vol.39 - スタンダード STANDARD

Vol.40 - つなぎとめる TO SECURE

Vol.41 - 艶 CHARM

Vol.42 - ミニマム MINIMUM

SPECIAL - Kamenashi Kazuya's ROOTS
Vol.43 - 色 COLOR

Vol.44 - 女心 Woman's heart maquia44

Vol.45 目 EYES

SPECIAL - Fascinating Kamenashi Kazuya
Vol.46 温もり WARMTH

So many pictures Kame took in these years... what do you think about them? Do you see recurring themes? Which is your favourite? (For the special issues, Kame's pics are inside the post because they're always more than one)
Let's discuss a bit about this project~ ^^

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Here the special number, which was published before the number I already posted. This article is longer than a normal Maquia! But it's very very poetic, the journalist really was inspired by Kame's expression during this photoshoot! It felt like translating poetry :) Anyway, enjoy! It's really a beautiful piece (with beautiful pictures).


[T/N: The word the title uses is “to charm, to captivate, to grab someone's feelings and interest”; it sounds like the verb “to show” too, so the literal nuance, referring to the subtitle and the pictures too, is “Kamenashi Kazuya, who shows (himself) and captivates you”. I chose “fascinating”.]


Fascinating Kamenashi Kazuya

The heart, the body, and then the secrets that no one revealed until now ----

Maquia 2015.3_cover

Every moment which passed by, before realizing, the young boy he used to be disappeared somewhere far away. He matured slowly, and now, he is silently releasing a mature man's scent. )

Kamenashi Kazuya in JOKER GAME

The movie “Joker Game” which he stars in will open in January. We asked him to talk about his passionate feels about this excellent work which is already called Kamenashi Kazuya's masterpiece.

special white

In my beloved cinema world, I'm more than zero and less than one. )
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I know I skipped the special. I'm halfway it, once translated it's more than double of a normal Maquia so it takes some time... I will post it next.

Highlights of this:
-He's actually a person sensitive to cold! :D
-Best image of the month: Kame drinking hot sake under a blanket ♥
-Awkward Kame in receiving presents (he's one of us too!)
-Grumpy Kame toward his mother cleaning his room XD

Thanks to [ profile] scorch66 for the English betaread!


What's the scenery of the bottom of the heart that Kamenashi Kazuya's lens reflects?

Vol.46 – ぬくもり Warmth

「More than when I have something done for me, I feel warmth when we can face each other with our hearts.」


But you know, after all, I think you just have to make yourself into a special person, even without receiving special treatment. Everything is upon us. )
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♥♥Happy 29th Birthday Kame~♥♥

As every year, a translation to celebrate Kame growing into a finer man :) This time is quite short (I couldn't find time to complete the longer article I had chosen, QLAP ._.) because actually AnAn is more about pictures than interview, but it's All Kame's Sex Appeal issue and... a couple of controversial lines I needed to share xD

AnAn 2015.01.28

The more you look, the more the door of your sensuality opens...
A night at the hotel with Kamenashi Kazuya

Once we start, it's my role and duty to satisfy her. )
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Let's continue the Kameweek with another Maquia xD (don't get too used to it, I was just really behind with translations)
-Seems that fans aren't the only ones noticing Kame's eye intimidating power... XD;
-How he thinks his eyes don't only show love for who he keeps dear, but also create barriers.
-How he can recognize every small changes in people around him.
-...Kame trying to make even male photographers fall for him? XD

Always thanks to [ profile] scorch66 :D


What's the scenery of the bottom of the heart that Kamenashi Kazuya's lens reflects?

Vol.45 目 EYES

「I like the action of gazing, because the eyes reflect that person's exclusive sensitivity and heart.」


More than being said “I like you because you are cool”, I want to be said “you're a hopeless man but I love you”, and I want to tell her “You're an hopeless girl but I love you” (laughs) )
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I made you wait!! But well real life drains me more than I thought ._. Anyway, the "countdown to Kame's 29th birthday" (!!) has started, so let's have some celebration!

Only one highlight for them all: Kame talking about... WOMEN XD and actually complimenting quite a lot.

A big thanks to [ profile] scorch66 for the English betaread, and [ profile] plumerika and Fin, a sweet Japanese fan, who brainstormed with me and helped in giving meaning to a specific part of this interview (which was quite tricky).
You gotta love Kame fans helping each other <3


What's the scenery of the bottom of the heart that Kamenashi Kazuya's lens reflects?

Vol.44 女心 Woman's heart

「I'll never understand a women's heart, but I want to costantly feel the female presence and live while being supported by it.」


I want to become like the Earth, able to accept and catch any change of the Sky. )
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Flash translation! XD [ profile] scorch66 was also incredibly fast in correcting my English (thank you ♥) so I post it at once and here a belated Christmas present! Merry Christmas everyone and... Merry Christmas Kame ^_^ ♥

-Everything can be sum up with "inspirational Kamenashi" all for you!
-Reflecting about how his career as Johnny's was thanks to senpai and how he wants to be from now.


What's the scenery of the bottom of the heart that Kamenashi Kazuya's lens reflects?

Vol.43 色 Color

「In order to learn and master your personal color, even if it means worrying and failing, you have to find the answeron your own」


Be it clothes or accessories or small things... I always have the color red around me unconsciously. I got this at the shop where we had the photoshoot. As expected, I unconsciously asked for something red! The flower shop is a personal power spot of mine.

I think that looking for your personal color is like looking for a love partner. As a result of living while keeping coincidences dear and sharpening your sensitivity, if it is a lover whom you spontaneously reciprocally attract – if it is a color that was born spontaneously, it will never overlap with anyone else's. )
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This is the 4th Kame Camera special, released in September :D Quite a long issue, but totally a must-read not only for Kame fans, but all KAT-TUN fans! Because his words regarding the group KAT-TUN and its members are really so touching!

Theme is ROOTS. Three journeys for three milestones. So, highlights:
-his hometown, his reputation as the friendly and girl-lover (!) member of the "Four Naughty Kamenashi Brothers" XD
-his 20 years old, the most difficult period of his life, with its painful memories and when being popular scared and suffucated him.
-KAT-TUN and their new story: starting again as four, how their relationship is "more than mere work colleagues", the "sense of responsibility" toward the group and... the smart retort made by the journalist: he talks about KAT-TUN as he'd talk about a wife! XD

This time the pictures Kame took were placed in the last corner!

A huge thanks [ profile] scorch66 for her very fast English check ♥

Kame Camera Special

The places that created me. The places I must be at.


As an individual human being, as a media personality, as KAT-TUN. He visited three precious places that gave birth to and raised Kamenashi Kazuya. Three journeys which trace back to his roots.

special 4

I can't look objectively at my own group, but I think it's a fun and original group (laughs) If I had been in another group, I believe I'd have become a completely different person. And especially us, we're a group hit by a huge raging wave two times now even. Every time one of these angry waves came, we had to steel ourselves for mapping out our future as a group, and we have made strenuous efforts thinking, “we have to stand firm in one way or another”. )
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Here the volume 42 of Kame Camera! We're close to the 4° anniversary (december). The special is on its way too, but in the meanwhile enjoy this very emotional issue too! ^_^

-There is a huge premise in how Kame spends money. Try to guess what.
-What he does when that premises isn't there anymore.
-What he answered when he was asked "what would you choose, love or work?" xD
-Talking about his childhood again and how his parents raised them.
-Talking a bit about Come Here tour too!

Thanks to [ profile] scorch66 as always!


What's the scenery of the bottom of the heart that Kamenashi Kazuya's lens reflects?

Vol.42 ミニマム Minimum

「I like the condition of not possessing anything. Because when you're at the minimum, you can be hungry.」


I've lived in a small house with a big family, and we weren't in the condition of obtaining what we wanted at any time. But you know, back then, the awareness that we were poor was quite thin. )
iside89: (Kame is for Temptation...)
-Difference between "sexy" and "charming" as per Kamenashi
-Kame in his WEEEEEH WOMEEEN \:D/ mode xD
-If he had to choose between Fujiko and Maetel...
-Fanboying Talking about Johnny Depp again XD
-"Always being alluring isn't different from being expressionless". Nice definition, Kame!

Thanks as always to [ profile] scorch66 ^_^

NOTE BEFORE READING: the word given as the theme and the words appearing in the text have the “love, romantic” meaning but also “alluring, coquettish, erotic, sexy” etc. It's slightly different from the most commonly used “ero”; in my opinion, they have a more sophisticated nuance. Instead of "sexy", that I used only when it appears as English word, I chose the word “charm” for them because it spans from the 'fascinating' to the 'sex/alluring' innuendo, but keep in mind both these two nuances while reading. (As Kame explains at the beginning)


What's the scenery of the bottom of the heart that Kamenashi Kazuya's lens reflects?

Vol. 41 – 艶 Charm

「Maybe, the charm that can move people's heart is born from the freshness of enjoying that place and living in the instant」


Maybe I feel femininity in the night views. How to say, I fall at first sight at this look which is different from noon's. Even when I'm tired after working, seeing it I get excited. I quite like gazing at the lightup skyline.

at a party gathering, my heart is stolen by exceptionally enchanting women, but if they wear perfect make up during an outdoor date playing in the mud, before thinking that she's beautiful, I first doubt “why?”. )
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Kame Camera reached no.40, plus 3 specials! ^__^

For this volume... get ready for a lot of "mental table-flipping" (as [ profile] scorch66 commented) XD Welcome to Kamenashi's super complicate world~
This is the issue that includes the "I'm not tsundere, I'm merely mean" xD He talks a lot about love too. I also included some tweets from Maquia staff this time, so please have a look to those too! ♥


What's the scenery of the bottom of the heart that Kamenashi Kazuya's lens reflects?

Vol.40 つなぎとめる To secure

「By living selfishly and honestly you retain the personality, and it becomes a technique to secure love.」


It was unconscious, but maybe I was exposing myself because I wanted to get closer to everyone, because I wanted to tie our hearts. )
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The pic(s) Kame took are inside the cut :)

Instead of highlights, this time I give you a personal suggestion: try re-reading the titles every photographer gave to their own photoshoot again after reading the respective crosstalk ♥

Always thanks to [ profile] scorch66 for the English beta^^

Serial “Kame Camera” SPECIAL

A new “encounter” through the newfinder.


Matsuda Miyuki, Shimomura Kazuyoshi, Kawashima Kotori

Recently, I think about myself “who am I?” My life as an entertainer has become the longest part of my life... )
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Their recent crosstalks are so lovely and full of info about single, songs and album ♥

So, here...
-Hints to the tour pamphlet (and Kame wanting to bring home the huge props because are cute lol)
-Disquisitions about Kame and Junno hairstyles (of course, again)
-Nakamaru's English pronounciation
-Short comments about the other songs in the single.
-Ueda actually doesn't like running!

TV GUIDE 2014.06.04

KAT-TUN hold hands and reveal shocking truth regarding the members!!

Immagine (credits vivienchenvc on weibo)

About English, I'm putting efforts so that our foreigner fans will listen and won't think “What is this guy saying!?”. )
iside89: (KAT-TUN BBQ)
I did this translation when it was released, caught by their answers to the question "your ideal girl's room" guys, you must be such a pain to date orz
But then I had problems finding all pages in decent quality to be read (orz x2)
I finally found everything but didn't have much time to check the English again so I'm sorry if there are some choppy lines and typos ^^'

The issue is divided in 1 page per member + crosstalk. They talk about the other members' secret face, some comments about In Fact single, and... what kind of event they'd love to hold with the fans (hint: it involves swimsuits). Enjoy!

MONTHLY TV GUIDE 2014.07 (released 2014.05.27)
If the four members of KAT-TUN came to your house...

Monthly TV Guide 201407 04
I don't know why everyone says that this is unexpected from us. We have always actively wanted to have events and interaction moments with our fans, since the past. )
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Long T/N ahead so I won't write highlights this time except of:
-Kame is UNISEX (quoting Tsumabuki) xD
-a very very sweet moment between Kame and his grandmother
-fanboying Leonardo di Caprio and a reflection about himself.

This was one of those issues difficult to translate because even if the meaning comes off quite smoothly from the Japanese text, the result is different in English >__< So, a particularly huge thanks to [ profile] scorch66 whose help this time was extremely precious to make the text flow better :)

T/N: The term used for the theme (the English word "standard") is tricky if used as it is in English, so inside the text I replaced “standard” with other terms such as “basis”, “touchstone”, “foundation”, accordingly to the flow of his thoughts. Overall, please take the definition of “standard” as he gives it in the quote under the title and keep it in mind while reading this issue.
To simplify, I assume that with “standard” he's implying what he considers the “basis, foundation” inside of him, and includes a nuance of emotional involvement. Standard as what's normal/the usual for him, but he could be referring to the items or people he considers special too.


What's the scenery of the bottom of the heart that Kamenashi Kazuya's lens reflects?

Vol.39 スタンダード Standard

「I grow to love things more and more if I use them for a long time, and their significance to me becomes deeper: for me, this is a "standard”.」

I also think that surely there are still people who like the young boy, thin to the point of being too thin, more. But if you ask me, I think that the present me, as a human being, is cooler )
Everyone~ have you bought your In Fact copies? No? Then run now to Yesasia or CDJapan and buy~ support the artists :D
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This was unexpectedly LONG XD Especially because I wanted to translate the BBQ part (KAT-TUN family was too sweet, Kame devoting himself to cooking, Ueda staring at food and Nakamaru-Junno fighting to bring home food for their wives answering to the questions ♥) and this resulted in having lines almost everywhere all around the magazine page in random order @_@ I tried to put them in the right order xD;;
This is the group part (BBQ part + crosstalk). I don't have the pages for the individual member parts.

Please enjoy this article full of member love ♥ Personal highlights:
-KAT-TUN Family having barbeque... and consequent mess xD
-LOTS of Junno love, from everyone. ♥
-Them talking about how women are scary and how you must treat them well because you don't know how they'll react (A MUST READ XD)
-Kame mama sharing the lobster with the kids the game losers
-What's the offensive fan name Junno came up with..? XD
-There are also a couple of journalist's comments about TameTabi and KAT-TUN being too much reckless in their “Boke” moments to the point of forgetting they're being interviewed xDDD

T/N: I kept “boke” and “tsukkomi”. Boke is the funny and silly comment, while tsukkomi is the smart retort to that silly comment.



Kamenashi totally got absorbed by the barbeque; the oldest duo, Ueda & Nakamaru, took the seats far from the grills and only talked saying “we're in charge of eating~”; Taguchi turned out being in charge of answering to the requests of the two older ones. )
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Here Maquia again! ^_^ An issue where we get to know something about Kame's castle house :D

-Talking about his family's house and fights for spaces during his childhood
-His rent Why he desired a house with such a large living room
-His favourite spaces (←"spaces", not rooms :D) in his house
-His future dream house :D

Thanks to [ profile] scorch66 as always! ♥

[T/N] The title includes the nuance of “conducting a life inside a house”, the atmosphere that house has etc; although, in certain contexts (like toward the end of this interview) it's also similar to “lifestyle”.


What's the scenery of the bottom of the heart that Kamenashi Kazuya's lens reflects?

Vol.37 暮らし Living

「More than a well-ordered fashionable space, I want to live in a house that has the feeling of life, with the scent of the people and things I love in the air.」


The house I'm living alone in right now has that spacious living room that was my dream, and I'm happy that the whole family can gather there. Including friends and kohai, I costantly have someone at home. )
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Here we are back to the missing volumes :D So please mind that this is Maquia 2014.03 released on January (thus movie references are to Joker Game, not Vancouver no Asahi). The (in)famous Kame Camera with the skinny-skinny naked selfie ^^"

-Talking about how many kg he's lost for Joker Game's character and how he trained
-How discipline his body is actually something he looks forward to
-Talking about how "many experiences disciplined my soul".
-And what he still can't accept about his life.

Thanks [ profile] scorch66


What's the scenery of the bottom of the heart that Kamenashi Kazuya's lens reflects?

Vol.36 - 鍛える To discipline

「It's because I have been disciplined and forged by many experiences that I can now accept anything.」


I feel neither jealousy nor rival spirit towards any of my same generation colleagues. I had already recognized before debuting that both inside juniors and inside KAT-TUN, “I'm inferior in both looks and talent, aren’t I?” )
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Sorry, I took the liberty to translate this volume first because it's the best “happy birthday KAT-TUN” message that Kame could give ♥ An absolute MUST READ for all KAT-TUN fans out there.
The missing volumes will follow!

-Well... LOTS of feelings for KAT-TUN. LOTS. Especially toward present KAT-TUN and their future.
-...and how his PRIDE toward KAT-TUN never changed since years ago, despite everything.

Just read it :) Thanks to [ profile] scorch66 for her fast EN beta ♥


What's the scenery of the bottom of the heart that Kamenashi Kazuya's lens reflects?

Vol.38 – 8年 8 years

「They were 8 dense years but KAT-TUN is a group that, rather than accumulating, did a reset every time.」


The feelings from that time are unchanging. This is totally different from my individual stubborness or pride. As an individual I think that live houses are totally fun too, but if it's KAT-TUN, I want us to be like this; it's my love and pride towards the group. )
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This is my Kame birthday present, answering to a request of “Nakame” in [ profile] capslock_turtle's Kame birthday project “Kame bandwagon” ^_^ So of course I hope it's appreciated by the person who asked for Nakame, plus I hope it can satisfy and give you all the Nakame love you can wish for the 28th birthday of our turtle ^^
And, of course... HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAME!

WARNING: most of the scans around were too much low quality or cutting some lines out >_< While I managed to find readable stuff for almost all pages, the first one (this) still has a couple of missing lines. If you have a full scan, or you can provide me the missing lines, I'll be happy to fix the trans ^^ Thanks to [ profile] chuckles0505 I managed to have a full scan and now the translation is complete :D thanks!

Myojo 2013.11
This world has a dream---

New drama protagonists' duo: a conversation about “many encounters, many feelings”

Kamenashi Kazuya x Nakamaru Yuichi (KAT-TUN)

Kamenashi stars in “Tokyo Bandwagon – Shitamachi daikazoku monogatari” and Nakamaru in “Henshin interviewer no yuutsu”, both dramas airing from October. Both of them are thrilled for the “encounter of their dreams”. Here a very excited talk!

69855251gw1eapi59qzcxj21kw2151kx(credits on pic)

Yeah, when you have a shooting overnight, it works like: film from 6 am until the next day's 4 am, go back to your room, take a shower, sleep around 2 hours and then start filming again from 7 am. I had two weeks like that. )

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