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This is my Kame birthday present, answering to a request of “Nakame” in [ profile] capslock_turtle's Kame birthday project “Kame bandwagon” ^_^ So of course I hope it's appreciated by the person who asked for Nakame, plus I hope it can satisfy and give you all the Nakame love you can wish for the 28th birthday of our turtle ^^
And, of course... HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAME!

WARNING: most of the scans around were too much low quality or cutting some lines out >_< While I managed to find readable stuff for almost all pages, the first one (this) still has a couple of missing lines. If you have a full scan, or you can provide me the missing lines, I'll be happy to fix the trans ^^ Thanks to [ profile] chuckles0505 I managed to have a full scan and now the translation is complete :D thanks!

Myojo 2013.11
This world has a dream---

New drama protagonists' duo: a conversation about “many encounters, many feelings”

Kamenashi Kazuya x Nakamaru Yuichi (KAT-TUN)

Kamenashi stars in “Tokyo Bandwagon – Shitamachi daikazoku monogatari” and Nakamaru in “Henshin interviewer no yuutsu”, both dramas airing from October. Both of them are thrilled for the “encounter of their dreams”. Here a very excited talk!

69855251gw1eapi59qzcxj21kw2151kx(credits on pic)

Yeah, when you have a shooting overnight, it works like: film from 6 am until the next day's 4 am, go back to your room, take a shower, sleep around 2 hours and then start filming again from 7 am. I had two weeks like that. )
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This interview was unexpectedly cute! Basically, the setting is "what if you lived with the three members?", so the boys are asked what would be the life with the other two members, plus a girl (the reader).
Kame doesn't want to live with Junno and Nakamaru but would like to be spoiled by the girl who lives with them, Junno and Maru agree that among them it'd be Kame who cooks, Junno talking about Kame like he's his younger brother (seeing through his words~), Maru thinking they three could never live with a girl flatmate because... XD

A thank you to moon_catcher so I could finally read and translate it! :D

* Parenthesis () in italic are the staff comments to the pictures.

AnAn 2013.10.29 no. 1879
If you lived with these three, your heart would skip beats the whole weekend ♥

This is “HOUSE KTN”, the share house of your dreams. What if you started living all of a sudden together with these three amazing inhabitants...?
We made this dream come true on the magazine.

(pic from tumblr)

Kamenashi-san easily cooks a soup. Nakamaru-san finds something to do and works. Taguchi-san places himself next to them and cheers. Such a happy kitchen time. )
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If you speak enough Japanese to read Japanese Hyphens’ tweets, you’ve surely seen that in the last months they are being quite active: writing to TV stations to let KAT-TUN have a program, or write to radio or FC for the tour and similar.

One of their biggest projects so far is trying to have a DVD/Bluray of DREAM BOYS; they are basically spamming the fanclub with postcards requests.
It seems (from what I read from their tweets, so I don’t know the details) that SHOCK, Koichi’s butai, has a DVD release this year after 4 years because FC received lots of requests from fans, so KAT-TUN fans are trying to do the same with DREAM BOYS (because dream boys has no DVD since 2007). I remember you that DBS 2011 had not only Kame but also Koki and Nakamaru, therefore you might want to join this project too, even if not Kame fan.

Chatting with some of the Japanese fans, we came to conclusion that, despite most of us foreigner hyphens speak English and not Japanese, sending requests even in English wouldn’t be such bad, on the contrary it might be a good appeal since we could emphasize the fact we have just DVD to see the stage plays and well, more postcards, more possibility of success ^__^
I also saw that someone was translating how to do it into English for international fandom on Twitter (Muffy, here: ), and I also saw that there may be someone who wants to help and try this out, so here I basically translated what Jp fans are doing and wrote a small tutorial if you want to do it too. :D

I guess you can do it all together during fan gathering and stuff :D

1) Write to Family Club using postcards
Read more... )

2) Request to Toho.
Read more... )

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