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Yesterday (2/28) I had a chance to go to a Joker Game screening with a talk show by Director Irie and Fujimura producer after it, in Kyoto :) They answered the questions from the audience. Writing down a report both for my own memory and for anyone who wants to know some backstage events and hints about a possible sequel :) Beware, some SPOILERS ahed!

2/28 Talk Show Report

The stage greeting was after the screening so they could answer to all the questions without being afraid of spoilering. Irie director is filming in Kyoto rignt now so his attire was very casual. Looking at the suit of the producer he said "I'm sorry for my rough attire...".
He added that he did all the promo with Kame so now being at a stage greeting without Kame he feels uneasy. The producer said "so I'm not enough..." and director rushed to deny it xD

More under the cut! )It was a very enjoyable talk show :) Kame wasn't there but the relationship between the director and the producer is really relaxed and fun. They joked a lot, and they really look like they love their job, which is totally the best :) Also, their real will of bringing to screen the other novels, even already thinking about which scenes in which way, was almost touching. I really hope this movie reaches the amount of audience needed to film a sequel :)

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I was asked to describe how the concert was, after I did a small report for Junno's solo, so I decided to write it completely and post it on LJ without splitting it in a million tweets. It's ages I don't write a report (I have never finished writing the Katsumode's either which is still half-done somewhere in my laptop, orz), I'm too busy or lazy T_T Anyway, here I am! ^^

---DISCLAIMER: I write this for a) personal record, b) for whoever can't attend concerts (ex: living overseas etc). Although, when a DVD will be released, I warmly suggest you to buy it for many reasons. First, “support the artist”. Especially as foreigner fans, this is the only thing we can actually do if we aren't living in Japan. Second, I don't know if and where this tour will be recorded, but if it will, as I'll write many times in this report, the visual effects and VTRs used here SO DESERVE to be seen at high quality that only a DVD (BD?) can give you.

---DISCLAIMER 2: being detailed, SUPER HUGE SPOILERS AHEAD. If you plan to attend the concerts, DON'T READ. I'm serious, it'll ruin you the fun, it's way better to go and not knowing anything (I avoided spoilers too and it TOTALLY deserved it).
If you want to keep surprise for the DVD, DON'T READ either. I don't want people saying "if you are so detailed you will ruin the fun to others" or "you spoiled the fun". I WARNED YOU. I can't take resposibilities for unresponsible curious people who ignore a huge ass red warning and willingfully click on a hidden spoiler LJ cut.
Repos of the Mcs (so, no spoilers on direction/effects/performances) I attended will be posted on a second entry due to character limits so wait for those if you want KT cuteness but don't want spoilers about the concert itself.

---DISCLAIMER 3: having a setlist some kind fan wrote down helped me recalling many things and being as detailed as possible, but I'm still using only my memory, some notes I wrote down after coming back home, plus some tweets I saved from other fans, so some songs are lacking descriptions, and what I report isn't a literal translation of what was said, and descriptions of choreo and stage might have some differences depending on my memories and venues, etc etc.

KAT-TUN come Here Live tour 2014 ~ in Yokohama (2014.07.26/27)

This is the best I could produce (and it took me a whole day!). I hope it helped you giving you some more vivid visuals and connecting what we've seen on tv to the proper moments, and calmed your hunger before DVD release.
Feel free to share the link to this report but don't claim as yours! Leave a comment if you have appreciated ^^
I'll friend-lock or delete it anytime I receive some official complain or stuff like that, or I see this post reposted somewhere else etc.
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CHAIN tour fanreports tidbits from Twitter. I have the feeling this is just half of what I've actually translated and shared on Twitter (I'm missing the "pr0n positions NxO" and I'm quite sure I translated some tweets about that), but it's almost impossible to backread Twitter 5 months back so I just gave up and collected what I could find for personal backup.

NOTE 1: These are just the tidbits I've translated myself. It's NOT a complete fanreport translation. I generally RT-ed the tidbits that were already in English and translated others, therefore some meaningful parts might not be here (because were in the RT).
NOTE 2: This is stuff I translated and shared on Twitter, therefore there will be short words/net language. I've tried to rewrite them decently but some lines are still "Twitter language style".
NOTE 3: I didn't attend these concerts. I just read tweets about the concerts and translated them. The only fanreport I wrote by myself after attending the concert is Niigata 2/12 here.

12/02/24 OITA

Read more... )

OSAKA 2012/03/02

Read more... )

OSAKA 2012/3/3

Read more... )

OSAKA 2012/3/4

Read more... )

FUKUI 2012/3/16

Read more... )

FUKUI 2012/3/17

Read more... )

FUKUOKA 2012/4/6

Read more... )

HIROSHIMA 2012.04.14

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SENDAI 2012/04/27

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MC moments in this tour were so funny it would be a pity to lost them, therefore I collected at least some of them here :) You can find some more at[ profile] going_gonin community here.
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Here the fanreport of Niigata 2/11 :D This is what I can remember, and my memories are kinda blurry because I was too excited (it is my first KT live ever XD) to focus and remember xD it turned out being long but I think some parts you can guess from fanrecordings.

2012.02.11 NIIGATA

Very long~ )

Final comment: I am SO SO SO SO HAPPY to have been able to see them live, after so many years. Also, I am so happy for being able to see CHAIN concert, especially Niigata. They were SO HAPPY. It moves my heart remembering how Ueda was all jumping around asking to fans to make more noise, Maru and Junno waving all around, Kame and Koki staring in the eyes of the fans. I could feel how much they've missed last year's tour and contact with fans. It was also a nice experience go to a concert without knowing the songs LOL xD In the pamphlet it's also written that they've decided everything here, from the setlist to the directing to the goods to the effects, everything. It took time and efforts but they're satisfied. I am too :)
So yes... it's surely one of the best memories I have until now, together with DBS <3 Those 5 boys surely deserve all our love.

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