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Flash translation! XD [ profile] scorch66 was also incredibly fast in correcting my English (thank you ♥) so I post it at once and here a belated Christmas present! Merry Christmas everyone and... Merry Christmas Kame ^_^ ♥

-Everything can be sum up with "inspirational Kamenashi" all for you!
-Reflecting about how his career as Johnny's was thanks to senpai and how he wants to be from now.


What's the scenery of the bottom of the heart that Kamenashi Kazuya's lens reflects?

Vol.43 色 Color

「In order to learn and master your personal color, even if it means worrying and failing, you have to find the answeron your own」


Be it clothes or accessories or small things... I always have the color red around me unconsciously. I got this at the shop where we had the photoshoot. As expected, I unconsciously asked for something red! The flower shop is a personal power spot of mine.

I think that looking for your personal color is like looking for a love partner. As a result of living while keeping coincidences dear and sharpening your sensitivity, if it is a lover whom you spontaneously reciprocally attract – if it is a color that was born spontaneously, it will never overlap with anyone else's. )
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This is the 4th Kame Camera special, released in September :D Quite a long issue, but totally a must-read not only for Kame fans, but all KAT-TUN fans! Because his words regarding the group KAT-TUN and its members are really so touching!

Theme is ROOTS. Three journeys for three milestones. So, highlights:
-his hometown, his reputation as the friendly and girl-lover (!) member of the "Four Naughty Kamenashi Brothers" XD
-his 20 years old, the most difficult period of his life, with its painful memories and when being popular scared and suffucated him.
-KAT-TUN and their new story: starting again as four, how their relationship is "more than mere work colleagues", the "sense of responsibility" toward the group and... the smart retort made by the journalist: he talks about KAT-TUN as he'd talk about a wife! XD

This time the pictures Kame took were placed in the last corner!

A huge thanks [ profile] scorch66 for her very fast English check ♥

Kame Camera Special

The places that created me. The places I must be at.


As an individual human being, as a media personality, as KAT-TUN. He visited three precious places that gave birth to and raised Kamenashi Kazuya. Three journeys which trace back to his roots.

special 4

I can't look objectively at my own group, but I think it's a fun and original group (laughs) If I had been in another group, I believe I'd have become a completely different person. And especially us, we're a group hit by a huge raging wave two times now even. Every time one of these angry waves came, we had to steel ourselves for mapping out our future as a group, and we have made strenuous efforts thinking, “we have to stand firm in one way or another”. )
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Here the volume 42 of Kame Camera! We're close to the 4° anniversary (december). The special is on its way too, but in the meanwhile enjoy this very emotional issue too! ^_^

-There is a huge premise in how Kame spends money. Try to guess what.
-What he does when that premises isn't there anymore.
-What he answered when he was asked "what would you choose, love or work?" xD
-Talking about his childhood again and how his parents raised them.
-Talking a bit about Come Here tour too!

Thanks to [ profile] scorch66 as always!


What's the scenery of the bottom of the heart that Kamenashi Kazuya's lens reflects?

Vol.42 ミニマム Minimum

「I like the condition of not possessing anything. Because when you're at the minimum, you can be hungry.」


I've lived in a small house with a big family, and we weren't in the condition of obtaining what we wanted at any time. But you know, back then, the awareness that we were poor was quite thin. )
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I was asked to describe how the concert was, after I did a small report for Junno's solo, so I decided to write it completely and post it on LJ without splitting it in a million tweets. It's ages I don't write a report (I have never finished writing the Katsumode's either which is still half-done somewhere in my laptop, orz), I'm too busy or lazy T_T Anyway, here I am! ^^

---DISCLAIMER: I write this for a) personal record, b) for whoever can't attend concerts (ex: living overseas etc). Although, when a DVD will be released, I warmly suggest you to buy it for many reasons. First, “support the artist”. Especially as foreigner fans, this is the only thing we can actually do if we aren't living in Japan. Second, I don't know if and where this tour will be recorded, but if it will, as I'll write many times in this report, the visual effects and VTRs used here SO DESERVE to be seen at high quality that only a DVD (BD?) can give you.

---DISCLAIMER 2: being detailed, SUPER HUGE SPOILERS AHEAD. If you plan to attend the concerts, DON'T READ. I'm serious, it'll ruin you the fun, it's way better to go and not knowing anything (I avoided spoilers too and it TOTALLY deserved it).
If you want to keep surprise for the DVD, DON'T READ either. I don't want people saying "if you are so detailed you will ruin the fun to others" or "you spoiled the fun". I WARNED YOU. I can't take resposibilities for unresponsible curious people who ignore a huge ass red warning and willingfully click on a hidden spoiler LJ cut.
Repos of the Mcs (so, no spoilers on direction/effects/performances) I attended will be posted on a second entry due to character limits so wait for those if you want KT cuteness but don't want spoilers about the concert itself.

---DISCLAIMER 3: having a setlist some kind fan wrote down helped me recalling many things and being as detailed as possible, but I'm still using only my memory, some notes I wrote down after coming back home, plus some tweets I saved from other fans, so some songs are lacking descriptions, and what I report isn't a literal translation of what was said, and descriptions of choreo and stage might have some differences depending on my memories and venues, etc etc.

KAT-TUN come Here Live tour 2014 ~ in Yokohama (2014.07.26/27)

This is the best I could produce (and it took me a whole day!). I hope it helped you giving you some more vivid visuals and connecting what we've seen on tv to the proper moments, and calmed your hunger before DVD release.
Feel free to share the link to this report but don't claim as yours! Leave a comment if you have appreciated ^^
I'll friend-lock or delete it anytime I receive some official complain or stuff like that, or I see this post reposted somewhere else etc.
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-Difference between "sexy" and "charming" as per Kamenashi
-Kame in his WEEEEEH WOMEEEN \:D/ mode xD
-If he had to choose between Fujiko and Maetel...
-Fanboying Talking about Johnny Depp again XD
-"Always being alluring isn't different from being expressionless". Nice definition, Kame!

Thanks as always to [ profile] scorch66 ^_^

NOTE BEFORE READING: the word given as the theme and the words appearing in the text have the “love, romantic” meaning but also “alluring, coquettish, erotic, sexy” etc. It's slightly different from the most commonly used “ero”; in my opinion, they have a more sophisticated nuance. Instead of "sexy", that I used only when it appears as English word, I chose the word “charm” for them because it spans from the 'fascinating' to the 'sex/alluring' innuendo, but keep in mind both these two nuances while reading. (As Kame explains at the beginning)


What's the scenery of the bottom of the heart that Kamenashi Kazuya's lens reflects?

Vol. 41 – 艶 Charm

「Maybe, the charm that can move people's heart is born from the freshness of enjoying that place and living in the instant」


Maybe I feel femininity in the night views. How to say, I fall at first sight at this look which is different from noon's. Even when I'm tired after working, seeing it I get excited. I quite like gazing at the lightup skyline.

at a party gathering, my heart is stolen by exceptionally enchanting women, but if they wear perfect make up during an outdoor date playing in the mud, before thinking that she's beautiful, I first doubt “why?”. )
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Their recent crosstalks are so lovely and full of info about single, songs and album ♥

So, here...
-Hints to the tour pamphlet (and Kame wanting to bring home the huge props because are cute lol)
-Disquisitions about Kame and Junno hairstyles (of course, again)
-Nakamaru's English pronounciation
-Short comments about the other songs in the single.
-Ueda actually doesn't like running!

TV GUIDE 2014.06.04

KAT-TUN hold hands and reveal shocking truth regarding the members!!

Immagine (credits vivienchenvc on weibo)

About English, I'm putting efforts so that our foreigner fans will listen and won't think “What is this guy saying!?”. )
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I did this translation when it was released, caught by their answers to the question "your ideal girl's room" guys, you must be such a pain to date orz
But then I had problems finding all pages in decent quality to be read (orz x2)
I finally found everything but didn't have much time to check the English again so I'm sorry if there are some choppy lines and typos ^^'

The issue is divided in 1 page per member + crosstalk. They talk about the other members' secret face, some comments about In Fact single, and... what kind of event they'd love to hold with the fans (hint: it involves swimsuits). Enjoy!

MONTHLY TV GUIDE 2014.07 (released 2014.05.27)
If the four members of KAT-TUN came to your house...

Monthly TV Guide 201407 04
I don't know why everyone says that this is unexpected from us. We have always actively wanted to have events and interaction moments with our fans, since the past. )
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This was unexpectedly LONG XD Especially because I wanted to translate the BBQ part (KAT-TUN family was too sweet, Kame devoting himself to cooking, Ueda staring at food and Nakamaru-Junno fighting to bring home food for their wives answering to the questions ♥) and this resulted in having lines almost everywhere all around the magazine page in random order @_@ I tried to put them in the right order xD;;
This is the group part (BBQ part + crosstalk). I don't have the pages for the individual member parts.

Please enjoy this article full of member love ♥ Personal highlights:
-KAT-TUN Family having barbeque... and consequent mess xD
-LOTS of Junno love, from everyone. ♥
-Them talking about how women are scary and how you must treat them well because you don't know how they'll react (A MUST READ XD)
-Kame mama sharing the lobster with the kids the game losers
-What's the offensive fan name Junno came up with..? XD
-There are also a couple of journalist's comments about TameTabi and KAT-TUN being too much reckless in their “Boke” moments to the point of forgetting they're being interviewed xDDD

T/N: I kept “boke” and “tsukkomi”. Boke is the funny and silly comment, while tsukkomi is the smart retort to that silly comment.



Kamenashi totally got absorbed by the barbeque; the oldest duo, Ueda & Nakamaru, took the seats far from the grills and only talked saying “we're in charge of eating~”; Taguchi turned out being in charge of answering to the requests of the two older ones. )
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I attempted to write down IN FACT lyrics (kanji/romaji) and translate them! This song pictures such a vivid scenery, like a fantasy world, I love it ♥
It's still a try and I'm not sure of some parts, so there still might be differences, once an official transcription appears I'll correct them! So maybe please avoid copying & pasting it around the web before some official lyrics pop up and I can correct it ^^''

ETA 22/05: I used the lyrics from Shonen Club Premium performance on 21/05 and corrected them.
Translating lyrics isn't my talent at all, so if you have any suggestions, you're welcome :)



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Busy with Christmas, concerts, fanmeetings and TV programs with KAT-TUN, I totally forgot to read this issue until yesterday! Sorry, Kame! xD
It's a lovely, lovely entry. I really liked it (I know I say it almost every time, but this is really full of fuzzy warm feelings!)

-Effect of women on him! XD
-Kame fanboying Meg Ryan watching movies xD
-His "special woman" ♥
-The reason and incentive that brings him to do more and more at work.

Thanks [ profile] scorch66 who helped me suggesting the proper English words more than usual :D


What's the scenery of the bottom of the heart that Kamenashi Kazuya's lens reflects?

Vol. 35 – 癒し Soothing

「Self-care is important too. But the soothing I receive from the opposite sex is way more effective (laughs)」

I honestly want a girl at home! (laughs) A gentle and cute “special woman” allows my mind’s switch to turn off. )
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It's a short crosstalk, small mention of Ore Ore in Italy and Ueda's Taiikukai but it was cute for the lovely "Junno love" Kameno interaction and the episodes other Johnny's told about KAT-TUN :)

2013.12.16 The Television

If we take our personal experiences as pieces of a puzzle... )
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Did the previous crosstalk pump up your expectations for the new album? No? Then, here another crosstalk full of heartwarming words... maybe this time it will persuade you to buy Kusabi? xD
As highlights, this time I'll use the lines the magazine itself highlighted:
N: This album is the best up until now.
U: It's an album that can perfectly show the present KAT-TUN
K: As expected, my base is KAT-TUN
T: I look forward to our first individual countdown live.


TV PIA 2013.11.20

(credit on pic)

KAT-TUN will release their new “KUSABI” on 27/11, after 1 year and 9 months. This album, which makes you feel the bond of the new KAT-TUN, will probably become what will bound the relation with the fans stronger than before.

For me it's something I've done only with the members. This is why I think it's a place I must keep dear, and I can't even think of not having it anymore right now. I'm thinking once again that, as expected, my base is here. )
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Because everyone needs KameDa sitting on TaguMaru's backs in their life!! :D ♥ LOL it was released today, I'm fast xD
Jokes aside, the photoshoot is very cute, but they talk about the PV and album backstage so it should be interesting for everyone! Highlights:
-Title of the tour (which seems is officially “KAT-TUN”, not “Countdown 2013”) and Junno's role in creating the live structure :D
-Kusabi PV took more than one day!
-What's KAT-TUN's linchpin (kusabi)!

The magazine has also an interview to Kame that I haven't translated (thus the (KAT-TUN part) I added in the title).

NOTE BEFORE READING: “Kusabi” literally means “wedge/linchpin”, but it's also used to indicate a strong bond or tie between people, not so differently from “kizuna”, thus the whole wordplay in the crosstalk.

TV LIFE 2013.11.20 (KAT-TUN part)

(credits on pic)

KAT-TUN will release their first album after becoming four members, “Kusabi”. During the talk and the greatly coordinated posing for the camera, the “kizuna=kusabi” [bond=linchpin] born from being together for so many years is clearly strong. We have expectations from this new KAT-TUN!

It's after a long time, and it's the first time for us to both hold a concert as four members and have an independent countdown concert. It'll be a special live, in many meanings. )
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With this entry I stop translating manuals :) It has been two years (since June 2011 :O I'm quite a faithful translator~ they should have hired me lol)  and it was fun :) Since August 2013 a new J-Web service has started and there are official English translations for the boys' entries (read here). Translations on Jweb are up pretty fast so there shouldn't be problems. :)
You find all the jweb entries I have translated (round 56~round 78) here. Enjoy :)

Ex-manual 78
Kazuya Kamenashi

Read more... )

Ex-manual 78
Junnosuke Taguchi

Read more... )
Ex-manual 78
Koki Tanaka

Read more... )

Ex-manual 78
Tatsuya Ueda

Read more... )


Ex-manual 78
Yuichi Nakamaru

Read more... )
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First posted at [ profile] kt_newsinfo

Ex-Manual 77
Kazuya Kamenashi

Read more... )

Ex-manual 77
Junnosuke Taguchi

Read more... )
Ex-Manual 77
Koki Tanaka

Read more... )
Have I ever said that I love Ueda's random entries? XDD

Ex-Manual 77
Tatsuya Ueda

Read more... )


Ex-manual 77
Yuichi Nakamaru

Read more... )
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If you speak enough Japanese to read Japanese Hyphens’ tweets, you’ve surely seen that in the last months they are being quite active: writing to TV stations to let KAT-TUN have a program, or write to radio or FC for the tour and similar.

One of their biggest projects so far is trying to have a DVD/Bluray of DREAM BOYS; they are basically spamming the fanclub with postcards requests.
It seems (from what I read from their tweets, so I don’t know the details) that SHOCK, Koichi’s butai, has a DVD release this year after 4 years because FC received lots of requests from fans, so KAT-TUN fans are trying to do the same with DREAM BOYS (because dream boys has no DVD since 2007). I remember you that DBS 2011 had not only Kame but also Koki and Nakamaru, therefore you might want to join this project too, even if not Kame fan.

Chatting with some of the Japanese fans, we came to conclusion that, despite most of us foreigner hyphens speak English and not Japanese, sending requests even in English wouldn’t be such bad, on the contrary it might be a good appeal since we could emphasize the fact we have just DVD to see the stage plays and well, more postcards, more possibility of success ^__^
I also saw that someone was translating how to do it into English for international fandom on Twitter (Muffy, here: ), and I also saw that there may be someone who wants to help and try this out, so here I basically translated what Jp fans are doing and wrote a small tutorial if you want to do it too. :D

I guess you can do it all together during fan gathering and stuff :D

1) Write to Family Club using postcards
Read more... )

2) Request to Toho.
Read more... )
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(c) on pic

"Until now there have been really a lot of happenings, we've made you feel uneasy and worried a lot. There's been a period we've felt uneasy a lot too. But who saved us that time are you, who face us with a smile despite waiting for years, who support us being our center.
Thank to you all, this place called KAT-TUN that in the past I hated so much has become such a precious and irreplaceable place. Until we've properly paid you back for everything, I want us to be the KAT-TUN that can make you say 'I'm glad of being a Hyphen' even 10 years from now. Please follow us forever."
Tanaka Koki -  KAT-TUN CHAIN Live Tour 2012
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There's no group pic for this photoshoot so I had to "create" one (beware of my awesome Paint skillz, yo). But well, it's the red&black photoshoot, the one with Kame wearing glasses and all of them using leather gloves and such...
This is a translation I did at least 1 week ago but couldn't find time to complete before today! lol.

Not a native English speaker translating this in the middle of the night so there might be Engrish~

Wink up 2013.06

Being an idol is a profession which you often become the center of people’s conversation. Many people selfishly create your image; joy and discouragement repeat themselves their own way. This photo-shoot expresses these human speculations and false unstable heart.

In those moments I face him and I say what I really think, but a side of me in a corner of my mind is already thinking 'anyhow he isn’t having faith in me…' )
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I was looking for interviews about FtF single and this time around Ori-Sta hasn't an interview with the whole group T__T But they did interview Kame and he talks about KAT-TUN and FtF quite a lot. ^O^
I actually decided to translate this for one specific reason, that is, because I casually noticed the line “I respect the members” while I was skimming through interviews. It hit me and went back to read the whole thing; I thought I’d be nice to share it since his words are very deep. It's a nice way to celebrate Bem Movie DVD release ^o^

Also, other highlights, are the many music suggestions he gives; of course about the movie Ore Ore; his image he wanted to destroy with this movie; he talks about Udine a bit; there’s a small mention of Arashi’s MatsuJun too. Then, a lot about KAT-TUN!

I'm not a native English speaker, there may be mistakes.

() in the original text, [] added by me.

ONLY STAR 2013.05.27 - NUDE FACE

What I actually think, REAL and straightforward

It’s the first time he appears on the cover alone! There’s also a confession about what he feels for the members!?

I have respect for the members. I believe that the reason I can be in KAT-TUN as it’s a natural fact is because the four of them allow me to do so; and in response, me too, I want to have some influence so that the four of them can be in KAT-TUN as it’s a natural thing too. )
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I found the crosstalk pretty cute (especially the mirror part xD), so here it is. I also wanted to share something about FACE to Face (this single deserves more love .__.), but I couldn't find scans from last group Orista or Gekkan Songs... :/ If you have them please feel free to throw them at me xD

So, here we have lots of Junnolove (from members to Junno, and from Junno to himself xD), some troll (especially towards Kame), "what would you do if there was another you" and a short talk about future tour.

I'm not a native English speaker so there might be English mistakes.

() are in the original text. [] added by me.

TV PIA 2013.06.05

KAT-TUN’s new song “FACE to Face” is on sale. Related to the movie “It’s Me, It’s Me” which Kamenashi Kazuya stars in and which the song is the theme song of, the five of them talk about “my style”.
Taguchi is the type that could live forever in the movie’s “Ore-Yama” world. I guess Koki would be the first starting the elimination. )

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