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I was asked to describe how the concert was, after I did a small report for Junno's solo, so I decided to write it completely and post it on LJ without splitting it in a million tweets. It's ages I don't write a report (I have never finished writing the Katsumode's either which is still half-done somewhere in my laptop, orz), I'm too busy or lazy T_T Anyway, here I am! ^^

---DISCLAIMER: I write this for a) personal record, b) for whoever can't attend concerts (ex: living overseas etc). Although, when a DVD will be released, I warmly suggest you to buy it for many reasons. First, “support the artist”. Especially as foreigner fans, this is the only thing we can actually do if we aren't living in Japan. Second, I don't know if and where this tour will be recorded, but if it will, as I'll write many times in this report, the visual effects and VTRs used here SO DESERVE to be seen at high quality that only a DVD (BD?) can give you.

---DISCLAIMER 2: being detailed, SUPER HUGE SPOILERS AHEAD. If you plan to attend the concerts, DON'T READ. I'm serious, it'll ruin you the fun, it's way better to go and not knowing anything (I avoided spoilers too and it TOTALLY deserved it).
If you want to keep surprise for the DVD, DON'T READ either. I don't want people saying "if you are so detailed you will ruin the fun to others" or "you spoiled the fun". I WARNED YOU. I can't take resposibilities for unresponsible curious people who ignore a huge ass red warning and willingfully click on a hidden spoiler LJ cut.
Repos of the Mcs (so, no spoilers on direction/effects/performances) I attended will be posted on a second entry due to character limits so wait for those if you want KT cuteness but don't want spoilers about the concert itself.

---DISCLAIMER 3: having a setlist some kind fan wrote down helped me recalling many things and being as detailed as possible, but I'm still using only my memory, some notes I wrote down after coming back home, plus some tweets I saved from other fans, so some songs are lacking descriptions, and what I report isn't a literal translation of what was said, and descriptions of choreo and stage might have some differences depending on my memories and venues, etc etc.

KAT-TUN come Here Live tour 2014 ~ in Yokohama (2014.07.26/27)

This is the best I could produce (and it took me a whole day!). I hope it helped you giving you some more vivid visuals and connecting what we've seen on tv to the proper moments, and calmed your hunger before DVD release.
Feel free to share the link to this report but don't claim as yours! Leave a comment if you have appreciated ^^
I'll friend-lock or delete it anytime I receive some official complain or stuff like that, or I see this post reposted somewhere else etc.


Feb. 4th, 2011 02:26 pm
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Tonight I tried to put order in my tag system, since I myself had a hard time to find what I was looking for in some communities.
Tag system, graphic changes, future projects. )

And now a KT meme that I stealed took from KAT-TUN Worldwide forum XD
KT 30Q meme! )

Oh, I love "TWO". It gives me emotional ups and downs, I wonder why. At first I find it happy, then it becomes refreshing during the second chorus, then... it suddenly becomes setsunai ç__ç The central part with at first Kame's solo line, then all of them, with the voices that overlap... It touches me, I wonder why, it's not a sad song!

ame ni nureteta kinou no bokura ashita e to tsuzuku tobira o akeru yo
itsu made mo soba ni doko made mo fukaku
tsuyoku gyutto tsunaida te to te hitotsu ni kanjite

And the "aishiteiru yo"?! Whoever sings it (I'm pretty sure it's Kame... I know I confuse Koki and Kame's voices sometimes, but this time I really think it's Kame's voice :/ The low tone is very similar to Aishiteiru Kara intro)... I melt ;__; The first time I noticed the "aishiteruyo" (around the 2-3 listening O_O) I was on a train. I had an heart attack and jumped on my seat. I was like "Who's whispering in my ear like this?!". But it was the song. I fell in love -again- with Kame. ♥
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Now that I've cooled down I can post XD
NMP TOUR 2010 Arrived!!! *_* )

When I returned to my pc, I still had Tweetdeck opened and I saw the second great news of the day: ULTIMATE WHEELS PREVIEW.
I was already exploding from the unexpected DVD arrive and while I was flailing over the DVD, KT played UW. DESTINY, FATE, UNMEI! *_____*
ultimate wheels ** )
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No fandom drama here for now. So I'll go with a stupid entry XD Since lots of people I know in the last few days seem to be depressed or sad or emo or whatever, I bring you the ULTIMATE MEDICINE FOR YOUR SADNESS: JOHNNY'S IN DRAG!
Johnny's in drag )
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I will be quick.

I need to book my a/r ticket for Japan and my parents are being fussy è_é Since my classmates will come back Sept. 1st and Sept.4th or so it seems, my parents want me to come back on those days too. But... It would be a tease to me, and miss Dream Boys 2011 for just... hours?! WHAT °_°

So now my request(s):
1) do you know how many shows of Dream Boys there are usually during a week? I suppose it's impossible to go to the show(s) on 4th, so I have to put my hopes in shows around 5-6-7 September. I tried to look for info about DB2009 but my ninja skills suck.
2) Where can I buy them? At the Theater? Online? Conbini? Do I need to write directly to Kame and beg him? XD
3) When the tickets will be on sale (more or less, an answer like "August" is fine)?
4) How much does a ticket cost? XD

These questions are because I need to book my ticket... like... this week T_T and if I know I'll be able to go to see DB2011, I can press my parents and stay 2-3 days more than expected (and without changing flight ticket 24 hours before).
If you don't know either, at least direct me to someone who can answer/went to see DB in the past years ;___;
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So yeah, it's around 00.15 right now at my place ^^ It's already Christmas so... Merry X'mas to you all! As I said in my previous entry, I wish you all the best for this day and the next ones! But for New Year wishes, I'll wait the 1st of January LOL.
Let's continue with a FANGIRLING ENTRY. I know you all are already dead tired just because almost everyone has done a similar entry in the last 8 hours but anyway. I want to flail over fresh meat fresh performances. Someone had the misfortune to chat with me while I was completely out of me and my usual self-control simply was destroyed by:
Oh, put in this way, this seems a riddle XD BTW, I had an awesome out-of-control chat seasoned with keymashings and capslock and blood losses --> TOO MUCH AWESOMENESS FOR JUST ONE DAY OTZ. *headdesk trying to control herself*

Order, Isi. Order.
Join the dark side, we have pics with ikemen! )
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*unable to say coherent sentences*

HELLA YEAH it arrived! *_* I almost screamed on the train when my mom at the phone said (with an unexpected happy voice LOL) "Oh, your cd is arrived", right after I ended bashing the demonstrators (all students) that blocked the railways for hours and hours. What a nice way to end my awful day! *____*
So... first of all. A HUGE, enormous THANKS THANKS THANKS to [ profile] annneonet . Because yes, this CUW you see in this picture taken from an impossible angle (because here is 9pm and the flash erased Kame's face in the other photo LOL), is the one that I won thanks to the raffle in [ profile] going_gonin community. So I'm going to worship her and love that community forever XD :-*


Funny fact: my mom, that isn't interested at all in KT-stuff (moreover, I guess she thinks "my daughter is still 15 years old" when she sees me fangirling X°°D), was pretty interested in this single, she started to read the various languages I won't say nothing about the random mistakes. When she looked at the boys, she said "Is this Kame?" *pointing at Kame without hesitation*
Me: "Yes!" *Isi starts to flail over the cover, etc etc*
At that moment I didn't even think that she isn't supposed to recognize them. I guess my KAT-TUN!bias, especially my Kame!bias, is terrible if even my mom, that can't tell Asian people apart, recognize Kame. LOL.
This is KAT-TUN's magic~~ XD

*goes back to jump all around the room*
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Admit it, you KNEW I'd post this. XD
I was too curious so at the end I opened LJ via mobile phone in train, this afternoon. And I saw it was already posted! I went KYAAA KYAAAA silently =P OF COURSE my mean phone didn't want to load youtube video nor download MF file so I almost threw it outside the train due to frustration è_é Then finally it said "your application is too old, update it" after 20 minutes of struggle and... THE HEAVEN *__*
HAWT - You can change ur world~~~! )
Oh I would have so much to say... but it's better if I stop here XD
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Random before going to sleep!
I'm getting into Twitter every day more XD It's a good way to chat with friends. I still prefer other ways to do it, but I have to say that I misjudged Twitter. Now I know why he's so used outside my country XD It's absurdly useful in order to stalk magazine updates and some snippets of famous people's life. Almost scary, I'd say. XD
Then, before going to bed, I've seen this twitt by Ori-Sta page, and now I'm wondering what they're talking about! They're so cruel to give hints a week before ç_ç 
Very (VERY, I'm without glasses and I'm sleepy XD) quick translation of the second half: it seems that at HEYx3 Kame did a wonderful request. Even the writer says that wanted to see it very much (I don't know what, if the report that will be featured in the magazine, or what Kame asked XD), so she/he's happy. Oh my, Kame, what did you ask? Now I'm curious XD We have to wait until 11/12. Oh ç_ç

Last: there is Kouhaku poll running. In the last 2 hours KT passed from position 11 to 5. AKB48 and Arashi are confirmed, the other artists will be choose throught this poll (or so it seems). And we want to see our lovely boys performing a time more, right? =P So go and vote (here you can find a guide). Ah, BTW, you can vote for more than one artist. This means that for example you can vote for NEWS too. Right now are winning KARA. Doh.

Random promotion: end! XD Let's go to sleep (5 hours again! Damn ç_ç)... good night XD
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Ok I suppose nobody cares in my flist. Or maybe someone will care, if I say that it's indirectly connected to NEWS *big SHOCK*. But I want to share it anyway XD
Recently I'm listening to this j-rock band (because I simply love "Jibun rock", so I ended up listening to all the album... [ profile] daydreamar it's your fault too XD). And... This song has the most beautiful lyrics I've read in the last months. Seriously. I feel like I want to cry. Look for this mp3 because it deserves it. (On youtube there are only covers, damn, or I'd have linked it).
There's not so much to translate, since it's 90% English.

Wherever you are - ONE OK ROCK

The day we met must be the first memory for us... )
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So, I wrote a review for N.M.P. I have to play fair, that's because I'm writing one for LIVE too.
In the last weeks I listened to rock and metal music, so probably I wasn't really in the right mental status to listen to J-Pop again X°°D
As I said before, I didn't appreciated the 13 sec demos. I listened to the whole album just one time, so maybe the scores will change in the future, who knows. Wanna see if I changed my mind?

Review - song by song )

and at the end of the story... )
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Very long meme about my JE fandom. I discovered I'm really hopeless. Damn XD

Johnny's survey

100 questions about JE )
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It has become an habit to update my journal every Tuesday - and almost only Tuesday. I wonder why... It isn't that I've decided to do so :/ Oh well my summer life is boring: no journeys, almost no friends (because they live far away)... what a sad life.
Let's welcome my new Kame-icon, made by my dear friend for me *__* *Isi sends love to her friend*

This afternoon I read Koki's manual entry in Japanese and I was on the verge of tears. I've just seen that there's an English translation here. I don't know exactly why, but his sentence, みんな俺達と一緒にいて幸せ?broke my heart. It seems an aid request... just exactly what I said in my other post. They desperately need fan love right now. I said it myself weeks ago, but I would have never said that one day I'd have read those lines... that they would have admit it by themselves. I'm a little bit... catch unprepared. Maybe this is why I was so touched, because I was unprepared.
Especially some of his statement made me wonder what the hell exactly happened among them. We might feel that we’ve been betrayed by people we trusted, We might hurt people that were important to us [...] I think once we lost something, it won’t come back.

Then, some other lines were absolutely cute; you would never say it's the perv&angry rapper that has written this entry :P
Although we only made everyone worried, I still love KAT-TUN.
So I hate members to get hurt.
If they were hurt, I would like to help them.
Although I didn’t plan on holding hands and walking forward together, I would like to offer my hands when they get hurt.

And who says KT don't have member ai just have to keep silent.
I wish I had them here in front of me to squeeze them in a huge hug ç_ç
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Finally I changed layout and created the header ^^ I know I'm not so good doing graphic things and I don't have Photoshop but a similar-one, damn X_X, but I wanted to use those 3 images :P I have to say I'm pretty satisfied... oh well, it's all thanks to Kame, because Kame is always cute ♥ I like his glances in these images, and of course I chose 2 images with earphones and one with mic. Since music is the main theme of the banner... and of my life ♥
I like this layout, is wider than the one before (so even embed videos and big pictures can be put without ugly results... and long entries seems less long XD).

I'm still into Korean music, even though I'm supposed to not like it. It's all Steven Lee's fault. I knew he has composed most of my favorite song by KAT-TUN, "Fall down", "Sadistic Love", "Hell, no", "N.M.P." and "RIght now" (and some other), but every song has a differen musical genre!! So I was curious to know something more about him. It seems he's really really young... if it's true, he's a genius! O_O Then, I saw he has written 2 songs for SHINee for their last album (and beside all, are the only I pretty like), so I ended up searching other songs by him...
I found that he wrote "Love like this" for SS501 too... I know that song as "the cheerleader song" and never listened to SS501 because of it X°°D It's too much different from my taste. I was extremely shocked the same Steven Lee that wrote those rock-ish songs for KT wrote that dance song too! But I tried other 2 songs by him for SS501: "Love Ya" and "Forever" (they're in the same EP). "Forever" is a ballad. I liked it from the first listening: it has a sorrowful but sweet taste that enters in my heart.
And then I was shocked by "Love Ya". I absolutely love it! Like "N.M.P." by KAT-TUN it has the orchestra in the background and has this epic-like feeling I simply adore. Try to listen to it, it will surprise you! °_°

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I didn't use internet for 2 days and when I returned at home and opened my friend page I thought "OMG is the world falling down?! So much posts in less than 48 hours?!"
Guess what happened? Jin's rumors are becoming more than rumors. And fandom is going crazy - TOO MUCH crazy, IMHO. First of all, it isn't ufficial yet, right?! Then, even if it was/is true... Like all of this was unexpected. Girls... c'mon. We knew it since November, at least. Everyone noticed that weird behavior of Jin - even "Cartoon KT" guests. And since I've read all of those posts full of sadness and angst, I want to express myself too... and say my opinion.
Reading all of these posts I realized that some weeks ago I wrote an entry I've never published (I ♥ my memory XD), because I don't like to write angry things so I end up deleting them after a while... but I looked for it in my pc. I wrote it to express my feelings about a Jin's interview the 5th July and I see I was absolutely right. Kame confirmed his words.

About Jin's L.A. interview & Johnny's statement... Am I a new Cassandra from Troy or everything was under our eyes from ages?  )

The only thing I'd like every KT fan understand is: NOBODY IS AT FAULT. Nor Jin, nor KT-TUN. They have become too much different to continue to work together, that's all.
I don't like to see EVEN NOW all of these fans doing petitions (!!), writing Akame fanfic (sorry, I'm a Kokame/Nakame/KoKaNa fan XD), etc to convince Jin to return. They're happy as they are.
Kame's words were SO WISE AND MATURE I wanted to cry. They can't force him to stay in KT if this brings him sadness. Maybe those 6 boys are suffering too. Don't be the spoiled fans that want what they want. Help them. C'mon, you see it by yourself that KT-TUN are enjoying so much during tours and photoshoots - it was months that they didn't smile so freely. And Jin said it by himself in the interview I copied before. With all these suffering posts and petitions you're debasing the efforts of the 5 boys. It's like you don't like KATTUN but kAttun, "A and his happy friends KTTUN". It's like A is the star and the other 5 are only keeping busy until the return of the King. Please, no. I bet they 5 are suffering too but they're doing their best to not show it and to be professional for OUR sake. Or maybe they're happy. Who knows. Try to imagine how much they're feeling the pressure upon their shoulders; if you are so stubborn, it'd be like they're only filling a gap. But right now they need to see that we're supporting them. They NEED it. As artists, as young boys.
I'm thinking about Kame, which is the youngest but now everyone will look at him to see if he'll be able to cover Jin's absence. Even the other members have always said he's the one who cherish and cares about other members most in the group. I'm thinking about Ueda, who's wonderfully singing all the high notes that Jin would have sing - probably better than him. I'm thinking about Maru who's gaining attention and is showing us his true voice even in group songs and not only in solos. I'm thinking about Koki, that after all wrote a rap in N.M.P. that contains KAT-TUN, and even if in the past he hated KT himself, now can speak about the band with tender voice. I'm thinking about Junno, that in every performance shows us so much joy that you can only think "oh, life is so happy!".
Do you really want to debase their efforts?

More personal opinions and about anti-fans... )



Jul. 5th, 2010 07:05 pm
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They're arrived!! They're arrived!! *_________* And they're so beautiful *_*
OMG I wanted to kiss the postman XD YesAsia packs usually arrive after 1 month... this time it has arrived after just 2 weeks *_* And, usually, it's my mom that answers and signs when the postman come. This time was me that go outside, and this just because I was near the door... how lucky to receive the pack with my own hands *_* I returned inside jumping *.* I said "thanks" to the postman too X°°°D He LOL'ed XD
I didn't know that receiving ordered CDs is such a pleasure!

Photobucket Photobucket

NMP CD is very simple, but I love the dedication you see in the last page of the booklet. I feel like they're really trying their best even if they're 5 and they're enjoying what they're doing.
But OMG the pattern of BtR CD is absolutely gorgeous! I love it! *__*

Photobucket Photobucket

So yeah, at the end I obtained my NMP LE!!! *_* And this is the DVD. I like the way they wrote "NO MORE PAIN" on all the DVD (even if in this photo you see only "pain" XD). I was fainting when I was watching the DVD on my new TV. OMG it's even more gorgeous than seeing it on the PC: the quality of this DVD is superb (they're Japanese), forget those squares in black zones of downloaded videos. And I love my new LED Tv every day more: the black is SO BLACK, and the white is SO WHITE that it seemed that Kame was stretching his arms out of the monitor. I was O_O DVD+LED=FANGIRL DIES.

Simply LOVE ♥♥♥♥

Would you mind if I'll write a little review? XD I'm too excited!

First of all: I love BOTH of them. Really. You know I absolutely love BtR, but I think that even NMP is worth. Then, a second thing: listen to them one after another is shocking. You wonder "Woh, is this the same band? Really?". XD
I listened to both of them with my (very old) stereo, discovering new EQ function I've never used before. And WTF CD sound is way better than MP3 sound! I was jumping hearing all of those bass-guitar-drums' notes.

N.M.P. DVD and CD review! )

The end! So long °_°
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I've seen N.M.P. PV *_* But I decided to comment it when I'll get my CD/DVD so I'll watch it on TV *_*

Today I was bored since I've got plenty of books to study... and I did this meme XD I've got a new music player and inside there's only asian music... LOL XD

"Simple directions: use the shuffle function on your music player and see what you come up with in answer to the following questions."

How does the world see you?

Another World - GACKT
[Be different! Yeah! LOOL XD]

Music meme - other questions XD )

WHY I always got these pervy answerssss!!! X°°°D
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Finally tonight I was able to sleep *_* I'm so relaxed and relieved! I was so nervous for my Japanese exam that I slept only 3-5 hours every night for almost a week. And in these days it's so HOT that to sleep is more difficult @_@

In these days, thanks to those spoiler-addicted called KAT-TUN, we were able to listen to ALL the songs of the new album XD 6 songs in 3 days... I love them XD I confirm that this album is as good as BtR, thing that I thought was impossible.
And OMFG THE CM!! I thought that the PV Kame always spoke about was the opening video that they will show in their world tour con... Is it a REAL PV?! But it's totally awesome *_* Black, dark, great song (as I said before, I love NMP, and up until now I think it's the best song of the all album) and... war °° CG, and they're so cool! *sending love* And of course "serious Kame" is damned sexy. I almost fainted *_* I think I prefer him in this sexy way than fanservice times... XD Smokey make-up = "LIPS" PV strikes back (*love*).

Then, the same day I saw this CM the first time, I read a news about NEWS (lol XD) that made my day. We fan are pretty worried in these days about NEWS destiny. Sincerely I didn't want to say nothing about it in my LJ because I still want to believe that they'll release something soon. I'm always pessimistic but I prefer to not show my pessimistic thoughts XD But here and there in other LJs I said my opinion.
Then, 2 days ago, I read that Yamapi's statement. "I won't betray NEWS. Believe in us". I was so happy I almost shed tears. I admit I was so worried about Yamapi's actor continuous works, Tegomass concerts that continue to add shows, Ryo/Kanjani/actor stuff, and that Koyama and Shige will continue only to do their MC and essays work. I was (and I am, maybe) afraid they'll continue in this way and we won't be able to see them with more than 1 single per year (if we're lucky). Yamapi said this things so maybe they know fans are starting worrying. What can I say... Let's try to keep the faith?
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Nothing else to say *_* Go and listen to it *_*
I'm so in love with this song - probably more that Fall Down - and if you remember how I fangirled on that song, you can understand how I feel now!
It's the first time KAT-TUN tries this genre but, most of all, I think it's the first time a Johnny's band does a song so... epic? Movie-ish?

The orchestra is GENIAL. At first reminded me about LotR, after that my beloved Nightwish. Then their voices came and... OMG. I don't know why but this song moves my heart. It's painful yet powerful. The lyrics - what I understand - are so sad! I still don't get a single word in Koki's rap, but this isn't a news X°°D I simply love that, even if I don't understand what he's saying, he's presenting all KAT-TUN member *_*

I'm so proud of them, they keep surprising me creating every time a new album better than the one before. And I though BtR would have been their best "foreverandever", but I'm starting changing my mind. Really.

If you look in kattunlove community you'll find the full version without Junno/Koki talk *_*
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Yeah another meme! You know you wanted it XD I don't know where I take this from, I found it in my computer.
I seriously need to bond myself to the table with chains and ropes and study, damn.

1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don't lie and try to pretend you're cool...

What do people assume when they first look at me?
Ha-Ha - Akanishi Jin solo
[WHAT! XD They laugh?! XD]

Other questions under the CUT! )

And then, the 30days meme. (Now I understand the meaning of this meme! You have to write something on your journal daily! XD I guess it's a good thing for my lazy self though)

Day 03 - A song that makes you happy

This is my alarm clock :P Waking up with "ashita kkara mata nichi, getsu, ka..." makes me happy! And the PV is funny!
Other days songs )

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