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I was asked to describe how the concert was, after I did a small report for Junno's solo, so I decided to write it completely and post it on LJ without splitting it in a million tweets. It's ages I don't write a report (I have never finished writing the Katsumode's either which is still half-done somewhere in my laptop, orz), I'm too busy or lazy T_T Anyway, here I am! ^^

---DISCLAIMER: I write this for a) personal record, b) for whoever can't attend concerts (ex: living overseas etc). Although, when a DVD will be released, I warmly suggest you to buy it for many reasons. First, “support the artist”. Especially as foreigner fans, this is the only thing we can actually do if we aren't living in Japan. Second, I don't know if and where this tour will be recorded, but if it will, as I'll write many times in this report, the visual effects and VTRs used here SO DESERVE to be seen at high quality that only a DVD (BD?) can give you.

---DISCLAIMER 2: being detailed, SUPER HUGE SPOILERS AHEAD. If you plan to attend the concerts, DON'T READ. I'm serious, it'll ruin you the fun, it's way better to go and not knowing anything (I avoided spoilers too and it TOTALLY deserved it).
If you want to keep surprise for the DVD, DON'T READ either. I don't want people saying "if you are so detailed you will ruin the fun to others" or "you spoiled the fun". I WARNED YOU. I can't take resposibilities for unresponsible curious people who ignore a huge ass red warning and willingfully click on a hidden spoiler LJ cut.
Repos of the Mcs (so, no spoilers on direction/effects/performances) I attended will be posted on a second entry due to character limits so wait for those if you want KT cuteness but don't want spoilers about the concert itself.

---DISCLAIMER 3: having a setlist some kind fan wrote down helped me recalling many things and being as detailed as possible, but I'm still using only my memory, some notes I wrote down after coming back home, plus some tweets I saved from other fans, so some songs are lacking descriptions, and what I report isn't a literal translation of what was said, and descriptions of choreo and stage might have some differences depending on my memories and venues, etc etc.

KAT-TUN come Here Live tour 2014 ~ in Yokohama (2014.07.26/27)

This is the best I could produce (and it took me a whole day!). I hope it helped you giving you some more vivid visuals and connecting what we've seen on tv to the proper moments, and calmed your hunger before DVD release.
Feel free to share the link to this report but don't claim as yours! Leave a comment if you have appreciated ^^
I'll friend-lock or delete it anytime I receive some official complain or stuff like that, or I see this post reposted somewhere else etc.
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Oricon announced EXPOSE obtained #1 spot in the weekly chart. It's the 20th single and they are the second group obtaining #1 spot since debut for 20 consecutive singles after Kinki kids (32)!
Congratulations, KAT-TUN!!! May there be many more #1s to come. ♥

Since my previous post spreaded more than I imagined when I wrote it, I think I must celebrate too :)
I am very happy and touched that my previous post reached many fans' hearts! As expected, Hyphens are great! ♥ Didn't betray my expectations.
As I wrote in many replies, my main message wasn't "buy Expose because we're in danger" (well, that was implied), but it was "If you've never done it before, from now on please buy their singles, stop just downloading".
I strongly believe that the main way to show we're appreciating their songs and efforts is buying the products. Do you like their lives? Then you buy the concert DVD, right? Then same goes for singles and albums: do you like their rock song? Then you buy it, at least one version, to show you like their choice and the project behind.
This is particularly true for international fans. Most of us don't live in Japan to send them fanletters, or attend their tours buying tickets and goods, or watch TV to pimp the TV program audience share when they're performing. We have just this method to show we are appreciating them as artists... and we also have to be grateful that present technology allows us to buy CDs and DVDs even from the other side of the planet! 
So the question isn't "why buy?" but "why not buy?".
Numbers themselves aren't everything
But #1 is the actual proof of KAT-TUN and fans' bond, therefore I wish international fans finally take a step further and start taking part actively to make this bond shine. It's the CHAIN with the boys ^_^

Thank you all for commenting to the previous post, sharing it around the web, agreeing with what I wrote, buying the single (←Have I suddenly become their manager? lol)! Let's continue supporting KAT-TUN together! Many many beautiful singles are waiting ahead! Let's make them the 21st, 22nd, 23rd... consecutive #1!
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Hey out there! Long time no see :) it's a lot of time you don't see me posting something that isn't a translation, so you must have already guessed that what I am about to write here is quite important.

If you haven't done it yet, please, *BUY EXPOSE SINGLE*.
You have probably already watched the PV, the making, the jackets on the net. Now I ask you to really, practically support KAT-TUN. 

Why am I writing this? You know I am living in Japan right now. I assure you that J-Storm is making zero promotion for this single. On the contrary, our rival, an AKB48 girl, had a handshake event, around 7 versions of the single, her posters are EVERYWHERE around Tokyo and she's slightly catching up KAT-TUN sold copies total. She's too close. I believe in our boys but this doesn't allow us to just leech without supporting.

The #1 record is kept only if KAT-TUN are #1 for the WEEKLY chart, NOT the first day as many think.
Right now, KAT-TUN need their hyphens.
This is their 20th single, they're aiming to break a new record after KinKi Kids (who are currently the holders of the World record). You don't want to let them lose it, right?! If they lose now, they have to start from the beginning once again. And it means losing 6 years of efforts. Said it in a cruel way, they won't obtain this record anymore.

A Regular edition is just 1000 Yen. It's like 8 €, a bit more than 10 $. A dinner out with friends. Show them some love buying the original version! They deserve it! (and possibly do it before Sunday, since online purchases take some days to be counted...)
Buy it for yourself, or buy it as a present for your friends to make them know KAT-TUN!

The reason I translate interviews - and videos, like I have translated KAT-TUN's zettai manetakunaru TV or the making ofs till now - for free (because no one is paying me), is because I want them to be popular and known all around the world, and I want to help the fans. I am doing this for free, so please, if you don't want to do it for them or J-Storm or whatever, do this for me ;_; don't waste my efforts in helping KAT-TUN and YOU ALL, letting them going down. I translate makings because I want to help who bought the copy to understand what they're saying.

I want to believe that this CHAIN really exists. I want to believe that my translating for fandom for free has a meaning, that being a HYPHEN has a meaning. Don't betray my expectations now!

CDJapan: LE1.LE2.RE
YesAsia: LE1.LE2.RE
Amazon: LE1.LE2.RE

I have bought mine, what about you? :) Take a picture and show me your copies! XD
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This is a sort of vademecum that I wrote for [ profile] krysyuy (♥) about "how to go shopping Johnny's stuff in Japan". It turned out being long so I've decided to share it, in case it can be useful for your JP tour looking for KAT-TUN stuff xD If you know something else, please go ahead and comment telling it :D
Of course it can be applied to whatever other JE group and not only :)

Living in Shibuya, people would think I was every day at Harajuku. Actually I wasn’t and I am not really so informed about all the idol shops you can find in Takeshita street, but I’ll try to give you useful infos (I’d have loved to have these infos before xD).


Read more... )


Read more... )

CDs And DVDs

Read more... )


Read more... )

I hope this was useful and... have a nice research xD

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