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Please note that you can find what you are looking for even through the tag system (translation: magazine // magazine: duet // etc.)


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Avevo voglia di fare qualcosa di diverso e invece di tradurre in inglese… traduco in italiano :P Cosa più unica che rara, ma a volte capita XD è più difficile fare JP-IT che JP-EN (al contrario di quanto si possa pensare, l’italiano è molto meno vago dell’inglese @.@)

Nota a TUTTI, soprattutto GRUPPI FANSUB ITALIANI. Se vi viene voglia di usare queste traduzioni per subbare dei video e/o copiarlo in qualche forum: 1) chiedetemelo! O almeno lasciatemi una nota dicendo “l’ho copiato qui/voglio usare questa traduzione,”. 2) credits! La traduzione è mia! Un link a questa pagina è molto gradito @.@

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I used this transcription: here.
It's written by ear, so it may be correct or wrong (the girl herself said she isn't sure in some parts).
Personally, I'm still wondering if the first line is CRUSH or CRASH and if some other points are correct. So you'll find asterisks XD

I don't have official lyrics, so please DON'T REPOST or COPY/PASTE SOMEWHERE ELSE, since I'll probably end up editing this entry many times every time I find other ear-copied lyrics that I find more correct. :)

BAD DREAM (Kame's solo in DBS2011)

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Just a quick reminder if you're too lazy to read the masterpost, my profile or even just the column here on the right. About magazines' translations.

1) I'd like you to ask before reposting my translations. It's polite.

1.1) You can share the link to the entry wherever you want. No need to ask. There are the sharing buttons in each entry anyway.
1.2) You can retranslate. I've never said no. It'd be cute to drop a comment telling me the language, I'm curious.
1.3) No need to ask for lyrics or manuals. Do whatever you want with them.

2) I'd like you to proper credit (you know, translating takes time and efforts). Never claim as yours.

3) I'd like you NOT TO POST THE FULL INTERVIEW ON TUMBRL or other random social networks (FB, etc). It's not that I won't discover it sooner or later. I don't mind if you copy parts of them because you particularly liked those 2-10-15-30 lines. But please, NOT the FULL interview. It's very rude and sort of attention whore-ish to use other people's work just to obtain reblogs. Ueda doesn't approve either.
Sharing the link with the button you find in every entry wouldn't be waaaay much more simplier?

In my case, the reasons behind are many, not last that if the only copy around the web is this one on my LJ, if someone points out mistyping/misreading mistakes I can easily correct them. (oh yes, if you find something in the trans, feel free to tell me and I fix it)

If I'm writing this even if I never did it before, it means I saw something I didn't like. Like full interviews posted on Tumblr. With or without credits (especially Maquia without credits pisses me off. A LOT).
I don't want to behave bitchy, it's not my style. Please, just respect the translators' work, ok?
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Double! While cleaning my files I found an old translation of TWO I did for someone. I post it together with WHITE to avoid spamming your F-List.
Just for your information, White has terrible lyrics to translate LOL. random grammar this way comes! Oh, Japanese singers :(
So, as always, feel free to point out mistakes or ideas. I corrected some mistakes indeed OTZ. I so hate translating lyrics X_X

For these trans I decided I don't give permission to use them for fansub purposes. Which means, I don't want to see this White trans on videos.
There's of course a reason behind it. You just need to cope with it.


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My favourite b-side. It rocks. Of course I translated it. XD

The same as before: I typed down the lyrics by ear and confronted them with an unofficial kanji transcription, it will be edited after the booklet is out. Checked. OMG the Engrish.

Let's go with the sadistic/emo Lyrics of this single! XD
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I updated Perfect lyrics with the new part too.
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Ear-copied lyrics, I will probably edit them if I see they're different in the official booklet. :) Checked!
You're welcome to suggest different versions/translations :)

T/N: I chose to use the plural "we" instead of a more natural "I" most of the time because I this song is a message from KT to the earthquake victims (they say it in the last TV Pia) - not to think they say "WE" in english and not "I".
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PS: I updated the Perfect lyrics+translation in this post with the new part. :)
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Requested by [ profile] gensou_alice , already posted here :) I decided to post it on my LJ for who hasn't read it yet.
(Thanks to [ profile] annneonet ,[ profile] nono96 and [ profile] annneonet  ) for kindly giving a check for me :D So many people reflecting on a single line! You can understand how a simple lyrics may be difficult to translate!)

No need to particular credit me if reposting. Just don't claim as yours.

Updated to the White single version ^_^


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Ok I suppose nobody cares in my flist. Or maybe someone will care, if I say that it's indirectly connected to NEWS *big SHOCK*. But I want to share it anyway XD
Recently I'm listening to this j-rock band (because I simply love "Jibun rock", so I ended up listening to all the album... [ profile] daydreamar it's your fault too XD). And... This song has the most beautiful lyrics I've read in the last months. Seriously. I feel like I want to cry. Look for this mp3 because it deserves it. (On youtube there are only covers, damn, or I'd have linked it).
There's not so much to translate, since it's 90% English.

Wherever you are - ONE OK ROCK

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