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As always, this is a very interesting article. He talks about himself and the present KAT-TUN, about how he doesn’t want drama in his life and at the same time how KAT-TUN’s story is full of drama. Enjoy it!

What's the scenery of the bottom of the heart that Kamenashi Kazuya's lens reflects?

Vol.12 ドラマティック Dramatic

「Now I just want to challenge without fear and with all my might. The moment I will look back, it would be good if mine has been a dramatic life」

Even though I wink during concerts, I would definitely not do it in my private life. Because it would be embarrassing and it doesn't suit me. (laughs) )

So with this Maquia issue we mark one year of Kame Camera issues – and one year of Kame Camera translations for me xD
I think I need to thank all of you for having read all these numbers together with me and being patient when in the last month I’ve been late in translations due to my hectic life. Thank you very much :)

Show me your gratitude without stealing this translation re-posting it without credits, and link to this entry!
Moreover, if you want to retranslate, CREDIT this LJ for the first JP->EN translation please!
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Finally I bring you vol.11 (Maquia 2011.12, but released in October). Remember that, if you want to retranslate into other language, GIVE CREDIT for the En translation!

What's the scenery of the bottom of the heart that Kamenashi Kazuya's lens reflects?

Vol.11 ファッション - Fashion

「There’s also the fact of expressing myself, but the healing side is bigger. It’s always next to me and I’m being encouraged by it」

I like accessories and shoes too, but actually my biggest weakness is bags. Even though I don’t have so many things to carry around (laughs). When I start a new drama, it is established custom to surely buy a new bag in order to enter the right mood. This time, I chose my favourite tote bag type.

I end up thinking that with the decoration called “clothes” they’re concealing what they have inside too much. )

PLEASE REMEMBER THE SHARING RULES. (here) If you want to retranslate in another language, PLEASE CREDIT ME for the first JP->EN translation. I've recently seen many Maquia translations evidently from my English version but without credits and this both deluded and pissed me off. Link back to this entry doesn't cost a lot of effort, you play fair and square and make me happy. Is it so bad?à
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I wanted to post something for my birthday this time too XD So I made a present for myself and I choose a short crosstalk between Kame, Ann and Fuku-kun about Bem! Cuteness overflowing! *-* Kame and Fuku seem to have a great chemistry. ♥

Orista 2011.10.03

Kamenashi Kazuya & Ann & Suzuki Fuku
Interview PICK UP!

If I wear the hat at a slant, I end up being at least a bit the usual Kamenashi Kazuya (laughs) )
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Busy girl is busy, so I could read this Maquia just few days ago (even read, not only translate! ;_;). This is why this translation is late. I hope next one won't take me so long to find time to read it :)

A huge THANKS to [ profile] plumerika that helped me with this translation, which was particularly difficult (Kame does some complicate reflections, sometimes @.@).

What's the scenery of the bottom of the heart that Kamenashi Kazuya's lens reflects?

Vol.10 コミュニケーション - Communication

「Talking while you are being selective about people is uncool. I want to face anyone heart to heart.」

I think I’ve liked to communicate since when I was a kid. During family meetings of the Kamenashi family I was always joking, for example when an older cousin made me dress as a girl or made me wear red lipstick . Since everyone always told me “Every home should have a Kazu” (laughs)

Worries are serious in that moment, but when time passes, also the way you feel them changes.  )
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Hello everyone ^^
This is an interview I was requested by [ profile] giledelear. I don't have time to read it another time, but if I hadn't concluded and posted it today I wouldn't be able to do so for weeks >__< So here it comes. For the reason I said before, it may sound a bit rough in some parts, please be kind :(

WINK-UP 2011.08

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What to say... it's too hot here and I find difficult to focus on translations @.@ Also Kame this time used (once again) a weird way to word his thoughts more than one time, so sorry if it sounds complicate... it's because HE is! XD Tell me if you find mistakes.

-Kame's relationship with his own body (I suppose it was kinda obvious, given the title XD)
-What kind of female bodies he likes
-Body/instinct > head.
-Sex and lives are very similar XD

What's the scenery of the bottom of the heart that Kamenashi Kazuya's lens reflects?

VOL.9 カラダ – Body

「More than the form, what is important is the sensitivity. I think that a body which is completely absorbed and can enjoy those moments is wonderful.」

This is “My Bat” made for me for the home run project. Looking on the field at the baseball players’ unrefined hands full of blisters, I gave my best thinking that I should do more too, but I got rough hands and when I went to KAT-TUN’s spots I got anxious thinking “this is bad!” (laughs)
“I’m loving you with all my might, so all of you love me too~! )
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-wink-up 2011.08 here
-Miss 2009.02 (Kame's interview - work in progress)
-Maquia (regularly every month)

-Wink Up 2011.03 (maybe maybe - VERY MAYBE)

-Koki's OLE & KAT-TUN Manuals @ [ profile] kt_newsinfo (regularly)
-J-Web messages by KT for RfY release here


No I haven't forgotten about my projects. Just I don't have time.
From this week I'm staying in Japan for University studies purposes. Said this, I don't know how much my schedule will be packed and how much time I'll be able to dedicate to magazines translations (sadly, the fact I can buy and read them IRL doesn't mean I have also time to translate them T_T). I generally prefer to prioritize video trans with[ profile] kt5_babel team.

I'll keep my regular translations, this means:
-Manuals @ [ profile] kt_newsinfo
-Koki's OLE' @ [ profile] kt_newsinfo & here in my LJ <-- I'm not sure I can. If some translator wants to pick up this project and continue it, please do!
-Kame's Kame Camera on Maquia.

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-Kame is the “I don’t think, I feel” school for general acknowledgement.
-Kame talks about his fetish on a magazine(LMAO *facepalm*)
-Talking about Ueda’s incident during NMP con tour (I can so see how the staff scolded him after what he did ignoring the orders LOL)
Many thanks to [ profile] yararanger that betareaded answered to my English doubts and checked this translation's English <3<3 *sends love*

What's the scenery of the bottom of the heart that Kamenashi Kazuya's lens reflects?

VOL.8 五感 – Five senses

「It’s better to use the 5 senses more than the head. Not only you can choose correctly both in love and communication but also enjoy it.」

Since I prefer dark nights, the light in my room is limited to the minimum. When my friends come over they tell me “it’s dark!” (laughs), but I’m more at ease this way. During the day bathing in the sun, during the night sleeping in the dark: since it’s given also by the natural rhythm, it gives a good sensation.

If I lost my eyesight and the world were completely enveloped in the darkness, how would I perceive and sense things? )
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I'm afraid this time the English will be a bit choppy. Sorry :/ I'll try to re-read it when my mind can speak proper english again.
(I’d like to point Ueda’s T-Shirt in the photoshoot: “my pretty violent side”. ROTFL.)

Their last single “WHITE”, in which their adult charm glitters, has been released!

Celebrate!! 5 years since CD debut and 10 years since formation!!

I’ve got the feeling we destroyed the “Johnny’s-style”, so we also feel a bit of sense of responsibility for that… (laughs).  )
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Welcome to KAT-TUN, the first Garlic Appreciation Fan club. @.@ Crosstalk again! It seems I'm particularly fond of crosstalks :D And btw, I love this photoshoot.

I know someone is used to Kame’s Ks by Ks. But I decided to translate Ari-Nashi with “YES-NO”.
NOTE2: The final part talks about concerts. Again. Yes I know I'm mean but I'd have felt worse if I had skipped that part on purpose.

POTATO 2011.06

The 5 boys will judge what’s YES and what’s NO about many topics: members’ bad or good habits, fashion, love. There’s also an explanation corner for their new song “WHITE”.

Let’s change this month’s issue contents into 'This side of Taguchi is wrong'! )
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...sort of? XD

It's 2-3 weeks I don't post many translations here but this doesn't mean I'm on hiatus or I'm only watching dramas. Truth is, in the last period I've been translating stuff I don't/won't post on my LJ. As someone has probably noticed, I took up the last manuals and following what [ profile] nono96  was doing, they have been posted on [ profile] kt_newsinfo .

Then, I spent 3 days checking most of the last year's KT performances to find the unsubbed ones. This is why I found SC NMP performance&talk was still unsubbed, I did it (always thanks to [ profile] plumerika for her precious help ♥) and was posted right 10 mins ago :P Then, I translated some recent short videos and you will find them (I hope soon?) at [ profile] kat_tun5, so stay tuned ^_^  (btw, WHITE MJ also was finally posted :D Otsukaresama girls!)

Actually I don't think there is old 5nin stuff still unsubbed or not in the to-do list of some group. Am I wrong? Do you know if something is still missing?

As magazines, I picked up some time ago and you'll find them in the next days:
-potato 2011.06
-tv navi 2011.07
-wink-up 2011.08 (work in progress)

-Miss 2009.02
-Wink Up 2011.03

I don't remember why I wrote down these 2 titles but I suppose I found them interesting...? Actually most of their last interviews/crosstalks were always about the same (White PV concept... meeting again after 5 years and blabla XD), so I had a hard time to find those two. I can't find interesting or different interviews to translate. Do you have some mag suggestion?

Feel free to comment/suggest/request, but please avoid things like "TRANSLATE ALL THE UNSUBBED STUFF ON JOR" LOL. Indicate me a specific video/magazine. Also notice that I don't assure I'll do it. ;)
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I was reading some interviews and I found a cute episode of Maru's corner~ So I ended up translating it XD

This corner works this way: he generally draws a “find the mistake” play, but readers give idea/requests to Maru and he draws it. Question usually are inventing and then drawing cartoon characters following the girl’s theme, but it may be drawing the members into characters, etc.
This time the requests are 2, one is drawing the members as *something* and the second one drawing some spring characters as cartoons.

WINK UP 2011.06
Yuuichi's "Please give the idea to me”
(as the English subtitle itself says)

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Another nice essay. As the title says, about being an adult - and being an entertainer.

What's the scenery of the bottom of the heart that Kamenashi Kazuya's lens reflects?

VOL.7 大人 – Adult

「A side is adult, a side is still a kid. I think the balance between them is that person’s charm.」

When I started covering baseball news and became conscious of the time, I felt I became adult a bit (laughs). This watch is a matching one with all my brothers’. I gave the same watches as presents to all my brothers using the prize money I won the time I received the MVP prize at a Johnny’s baseball tournament.
I want to be an adult that can do the proper thing at the appropriate time. )
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Just a quick reminder if you're too lazy to read the masterpost, my profile or even just the column here on the right. About magazines' translations.

1) I'd like you to ask before reposting my translations. It's polite.

1.1) You can share the link to the entry wherever you want. No need to ask. There are the sharing buttons in each entry anyway.
1.2) You can retranslate. I've never said no. It'd be cute to drop a comment telling me the language, I'm curious.
1.3) No need to ask for lyrics or manuals. Do whatever you want with them.

2) I'd like you to proper credit (you know, translating takes time and efforts). Never claim as yours.

3) I'd like you NOT TO POST THE FULL INTERVIEW ON TUMBRL or other random social networks (FB, etc). It's not that I won't discover it sooner or later. I don't mind if you copy parts of them because you particularly liked those 2-10-15-30 lines. But please, NOT the FULL interview. It's very rude and sort of attention whore-ish to use other people's work just to obtain reblogs. Ueda doesn't approve either.
Sharing the link with the button you find in every entry wouldn't be waaaay much more simplier?

In my case, the reasons behind are many, not last that if the only copy around the web is this one on my LJ, if someone points out mistyping/misreading mistakes I can easily correct them. (oh yes, if you find something in the trans, feel free to tell me and I fix it)

If I'm writing this even if I never did it before, it means I saw something I didn't like. Like full interviews posted on Tumblr. With or without credits (especially Maquia without credits pisses me off. A LOT).
I don't want to behave bitchy, it's not my style. Please, just respect the translators' work, ok?
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The main reason I translated this is for the question “what would you do if you became girls”. XDDDDDDD The second hand embarrassment. *facepalm*

DISCLAIMER: they talk about concerts too. I know this will break your heart into 50 pieces, mine did also. But I translated it anyway because… well, I don’t like to censure, moreover you can feel how much they were/are looking forward to them. It’s somewhat heartwarming.
And... LOTS of PUNS. And I mean it. Not only Junno's but even Ueda's and Koki's (OMG). Which means, many T/N. Beware!

() are in the original text.

The television 2011.05.21

Nakamaru’s absentminded declaration is a severe earthquake for the members?!? )
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I tried to resist and not translate it… Kame won. As always. LOLOL. But do you know how much can disturb your ability to translate a boy lying on a bed looking at you with lustful eyes?! And yes, since I'm mean, I'll distract you too putting THAT EXACT PIC as preview.
Thanks to [ profile] nono96 for the help :)

Scanlations here by [ profile] kat_tun5 scanlation team.

ANAN 2011.06.01
Holiday with Kazuya Kamenashi

Even if I have a fickle nature, I never get bored of love. When I’m in love I want to always be this serious. )
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So, after... *checks since when* 2 months I don't translate magazines, putting aside Maquia... Here a new crosstalk by KT! My comeback LOL.
They comment all the single's songs (White, Perfect, Yuuki no Hana, Silence) and... what did Ueda tell Kame after Perfect performance?

LOL to whoever wrote this title XDD

() in the original text.

TV PIA 2011.05.14

KAT-TUN will release their new song “WHITE” on 18/5! Connected to the coupling song “Perfect”, enjoy the “perfectly” enthusiast discussion and their “perfect” expressions!

WHITE and PERFECT are songs that they let us sing inside the image of the CM. Considering this, the remaining 2 songs are the ones created with our message. )
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-1582 and his mysterious composer.
-Kame likes cooking and he's probably better than all of us fans.
-The ideas and the preparations behind Lost My Way performance.
-Kame's "low self-confidence" side comes back here too.

What's the scenery of the bottom of the heart that Kamenashi Kazuya's lens reflects?

Vol. 6 つくる – To create

「I want to be a person that can create, not thinking that “something isn’t enough” but inventing by himself what doesn’t exist yet」

Even the fact that my solo corner every year has taken a theatrical direction is because I am in this group called KAT-TUN.  )
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Quick KT Q&A corner in Wink Up. I translated some of them because I am missing fandom translations and wanna burn my Uni books I wanted to relax my mind from RL business but I wasn’t in the right mood to translate a full interview LOL. Even if at the end the lenght is more or less the same. Whatever XD
They're translated very quickly so forgive typos and weird wording XD

WINK-UP 2011.05

Times in which Kame can't sleep and Ueda's love suggestions. )

WINK-UP 2011.04
Junno's idea about boys trying to appeal and Koki's flashy outfits )

*goes back to her hiatus and to her study stuff*

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