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Sorry, I took the liberty to translate this volume first because it's the best “happy birthday KAT-TUN” message that Kame could give ♥ An absolute MUST READ for all KAT-TUN fans out there.
The missing volumes will follow!

-Well... LOTS of feelings for KAT-TUN. LOTS. Especially toward present KAT-TUN and their future.
-...and how his PRIDE toward KAT-TUN never changed since years ago, despite everything.

Just read it :) Thanks to [ profile] scorch66 for her fast EN beta ♥


What's the scenery of the bottom of the heart that Kamenashi Kazuya's lens reflects?

Vol.38 – 8年 8 years

「They were 8 dense years but KAT-TUN is a group that, rather than accumulating, did a reset every time.」


From the beginning of the year, for 2 months I went back and forth between Japan and overseas locations... Before realizing, this suitcase was able to be used well too (laughs) It was fun to be able to live overseas for a long period, but it was also a good chance to feel Japan's merits and wonderfulness one more.

This year, on March 22nd, KAT-TUN welcomed their 8th debut anniversary. We had our CD debut one month after I turned 20, and considering that this year I turned 28, these 8 years were a dense period. Just, regarding KAT-TUN, the perception of having accumulated stuff like real achievements or something until now, is quite thin. The present, this moment is everything, always. Because I have learned that even if we plan while depicting the ideal future, it will surely never turn out like that (laughs). As everyone knows, in these 8 years, two members left KAT-TUN. As soon as we got over a storm and the stronghold started to become solid, then another storm came around. If the number of people changes, of course, both the balance as a group and how we present ourselves will change too. What we couldn't see when we were 6, we came to see it after becoming 5 or 4. Compared to other groups, we don't have something like a sureway to win based on the amount of experiences acquired, so we arrived here after resetting and looking for the best whenever we announced a song or held a live at those times. It was always like walking along a tightrope (laughs), but there are times I think that the result of that became our personality. For example, at debut time we were seen with a delinquent image, but with passing years, that image has tamed down. It's not us who changed, but the count of people in the group decreased and the “face” that can be seen by the world changed, and maybe while we're doing many other jobs, the world could naturally begin to see our many other “faces”. We, in both a good and bad sense, aren't manufacturing, nor can we patch up and gloss over. It's because we're our natural selves that our image keeps changing and may be seen as multifaceted.

I want us to stand next to Tamori-san in Music Station

I can't imagine the future nor do I want to be captivated by an image, but I have an ideal KAT-TUN figure that still hasn’t changed. Putting it simply to understand, it's being an artist that can stand next to Tamori-san in Music Station (laughs). You know, before debuting, KAT-TUN and Shuuji & Akira appeared together at Music Station Super Live. I was part of both, but at that time there was also the influence of the drama, and Shuuji & Akira were closer to Tamori-san while KAT-TUN were standing at the fringe. Another me was looking at that situation in an objective way and I became incredibly frustrated. I became determinated that KAT-TUN had to stand next to Tamori-san.The feelings from that time are unchanging. More than a small live house, I want us to be a group that can make 55,000 people go wild at Tokyo Dome. This is totally different from my individual stubborness or pride. As an individual I think that live houses are totally fun too, but if it's KAT-TUN, I want us to be like this; it's my love and pride towards the group. I guess the other members will probably have different opinions too. But the fact of wanting to keep KAT-TUN dear and thinking of wanting to make it sparkle even more from now on too is the same, I think.

Now that we welcomed the 8th anniversary, what I think once again is that I want us to be a team like Japanese national representative teams. More than being a team that fights in the pennant race [*], it's okay to be separated occasionally. Polish up our abilities on many sites, stick out singularly, and attract attention. The ideal is to gather all of this and become a strong team. I think this listening to the words of athletes. I see that even if they are carrying on their shoulders their teams and Japan, they are fighting alone. No matter if it's a team sport, what’s questioned in actuality during the match is the individual power, and they know that if they don't win against their own solitude independantly, they can't win the match either. Me too, for my individual activities, I can think ‘I should become stronger’ exactly because it's for KAT-TUN's sake. I hope to be able to give my best in the match of this 9th year too, proceeding one step at a time.

Keeping winning our individual battles. I want KAT-TUN to be a team that can stand on its own feet, like Japanese national representative teams.

[*] “Pennant race” is a baseball term (I know you all are *very surprised* by Kame using baseball terms like everyone should know them *sighs*). Google says that a baseball pennant race is the competition for a baseball title between two or more teams, and it's decided in the last matches/playoff. The term came about due to the fact that the winning club is allowed to fly a pennant at its stadium.

Kame’s fixed point of observation
This time's interview was held between his movie's overseas filming, immediately before his birthday. While we were celebrating together, Kamenashi-kun kept repeating, “I'm already 28 years old...?” “These are days I'm so busy I feel like I'm running out of gas. Even in a limited span of time, maybe I became skillful in making myself rest. For example in Indonesia, the place I'm filming, I swam in the pool alone during the night. Due to the nature of the locality, the amount of usable hot water was limited, but after washing, I wanted to immerge in the water so I went to the pool. The time spent floating in the water while gazing at the sky full of stars and the moon was the best luxury.”
By Maquia


What he feels toward this project called KAT-TUN isn't only love, but also and especially "pride". Which is a very strong word. With this issue he's baring his heart, and I admire his sincerity here.
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