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Here Maquia again! ^_^ An issue where we get to know something about Kame's castle house :D

-Talking about his family's house and fights for spaces during his childhood
-His rent Why he desired a house with such a large living room
-His favourite spaces (←"spaces", not rooms :D) in his house
-His future dream house :D

Thanks to [ profile] scorch66 as always! ♥

[T/N] The title includes the nuance of “conducting a life inside a house”, the atmosphere that house has etc; although, in certain contexts (like toward the end of this interview) it's also similar to “lifestyle”.


What's the scenery of the bottom of the heart that Kamenashi Kazuya's lens reflects?

Vol.37 暮らし Living

「More than a well-ordered fashionable space, I want to live in a house that has the feeling of life, with the scent of the people and things I love in the air.」


After this theme's photoshoot, I dropped by at an interior shop nearby and I fell in love at first glance with a big shelf. I was charmed by its presence and the warmth of the wood and I bought it at once (laughs). My mood really improves when I buy new furniture.

About the three necessities, food-clothing-shelter, the one I am particular about most is the shelter. It has a high priority, to the point to say that it is, along with work, my second pillar in life. Compared to fashion, which I like but don't spend that much money on, I pour as much power and money as I can in my residence and living. It's normally said that, “it's appropriate that the rent takes 1/3 of one's salary”, but in my case it's probably half (laughs). It has been like that ever since I started living alone when I was 18 years old. No matter if it's over budget, I wanted to live in the house I was longing for, and reaching out to such a house becomes my motivational power.

I think that one reason I'm so particular about the “shelter” must also be the experience and memories I have from my childhood. The house of the Kamenashi family was by no means broad despite being a big family. In the beginning, it was an apartment with 2 rooms in a 6-mat layout [*] in which my parents and us 4 brothers were living; then we moved to a solitary house, but on the first floor there was the kitchen and the living room and on the second floor there were only 2 rooms. I was sharing a 6-mat room with my second older brother. In the living room, we were already crowded by just eating together. Even if you thought, “I want to lie down on the floor after lunch” there was no space so we were just borrowing the lap of the family member sitting next to us. Every morning the toilet was congested (laughs). Maybe it's because I have this experience that I have a strong longing for a spacious house.

The kitchen is my secret base. I cook while drinking wine.

The house I'm living alone in right now has that spacious living room that was my dream, and I'm happy that the whole family can gather there. This New Year too, my parents, my older brothers and younger brother's families, even my cousins who are University students, came to my house and we had nabe together. Including friends and kohai, I costantly have someone at home.

Apart from the living room, there are many other places I really like. For starters, the kitchen. If you close the door it's a place of its own, but I really like to leave only the candlelights and cook while drinking white wine. Maybe it's because, even if I'm living alone, I often call my family and my friends over so I have lots of shared spaces. When I'm in the closed secret room which is the kitchen, I feel I can really be alone. It's very close to the feeling of hiding in the snow hut built when it snows when you're a kid. When I customize the secret room as my favourite place, it's really like a secret base, and I get a bit excited. I also like to enjoy music and aroma while I take baths, or I feel I can enjoy a luxurious time when I sit inside my car parked in the parking lot and listen to music at high volume inside the stopped car while drinking some alcoholic drink. Inside the same house I enjoy many different spaces. For me living, inhabiting, is maybe very close to a live concert. I design and direct a space, and make that time shine. I want to see splendid sceneries even inside the common daily routine, and I want to fulfill myself with pleasant sensations. This is why I cook for myself as much as I can, arranging dishes that are pleasant to the eye; also at night, even though I'm very tired due to work, I clean the kitchen and washroom until they sparkle every time I use them. Saying it like this, it seems I'm a methodical and nervous man, but it's not like that. I only want to decorate my living [**]. I'm absolutely fine if it's not fashionable. More than an empty simple house, I want to live where there is the proper sensation of life. I'd like a house where, in the living room, things dear to me that I chose for myself are lined up and where many people I like can gather.

If one day I'll be able to live in a larger house I will choose an island kitchen and include a counter-style table equipped with an iron plate. I want to have fun with a lot of people while having teppanyaki [sliced meat and vegetables grilled on hot plate at the table]. If there's a spacious garden, I'll build a small house there and want to try to make it the Bar Kamenashi. While dreaming for a comfortable house where of course myself but also all my precious people can make themselves at home, I think “let's give my allon today's work too!” (laughs)

Kame’s fixed point of observation
Kamenashi-kun described his house to us while showing pictures saved on his smartphone. “I display drawings and pictures everywhere. Once I saw on TV, from someone who does entertainment work, that having your own picture next to the television is good, and it's true (laughs). In the dining room I have a drawing! The portrait that Ohno-kun drew for me is next to the table. I placed it where it stands out.” He also showed a picture of a dinner he recently cooked for himself, ruccola salad and scallop's carpaccio, even the disposition is delicious! He really looked like a “traveler of lifestyle”.
By Maquia

[*] I'm not an expert of Japanese measurement systems >< it seems this “6 mats 2 rooms” is a typical house layout with a 6-tatami-mat room divided into two, with 6 tatami mats=2.73 m × 3.64 m (roughly 10 mq then?). But I totally can't figure how 6 people can possibly live in it so feel free to correct me.
[**] Here he means the “living” of the title, both the space and the time spent inside it, not only the space.

I just weep at how happy he sounds while he describes his present house as a place he designed to be as comfortable as possible not for himself but for his guests, and how he pictures his dream home as even bigger so he can accomodate even more people... ;~; This is so so sweet of him. Considering his house basically everyone's house ♥
And the image of him "hiding" in his "secret base" that is the kitchen, like a kid, awwww ♥

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