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Long T/N ahead so I won't write highlights this time except of:
-Kame is UNISEX (quoting Tsumabuki) xD
-a very very sweet moment between Kame and his grandmother
-fanboying Leonardo di Caprio and a reflection about himself.

This was one of those issues difficult to translate because even if the meaning comes off quite smoothly from the Japanese text, the result is different in English >__< So, a particularly huge thanks to [ profile] scorch66 whose help this time was extremely precious to make the text flow better :)

T/N: The term used for the theme (the English word "standard") is tricky if used as it is in English, so inside the text I replaced “standard” with other terms such as “basis”, “touchstone”, “foundation”, accordingly to the flow of his thoughts. Overall, please take the definition of “standard” as he gives it in the quote under the title and keep it in mind while reading this issue.
To simplify, I assume that with “standard” he's implying what he considers the “basis, foundation” inside of him, and includes a nuance of emotional involvement. Standard as what's normal/the usual for him, but he could be referring to the items or people he considers special too.


What's the scenery of the bottom of the heart that Kamenashi Kazuya's lens reflects?

Vol.39 スタンダード Standard

「I grow to love things more and more if I use them for a long time, and their significance to me becomes deeper: for me, this is a "standard”.」


This is a picture I took from the relay broadcasting booth I always take a seat inside; the day I was in charge of the relay commentary for the Giants vs. Hanshin opening match. “Baseball is my foundation as well. I'm having LIVEs and doing a job related to baseball too in the same place where I often came with my dad when I was a kid... how to say it, it's such a deep emotion!”

In this last period, I'm undergoing a revival of what I liked in the past. Wearing the APE jacket, listening to Nakashima Mika-chan’s songs. It's like I'm taking out what even now is still in my memories and I continue to like unchangingly, and enjoy them. Although I don't do it with the perception of looking back at my past either...... Since this year began, I had two movie filmings one after the other and I can't go back to my house as often. Maybe it's exactly because I'm far away from my home base [T/N: the baseball term] that I long for the “standard” inside of me. After completing the location filming for the movie, I frequent the SPA I have loved since the past, along with Tsumabuki-kun and the others. When we were filming in the prefecture of Ibaraki, I jumped on the train during breaks and also went to my grandmother’s. Now she lives in a nursing center so I couldn't meet her for a long time, but she was happy even just to see my face. When I spend time with the things and people that are my personal touchstone, I realize that my heart's foundation is here, and I can experience a lot of feelings.

Leonardo di Caprio and the movies he acted in are one of my touchstones too. During my childhood, I watched “The Basketball Diaries” and “Titanic” and was impressed by them. I was charmed by his overwhelming acting skills and that slender look. He was the first person who wasn't a baseball player that I looked up to and thought I wanted to become closer to. The present Di Caprio who turned 39 years old is different from that period both from the outside and the inside. I can't forget the impact of when I was totally absorbed by him, but now he's cool as he is now. I like him, including all the changing processes he went throught until now. Looking at it objectively, I keep changing too. Looking from the perspective of someone who started to like me when I appeared on TV for the first time, I may look like a different person. I do think that the image I had when I debuted was that strong. I also think that surely there are still people who like the young boy, thin to the point of being too thin, more. But if you ask me, I think that the present me, as a human being, is cooler (laughs). Moreover, it's not that the 18-year-old or 20-year-old selves have disappeared; they're inside of my present self, so it's only natural that my present self is more interesting.

The fact that I'm so absorbed by movies is because it's something I want to continue doing in the future.

But you know, it's not something I should say since I'm only 28 years old, but there are also moments where I casually look at my hands and think “I did grow old” (laughs) That, I think, I have to properly do my maintenance. This is different from both the show-off self giving greater importance to outward appearance of the 20-year-old period, and also from the spirit of “I'll fight with my inner side!” of the 25-year-old period. Spirit shows on the body and the appearance too, and I think that the opposite also happens, so I want to keep my lifestyle dear and take care of both mind and soul. I don't have any will to start anti-ageing care, but I think it's necessary that I make some effort to keep the functionality of the body at this age at its best. It would be nice if I could turn the fact of days passing by and the fact that due to it I'm getting older, into my personality and my charm point.

To begin with, what becomes my foundation are things that I can use regularly for a long time. They are vintage things which, even if time passes by, don't worsen but increase in their brilliance, so I probably want to be like that too. Maybe it's because I became self-aware of this that I recently feel like the way I look at stuff and how I deal with work have changed. Even when shopping, I choose things not only following my present interests but things that I feel I can get along with even 10 years from now. Work is the same. The fact that I'm so absorbed by movies is because, when I stared into my future, I saw that I wanted to continue filming movies for a long time. Right now on the filming spot I'm only akin to a first grade schooler, but I want to pile up experience and make movies one of my personal basis. While still bringing KAT-TUN’s Kamenashi to a new level, one day I want to become a presence that can be approved by the film industry. It's a huge dream, but if I portray such a future, I can think that the present is becoming more and more fun.

There are also people who like my 20-year-old self more, but I think that my present self is cooler.

Kame’s fixed point of observation
Despite being submerged in the tough schedule of the movie “Vancouver no Asahi”, he's quite chipper, saying, “filming is extremely fun! The last time I filmed with a group of only men was -Gokusen-, but we're getting along well. Yesterday too, I went out drinking with Tsumabuki-kun for around 3 hours. And he told me, 'Kame is unisex. I think you have a girlish feeling so you are loved by men older than you' (laughs)”. Indeed, boys who can have conversations about aroma candles or hydrogen rich water are unusual!
By Maquia


"I couldn't meet her for a long time, but she was happy even just to see my face. When I spend time with the things and people that are my personal touchstone, I realize that my heart's foundation is here, and I can experience a lot of feelings"... This sentence hit terribly close to home for me, and I could totally empathize with him. A grandmother just smiling for happiness seeing her grandson/daugther after a long time is so priceless and does make you feel a lot. This man totally has a wonderful heart and it's on the right place.


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