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Kame Camera reached no.40, plus 3 specials! ^__^

For this volume... get ready for a lot of "mental table-flipping" (as [ profile] scorch66 commented) XD Welcome to Kamenashi's super complicate world~
This is the issue that includes the "I'm not tsundere, I'm merely mean" xD He talks a lot about love too. I also included some tweets from Maquia staff this time, so please have a look to those too! ♥


What's the scenery of the bottom of the heart that Kamenashi Kazuya's lens reflects?

Vol.40 つなぎとめる To secure

「By living selfishly and honestly you retain the personality, and it becomes a technique to secure love.」


The live at the end of last year and the event at the beginning of the year were a precious time for us too. We're thinking about many ways to communicate more closely with everyone for the tour starting from July. I want even people who have never been to a Johnny's concert to come!

End of last year. The first countdown live for KAT-TUN started with an unprecedented “greeting”. We wanted to convey, without using the mass media, the fact that the second member since debut left the group and that we made everyone feel worried. We hadn't decided what to say beforehand. The words “we won't hide our past” are words that naturally came to me the instant I faced the hall. I can't behave with the people who came to support us as if the past in which we were six has never happened. It was unconscious, but maybe I was exposing myself because I wanted to get closer to everyone, because I wanted to tie our hearts.

I want to enjoy casual encounters more than having them set up

The feelings of wanting to draw the person I like close to me, of wanting to secure love, becomes a strong power. It's valid both for work and private. In my case, I expose everything of myself and face the people I like without lying. I feel the person in front of my eyes and have a single session with him/her. This is because I think that a match held with bare words and expressions surely has more energy. I completely destroy all the preestabilished harmony. For example, during lives too, if when I pass by I feel the audience wants me to turn to them, I won't (laughs) From time to time there are days I answer to the expectations too. But if it's always the same it becomes boring, doesn't it?

About my private life, that's the same reason for which I don't make promises with people and don't create plans as much as I can. I mean, anything is more touching if it's by chance, and it becomes more entertaining. For me, even when hanging out with people, the “now!” is everything. Encounters are the same. I absolutely don't desire to meet new people after having someone set it up for me intentionally. But if I'm said by chance when I'm eating with friends, “can I bring someone who wants to meet Kame-chan?” I answer, “If it's now, it's OK.” Romantic love is the same. Once there's a girl I'm interested in, in the case that the “I want to meet now!” feeling matches, I continue. On the contrary, if I'm said “Now it's impossible” I end up stepping back. I'm selfish (laughs) But that's how much I am in love with the accident that happens in the now, right in this moment.

Just, about romantic love, I have the feeling of wanting to draw her closer, but I have never created strategies to bait someone. I think I'm the type who frankly presses the girl he likes, “What are you doing? What are you doing? I want to see you.” On the contrary, if the girl takes the initiative and asks, “when can we meet?” I end up answering, “I'm busy” (laughs). I'm not tsundere. I'm merely mean. There's also the fact that I want to see her reaction when I do that. If I analyze it calmly, I think I'm a selfish man (laughs) But you know, in my case, it's a selfishness born after carefully reflecting again and again. There are two reasons behind it. First, it's because I think that if I'm not selfish, I'm a boring man. Destroying the preestabilished harmony, going out for a date without plans, acting and talking ad libitum, are all one form of entertainment. I'm having fun too, but it's also a special service towards the other party. Then, it's also a presentation like, “This is how I am, what do you think?”  Second, it's because, in case of love, I don't want to be seen as a good person. It's a message, “it won't go as planned, I wonder if it's okay for you?” (laughs)

In order to secure the person drawn closer, there is the fact of being influenced by that person and to assimilate. But on the other side, I think there's also the fact of absolutely not entrusting all of yourself to the other party. I have the feeling that love cools down the moment I feel that I’ve completed that person. Also, in order not to end up like that, I think that being honest to yourself and living selfishly retains that person's personality and becomes a technique to secure love.

Kame’s fixed point of observation
The day before the photoshoot we decided to celebrate, with a surprise, one of Kame Camera’s staff member whose kid was born. Despite being in the middle of the recording and thus being very busy, Kamenashi-kun said, “I'll go and buy the present myself!” The present was a small silver spoon of a certain popular brand! Of course it is rare and cute, but it's also something that can surely be used for the “okuizome” [*] The staff were deeply moved by the love and the exquisite sense. “I was in doubt of what would have been good, but I'm happy it was appreciated~!”
By Maquia
[*] Okuizome, “first meal”, it's a ceremony hold on the 100th day after birth. Since it's the period babies start having their first teeth, it's a ceremony that prays for the newborn's health and good relationship with food, and imitates a small dinner.

About this issue: this staff tweet: The song he was recording is “my every time”. Staff were moved by his beautiful voice and power of concentration in recording the song in a short span of time, with the English pronounciation and the chorus’ various tones.
The journalist tweet: She says the article begins with talking about what she defines "the true intent behind those too honest words said at the beginning of last year's live"; she reveals that during this song recording, he joked a bit faking entering the recording booth for some times; that he was a really handsome man in speaking his mind directly to the recording staff while enjoying it. She concludes: “he is multifaceted but he's not double-faced.”

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