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Let's continue the Kameweek with another Maquia xD (don't get too used to it, I was just really behind with translations)
-Seems that fans aren't the only ones noticing Kame's eye intimidating power... XD;
-How he thinks his eyes don't only show love for who he keeps dear, but also create barriers.
-How he can recognize every small changes in people around him.
-...Kame trying to make even male photographers fall for him? XD

Always thanks to [ profile] scorch66 :D


What's the scenery of the bottom of the heart that Kamenashi Kazuya's lens reflects?

Vol.45 目 EYES

「I like the action of gazing, because the eyes reflect that person's exclusive sensitivity and heart.」


This is what I've recently impressed in my eyes. There is a side of me that periodically looks for this city... While looking at it distractedly when I'm alone, I find answers, I make up my mind, I am healed by it. It's a place I have liked since my teens. This picture was taken during the filming of “Hanasanaide Ai” PV. I guess, after all, it's fate that I could film my first solo PV with Yokohama as the background. Because it really happened only by chance.

Just after I entered Johnny's Agency, when I was around 13 years old, Ninomiya (Kazunari)-kun suddenly told me, “Your eyes are beautiful, Kame”; since then, I often receive comments about my eyes. I'm often asked for “acting with the eyes” like for example in “Yokai Ningen Bem”, and girls I meet for the first time say, “It's embarrassing, don't look at me that straightforwardly”. Even though I don't do it on purpose! (laughs) It's strange. Even though I don't like the form of my eyes or decide to stare at people with intensity. But I do realize that I'm the type of person that unconsciously expresses his heart with the eyes. I have the image that all my emotions and desires are released through my eyes as a natural exit. For example, if I find a girl I'm interested in at a party, I won't talk to her nonchalantly, but my eyes will surely go to her. If our glazes meet, I naturally approach her. It's surely sexier, more thrilling and entertaining to talk through the eyes than the words.

They don't show only favor. On the other side, I think that it's always those “eyes” that create a barrier with other people. Actually I'm way more shy and timid than what I appear to be, so I can relate with people only at either “0” or “100” level.With people I trust, my eyes are completely honest and show all my love and emotions and real feelings, but I think that they are expressionless eyes with people I don't know or don't like. From time to time, my eyes become severe and menacing “don't get inside of me”. Something like an easily frightened small-size dog (laughs)

I feel that eyes honestly narrate a lot more emotions and thoughts than words, so I look at people's eyes a lot. It doesn't matter if the girls' eyes are big or small, one-lid or two-lid. I'm not picky regarding the form, but I like people whose eyes,whose eyes' depth, is beautiful. I'm charmed by eyes that reflect that person's unique sensitivity and heart. So, to be honest, I don't like colored lenses. I don't think they are bad as part of the make-up, but I feel like they are covering and hiding that person's essence and the depth of the heart.

What makes me happiest is, “You're a hopeless man, but I love you”

Exactly because I do a job where I'm looked at by people, I'm self-conscious about “showing” my external and inner appearance; in contrast, I think I also observe people quite closely. I notice things like small changes in the body shape of girls around me, or even when they get a boyfriend or girlfriend before they tell me. I'm a scary man, aren’tI? (laughs) But you know, what I feel is that it's people whose real sides or negative sides overflow on the outside who are the most charming, more than perfect people. I particularly feel that with the girl I fall in love with. Since I always gaze at her from the fingertips till behind her ears, every small part of her, I notice at once even the dark circles under her eyes or hangnails (laughs) But I don't hate those defects. Rather, they're so dear to me. Not limiting it to only a girlfriend, what I love most of all the people I like are their weak points. So I unconsciously look for that person's hopeless sides. Maybe there's a psychological factor that makes me want to have advantage over the other through knowing the other's hopeless sides. This is again a way of thinking like a small-size dog (laughs).

But I expose all my weak points too and I want those people to look closely at them. More than being said “I like you because you are cool”, I want to be said “you're a hopeless man but I love you”, and I want to tell her “You're an hopeless girl but I love you” (laughs) I feel that with such a way of loving each other, even if the day we break up comes, love will last in our memories. For this reason, not only do I want to show myself till my heart's depth, including my weak and hopeless sides, but I also want to continue gazing at my partner.

I look closely at the girl I like, even the dark circles under her eyes and the hangnails; and exactly those parts are what I find dearest.

Kame’s fixed point of observation
Today's photoshoot is a combat at close quarters between Kamenashi-kun laying down on a sofa and the cameraman, Wakaki-san, approaching him. Kamenashi-kun said “when I have pictures of me taken, I stare as if I want to reach the eye on the other side of the lens. I'm the type who is influenced and changes expression depending on the other person, so the cameraman whom I'm dealing with is important . If it's a male cameraman, more than the sexiness as a man, the unisex side and my strenght as human being comes up most. It's unconscious, but the desire of moving something inside of them becomes stronger and I guess that it appears in my expression”.
By Maquia


Kame, you *are* a hopeless man... XD but we love you anyway ♥
And yes, you did sound like you're a bit of a scary man xD But the last part about how he talks so fondly about a girlfriend made me smile ♥
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