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Yesterday (2/28) I had a chance to go to a Joker Game screening with a talk show by Director Irie and Fujimura producer after it, in Kyoto :) They answered the questions from the audience. Writing down a report both for my own memory and for anyone who wants to know some backstage events and hints about a possible sequel :) Beware, some SPOILERS ahed!

2/28 Talk Show Report

The stage greeting was after the screening so they could answer to all the questions without being afraid of spoilering. Irie director is filming in Kyoto rignt now so his attire was very casual. Looking at the suit of the producer he said "I'm sorry for my rough attire...".
He added that he did all the promo with Kame so now being at a stage greeting without Kame he feels uneasy. The producer said "so I'm not enough..." and director rushed to deny it xD

More under the cut! )It was a very enjoyable talk show :) Kame wasn't there but the relationship between the director and the producer is really relaxed and fun. They joked a lot, and they really look like they love their job, which is totally the best :) Also, their real will of bringing to screen the other novels, even already thinking about which scenes in which way, was almost touching. I really hope this movie reaches the amount of audience needed to film a sequel :)

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To celebrate "It's Me, It's Me" open in Japan, here the English translation of Kame's Mission #16!
The special Ore Ore J-Web site was updated every day, from April 22 to May 24.

The ABUSE of onomatopoeias he does here is amazing, lol. I tried to keep them as much as I could (also because they can’t be translated most of time because he *invents* his onomatopoeias, LOL. I saw Japanese fans going “…??” at them too xD).

Mission No.16
"I, Kamenashi Kazuya, will explain you these 33 sides of me!"

The 33 sides of him that Kamenashi gave will be uploaded one by one every day! The plan is to end the mission the day before the movie opens. Will he...?!

All 33 sides of Kamenashi Kazuya! In which he says everything and everything's opposite XD )
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I thought it was better to write a comment on the movie since it’s a real pity very few people decided to do it. Since my review ended up being SUPER-long, I will first post the TL;DR version (this one). I am no good at writing reviews and I blabla a lot so you're warned.

I’d like to start quoting a tweet I read some weeks ago. “it’s a movie that might be interesting not only for director Miki’s or Kamenashi’s fans, but for the uniqueness of seeing the same person multiplicating. So I’d be happy if you watch it taking the bias glasses of ‘Kamenashi’s starring here’ off”.

(@ UDINE Far East Film Festival 15, 2013.04.19)

TL;DR MOVIE REVIEW (AKA: “just tell me if it’s good or bad, I don’t care about details”)

Read more... )

So, this was a sort of “short review” and I’m going to post the original SUPERLONG review in the next days for whoever wants to read it, since I am almost done with it. In the meanwhile, I hope I made you curious about this movie at least a bit, lol. ^^'
On a side note, I need to say that director Miki is more than kind and being able to have a small chat with him about the movie itself is one of the highlights of my whole FEFF experience! ^__^ together with of course meeting Kame, seeing him being so appreciated by even non-fans for his being polite and funny in the interview and being very praised for his 33-roles-acting venture ^__^

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Aug. 17th, 2010 03:09 am
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At the end I watched Yuuki too. Of course I cried like a baby. But it deserves it.


My comment and some thoughts )

"Even at the end, he was smiling.
At the end, he won."

"Have you heard about this?
To comprehend the value of one year, just ask the students who failed their entrance exams.
To comprehend the value of one month, just ask a mother who gave birth to a premature baby.
To comprehend the value of one week, just ask the editor of a weekly newspaper.
To comprehend the value of one hour, just ask the lovers who are waiting to meet.
To comprehend the value of one minute, just ask the people who missed their stop on the train.
To comprehend the value of one second, just ask the person who managed to avoid an accident just in time.
To comprehend the value of 1/10 of a second, just ask the person who ended up with a silver medal at the Olympics.
The hands of a clock will continue ticking. Therefore, treasure every moment you have, and treat today as the utmost gift you'll have.
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Sono kanashimi mo kurushimi mo / Sono itami mo wakaranai...

Today I went to Udine; in these weeks takes place the Udine Far East Film Festival, with lots of Asiatic movies premieres, and this morning there was “Bandage”, the movie with Akanishi Jin from KAT-TUN, showed for the first time outside Japan. Udine is near to Venice, but not exactly the closest city... so yeah, my friend and I purposely skip our Japanese lessons to see Bandage. Can we call this fangirlism? XD Oh well, we would have bought the DVD anyway, probably, so we decided (YESTERDAY afternoon! XD) to caught this chance.

My review of "BANDAGE" ^^ )



Sono kanashimi mo, kurushimi mo... )


Simply love this song (much more than “BANDAGE” single), and this part.
I think that today was a good day. I don't regret to have decided at the last moment to go to see this movie. I really thought it would be worse, but I discovered a very nice movie. So... Go to buy it when It will be sell! è_é/

(Note: if you know someone that would like to read this/know something about this movie/comment it with me [I'd be enthusiastic! *_*]. Feel free to link to this post, but not re-post somewhere else without my permission plz ^^'
Spread Bandage love XD)

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