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This interview was unexpectedly cute! Basically, the setting is "what if you lived with the three members?", so the boys are asked what would be the life with the other two members, plus a girl (the reader).
Kame doesn't want to live with Junno and Nakamaru but would like to be spoiled by the girl who lives with them, Junno and Maru agree that among them it'd be Kame who cooks, Junno talking about Kame like he's his younger brother (seeing through his words~), Maru thinking they three could never live with a girl flatmate because... XD

A thank you to moon_catcher so I could finally read and translate it! :D

* Parenthesis () in italic are the staff comments to the pictures.

AnAn 2013.10.29 no. 1879
If you lived with these three, your heart would skip beats the whole weekend ♥

This is “HOUSE KTN”, the share house of your dreams. What if you started living all of a sudden together with these three amazing inhabitants...?
We made this dream come true on the magazine.

(pic from tumblr)

Kamenashi-san easily cooks a soup. Nakamaru-san finds something to do and works. Taguchi-san places himself next to them and cheers. Such a happy kitchen time. )
iside89: (Kame XDD)
With this, we're again in line with Maquia's releases! *applauses* Theme was given in English, as written in the title, "Love". I personally really like how the theme was developed because probably it isn't what you're expecting ^^
And by the way, I see Ao's luggage in front of the door in Kame's picture ^^

-Talking a lot about Tamaki Koji and TBW :D
-Love as power to deal with work and people :D
-How he related with work when he debuted and what changed now.
-Small revelations about Shuji & Akira and Yokai Ningen Bem offers.
-...and quite a lot of other stuff!

Thanks [ profile] scorch66 for the English check ♥


What's the scenery of the bottom of the heart that Kamenashi Kazuya's lens reflects?

Vol.33 Love

「“To love” means to understand. Maybe it means preparing yourself for the worst for your partner's sake.」

The love from staff and family around me, but I'm also grateful for the fans' love. Of course during lives, but drama and CD numbers are the same. It’s exactly because I always feel the presence of people who love me that I can continue to move every day. )
iside89: (Daiki)
Here another volume of Kame Camera, on the OreOre DVD and Sayonara Arigatou release day!! :D Have you already bought your copies? :D (By the way, I updated the lyrics here!)

-Talking about his complexes.
-Difference between free time and work time reflects on his face...?
-...and what he wants to do with his lover's face xD

Thanks [ profile] scorch66 for the English betaread!


What's the scenery of the bottom of the heart that Kamenashi Kazuya's lens reflects?

Vol. 32 顔 Face

「I think one's face is created by the power of expressions more than features. For this reason especially, I want to convey my sincere love with my expressions more than words.」

in my private time I want to be as sloppy as possible while I relax. That change of switch is fun. That is, the face I have during filming and the face I have when I'm on holiday is totally different. )
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I really like the lyrics! Also, Kame hinted this song is important in the drama around ep.4-5, ep.4 is tomorrow, so here a translation! :D

I tried to patch the radio preview and the drama opening together; considering how radio preview and PV short version are cut, I think the drama opening is the 2nd stanza so I placed it there (highlighted in blue), but of course I'm not sure.
I copied down the lyrics myself so there still might be differences in choice of kanji/text, I'm going to edit it when I have the official booklet in some days
ETA 05/11: corrected! :)

If you keep in mind it is a song sung by father and son in the drama, you understand how this song seems written by the dad for his children: he uses their names, especially many variations of Ao's, who is singing with :) (see notes)

サヨナラ☆ありがとう by 堀田家BAND (玉置浩二・亀梨和也)

Kanji + Romaji )
TRANSLATION (Goodbye ☆ Thank you) by Hottake BAND (Tamaki Koji - Kamenashi Kazuya)

Translation + note )
iside89: (Nao)
After a long hiatus, Kame Camera is back :D I found some time to translate and here it is.


-Kame comments about his leaving school.
-How he feels he has learned after that.
-Of course, our usual comment about love XD

Thanks to [ profile] scorch66 for the English betaread as always!


What's the scenery of the bottom of the heart that Kamenashi Kazuya's lens reflects?

Vol.31 学ぶ To learn

「To study not by being forced by someone but as my heart leads me, is fun.」

For this reason even now from time to time, when the topic “school life” comes up, I feel just a tad lonesome. )
iside89: (Daiki)
As first thing, I've always forgotten to write it in the entries but more than 1 month ago I adjusted FtF lyrics xD You find them here if you still need them xD
RL is really exhausting recently, so this explains my present hiatus.

-His ways to relieve stress and enjoy even hard schedules.
-Talks about limits of being an idol.
-Kame wants to make... plants happy? XDD
-A talk about falling in love, relationships and hardships with a nice "rhythm" metaphor :)

Always thanks to [ profile] scorch66 for the English check ♥


What's the scenery of the bottom of the heart that Kamenashi Kazuya's lens reflects?

Vol.30 居心地 Feeling comfortable

「In work, in love, in human relations: I adapt myself to the other’s rhythm so I can feel comfortable anywhere I am.」

I often say that wavelength is important in love too, but in short, that is the sense of rhythm. Even if it’s a rhythm I don’t know, the fact that I think “I want to try to adjust myself to this girl’s sound” is probably already love. )
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If you speak enough Japanese to read Japanese Hyphens’ tweets, you’ve surely seen that in the last months they are being quite active: writing to TV stations to let KAT-TUN have a program, or write to radio or FC for the tour and similar.

One of their biggest projects so far is trying to have a DVD/Bluray of DREAM BOYS; they are basically spamming the fanclub with postcards requests.
It seems (from what I read from their tweets, so I don’t know the details) that SHOCK, Koichi’s butai, has a DVD release this year after 4 years because FC received lots of requests from fans, so KAT-TUN fans are trying to do the same with DREAM BOYS (because dream boys has no DVD since 2007). I remember you that DBS 2011 had not only Kame but also Koki and Nakamaru, therefore you might want to join this project too, even if not Kame fan.

Chatting with some of the Japanese fans, we came to conclusion that, despite most of us foreigner hyphens speak English and not Japanese, sending requests even in English wouldn’t be such bad, on the contrary it might be a good appeal since we could emphasize the fact we have just DVD to see the stage plays and well, more postcards, more possibility of success ^__^
I also saw that someone was translating how to do it into English for international fandom on Twitter (Muffy, here: ), and I also saw that there may be someone who wants to help and try this out, so here I basically translated what Jp fans are doing and wrote a small tutorial if you want to do it too. :D

I guess you can do it all together during fan gathering and stuff :D

1) Write to Family Club using postcards
Read more... )

2) Request to Toho.
Read more... )
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So here the last Maquia! This time around is very nice, totally a must-read to all of you who travel a lot or love travels :)
-What "journey" means for him
-A quick excursus regarding his last travels overseas
-Paris, Paris and Paris. Why Paris?
-What he seeks from a journey is... fear?

Thanks to [ profile] scorch66 as always, for both the English check and for bearing with me~ ♥


What's the scenery of the bottom of the heart that Kamenashi Kazuya's lens reflects?

Vol.29 旅 Journey

「When I travel as my heart dictates, my sense of smell becomes keener and I encounter unforeseen incidents」

For me, the innermost secrets of a journey are the casual twists of fate. It’s because there’s a fate that I probably visit that place to begin with. ‘Where do I go, what will I encounter?’: it’s because I want to keep dear this fortuity that I move as my heart says without planning as much as I can. )
iside89: (Bem)
As announced in the past days... We did it!! :D We've been pretty fast this time around! (it's Rika's merit xD)

- Translation credits: plumerika, Translation check credit: iside89. Please don't claim as you own.
- Please let us know if you're planning to use the subs to translate into another language.

You find the subs at [ profile] kat_tun5 and [ profile] kamesanctuary communities (here and here). In those posts you'll find other instructions about the file itself (subs, working raws, disclaimers and so on).
Enjoy! And please don't forget to click the "comment" button (not necessary here, but the sub posts', so it'll reach both of us ^__^) before taking :)

It's always a pleasure to team with you, Rika~ ♥ \^o^/ ♥ Looking forward to the next time!
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I was looking for interviews about FtF single and this time around Ori-Sta hasn't an interview with the whole group T__T But they did interview Kame and he talks about KAT-TUN and FtF quite a lot. ^O^
I actually decided to translate this for one specific reason, that is, because I casually noticed the line “I respect the members” while I was skimming through interviews. It hit me and went back to read the whole thing; I thought I’d be nice to share it since his words are very deep. It's a nice way to celebrate Bem Movie DVD release ^o^

Also, other highlights, are the many music suggestions he gives; of course about the movie Ore Ore; his image he wanted to destroy with this movie; he talks about Udine a bit; there’s a small mention of Arashi’s MatsuJun too. Then, a lot about KAT-TUN!

I'm not a native English speaker, there may be mistakes.

() in the original text, [] added by me.

ONLY STAR 2013.05.27 - NUDE FACE

What I actually think, REAL and straightforward

It’s the first time he appears on the cover alone! There’s also a confession about what he feels for the members!?

I have respect for the members. I believe that the reason I can be in KAT-TUN as it’s a natural fact is because the four of them allow me to do so; and in response, me too, I want to have some influence so that the four of them can be in KAT-TUN as it’s a natural thing too. )
iside89: (Daiki)
And here the very long special! Many highlights here... of course, I'd say xD
-Baseball love.
-His being an old-fashion man.
-His desire of "destroying himself" to be an actor with more possibilities.
-His being an animal a very erotic man.
-Aiming to be Johnny's sex symbol.
-The true Kamenashi.
.......6 highlights for 6 faces :)

Thanks [ profile] scorch66 as always ^^

“Kame Camera” serial special

Multiplying, everyday!?

In the movie “It’s me, It’s me” he has played 33 roles alone; even in Maquia’s serial he shows us every month a multi-faceted face. But he says that all of those are a part inside of him. “The Real Kamenashi Kazuya” isn’t only one…

I feel that “It’s me, It’s me” movie was the first time I headed toward a place I wanted to go to consciously, as my own will. It’s a desire of mine - destroying the ‘myself’ I had until now; but it’s also an approach toward everyone, I also want everyone to see my destroyed self )
iside89: (Kame pieces)
-Kame's ways of spoiling himself and his cleaning mania switch xD
-Different tension between work and private time.
-What a lover presence means for him.

Thanks to [ profile] scorch66 for the English betaread~


What's the scenery of the bottom of the heart that Kamenashi Kazuya's lens reflects?

Vol. 28 モチベーション Motivation

「A delicious meal, a cool car: exactly because they are a reward to the “me who gave his best” they become mental nourishment.」

Love is a sense of security more than a stimulus. It’s different from motivation. )
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To celebrate "It's Me, It's Me" open in Japan, here the English translation of Kame's Mission #16!
The special Ore Ore J-Web site was updated every day, from April 22 to May 24.

The ABUSE of onomatopoeias he does here is amazing, lol. I tried to keep them as much as I could (also because they can’t be translated most of time because he *invents* his onomatopoeias, LOL. I saw Japanese fans going “…??” at them too xD).

Mission No.16
"I, Kamenashi Kazuya, will explain you these 33 sides of me!"

The 33 sides of him that Kamenashi gave will be uploaded one by one every day! The plan is to end the mission the day before the movie opens. Will he...?!

All 33 sides of Kamenashi Kazuya! In which he says everything and everything's opposite XD )
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I thought it was better to write a comment on the movie since it’s a real pity very few people decided to do it. Since my review ended up being SUPER-long, I will first post the TL;DR version (this one). I am no good at writing reviews and I blabla a lot so you're warned.

I’d like to start quoting a tweet I read some weeks ago. “it’s a movie that might be interesting not only for director Miki’s or Kamenashi’s fans, but for the uniqueness of seeing the same person multiplicating. So I’d be happy if you watch it taking the bias glasses of ‘Kamenashi’s starring here’ off”.

(@ UDINE Far East Film Festival 15, 2013.04.19)

TL;DR MOVIE REVIEW (AKA: “just tell me if it’s good or bad, I don’t care about details”)

Read more... )

So, this was a sort of “short review” and I’m going to post the original SUPERLONG review in the next days for whoever wants to read it, since I am almost done with it. In the meanwhile, I hope I made you curious about this movie at least a bit, lol. ^^'
On a side note, I need to say that director Miki is more than kind and being able to have a small chat with him about the movie itself is one of the highlights of my whole FEFF experience! ^__^ together with of course meeting Kame, seeing him being so appreciated by even non-fans for his being polite and funny in the interview and being very praised for his 33-roles-acting venture ^__^

You are free to reshare, link anywhere this page ^^
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-Kame's no-rules life xD
-Quoting kabuki's "breaking the rules just after knowing them properly" idea
-Do you think that he would confess to his girlfriend he "cheated" on her or not...?

Thank you [ profile] scorch66 for the English betaread!


What's the scenery of the bottom of the heart that Kamenashi Kazuya's lens reflects?

Vol. 27 ルール Rules

「A world without rules is boring. I want to daringly break the rules from time to time just after properly knowing them.」

I always want to be honest with my heart and I don’t want to lie neither with words nor acts. Inside of me not lying and having secrets are on two totally different dimensions.  )
iside89: (Kame - Close your eyes)
-he describes his "Tokyo trip alone" that he often talked about on TV too.
-what he thinks about the human relationships
-the reason behind him being kind with people he loves.
-explaining that even hard jobs he does alone will become KAT-TUN's strength...

Thanks to [ profile] scorch66 for the English betaread ♥


What's the scenery of the bottom of the heart that Kamenashi Kazuya's lens reflects?

Vol. 26 ひとり ALONE

「The feelings of wanting to be “a helpful human being” for the people dear to me become my source behind my power to fight.」

it’s not a matter-of-fact that these precious people are on your side. They are relationships that won’t grow if both sides don’t make efforts, and there is the sense of danger that any human relationship is uncertain.  )
iside89: (Kame sexy)
-The title ("Addict") was in English in the original interview :D
-Kame's method to get over jobs that are too difficult.
-Things he is into recently.
-A nice present he received ^^

Thanks to [ profile] scorch66 for the English betaread~


What's the scenery of the bottom of the heart that Kamenashi Kazuya's lens reflects?

Vol.25 Addict

「People and things I have been really addicted to become a part of me and clear a path through my life.」

Exactly because I am a person with an addiction syndrome, I also know how impossible it is to measure the power of the moment you can become completely absorbed by something. )
iside89: (Kame XDD)
Hello everyone~ :D My hiatus came to an end, this means I'm going to pick up the translations I left behind starting from today and vol.24 ^^ Enjoy! Thanks to [ profile] scorch66 for the English betaread! ♥

-Kamenashi-kun dixit: all men in the world are simple-minded, stupid and perverts XD
-Scenes of primary school!Kame.
-A metaphor to describe women: they are like....? XD

Note: the title is a made-up word (danshi, “boy” + English “-ism”), therefore I created a word too.


What's the scenery of the bottom of the heart that Kamenashi Kazuya's lens reflects?

Vol.24 男子イズム Boyism

「No matter how old he gets, a man is a young boy. He plays the fool in front of people because he wants to be an entertainer who makes everyone have fun.」

I think that the image the world has, that is boys = simple-minded, stupid and perverts, is overall correct. But you know, there are also parts that don’t fit this so-called image. )
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I wondered for quite a long time what to do for Kame’s birthday. What could be appropriate to celebrate the 2012 Kame and welcome the 2013 Kame?
In my mind the answer was “BEM”. He put all his efforts in creating this character, in making the drama and then this movie a product of art everyone can enjoy. He travelled around Japan to promote it, packing his schedule even more.
Therefore I chose to translate something Bem-related and that possibly came directly for him.
I chose to translate the J-Web messages on the special Bem site, that sooner or later will disappear from the J-web, so I want to save them. They are short comments about each of the 28 cities he visited. He more or less updated 1~2 cities every day, after the 28 cities promo ended. It was kinda cute because he left every day a cryptic marquee message in the home page, hinting to which city he was going to update.
So… HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAME!  ^________^

TRANSLATION NOTE 1: It got lost in the translation, but Kame here is using a very respectful formal Japanese referring to all the people he met. ^^
TRANSLATION NOTE 2: A “stage greeting” is a mini-event in which before or after a movie projection at the theater, the actors (in this case, Kame) appear and hold a small speech/interview in front of the audience that attended.


Kamenashi talked about his memories of each city he visited for the country 28 cities campaign. We’ll update at any moment, so look forward to it! Also, don’t miss the marquee in the artist page!

Read more... )
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As the title says, this is a special interview made by Maquia to celebrate the 2 years of the serial (in fact it is published in place of vol.24). It is pretty cute, so enjoy reading it in the fluffy period of Christmas/New Year :3 And yes I won't add sexy!Kame pic because it will distract you~ XD as much as distracted me during the translation orz
Thanks to [ profile] scorch66 for correcting my messy English :) (It happens when you aren't English native speaker, lol)

-What he'd do in a off day with his girlfriend.
-How he feels about Maquia corner.
-The period he was considering to leave the entertainment world.

“Kame Camera” serial special

More closer―
24 hours with Kamenashi Kazuya

Because asking to meet and then being rejected, I won’t be able to withstand it (laughs). It’s not limited to my girlfriend, it’s the same with friends too. I am scared of deepening my feelings and then being destroyed. )

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